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Create and Cultivate Chicago Conference 2018

2018 Create and Cultivate Chicago

As I shared last week, I was invited to speak at the 2018 Create and Cultivate Chicago conference. The event took place at the House of Vans in the West Loop, and it was an incredible experience! It’s a bit crazy to think that just a few short years ago, I was an attendee at their 2015 Chicago conference. Last spring, the CEO of Create and Cultivate emailed me to participate, and it was an immediate “yes!” Our was titled “Boss Dot Com: Driving Traffic, Monetizing Content and Getting Paid.” In short, we spoke about strategies and best practices on the money side of blogging. While I don’t consider myself an expert on this ever-changing industry, it was an honor to share my perspective. Moreover, I was so impressed with everyone’s insights, and I couldn’t believe how quickly the 45-minute session flew by!

Such a joy to speak alongside these amazing women at Create and Cultivate Chicago:

{L-R}: Moderator Reesa Lake of Digital Brand Architects, Me, Alaina Kaczmarski of The Everygirl Media Group, Jen Worman of Red Soles and Red Wine and T&J Designs, Hilary Sloan of ShopStyle, Courtney Halverson of Pretty Little Fawn, and Jenifer Dasho of Pinterest.

What I wore to the Create and Cultivate Chicago 2018 Conference:

Dress: Stine Goya Pink Jasmine Dress {also available here + here}

Bag: Staud Mini Shirley PVC Bag {also in this post} // Earrings: KEP Designs Drop Earrings

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Ingenue Heels {“vintage“} {similar option here}

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Always so wonderful catching up with Liz! Years ago, she and Alaina were among the first to encourage me to launch Style Charade!

All of the brand partners had such creative and immersive experiences at the Create and Cultivate Chicago conference!

Learn more about Create and Cultivate here, and be sure to check out their new book here!

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