Hello, friends! 

My name is Jenn. Welcome to Style Charade – a chic and colorful online destination for fashion, travel, home design, and lifestyle content. Everything is meant to bring you a finely curated mix of ideas and inspiration. 

In 2015, I launched Style Charade as a small corner of the Internet to call my own. After spending my career helping others build their brands, I was hungry for a space that felt representative of the lens through which I see the world. 

The name, Style Charade, celebrates the idea that this blog is not meant to be an accurate reflection of my daily life. Some days, you’ll see me wearing a ballgown on an airplane. Others, I’m wearing a sequin kaftan in our kitchen.

This site isn’t my full-time gig either. I’m a self-proclaimed “workfluencer.” I have a separate full-time job while still running Style Charade and my social media channels. I’ve worked in public relations for more than 16 years, and I’m currently a senior executive at an integrated communications firm in Chicago. While the balance has its challenges at times, I’ve loved the ability to showcase both personal and professional passions and pursuits.

As an avid traveler, I’m a big believer that seeing the world opens up your heart and mind, and it makes you a stronger person. Every year, I travel extensively throughout the world, but I do it to ultimately collect memories, not miles. 

Lastly, my husband and I are in the process of redesigning our single family home in the Windy City! From wallpaper to wainscoting, fabric to furniture selections, we’ve loved documenting every step of the process. Follow along on our hashtag #ChateauCharade to learn more.

Thank you for joining me on each chapter of these charades! 


My hobbies include learning how to cook and being an avid interior designer
Growing up, my family dined out a lot so I have plenty of catching up to do! 

I’m half-Japanese
Often, people can tell I have a mixed background, but they can never tell what ethnicity I am.

Since I was a child, I’ve collected English bone china.
Most of my tea cups and saucers have been gifted from close friends and family. 

Featured in…

  • Fashion Week Daily 
  • Glamour
  • WWD 
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Michigan Avenue Magazine
  • PureWow
  • Forbes
  • PopSugar

“Always stay strictly laser focused on your personal style and vision.”


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