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What to Buy at the Sephora VIB Sale

My Holy Grail Beauty Picks

Mark your calendars! The Sephora VIB Sale is right around the corner, bringing Sephora Beauty Insider members the chance to score big deals on makeup, skincare, fragrance, and more from some of the hottest beauty brands. T

Where to Get the Best Botox in Chicago

My Journey to Getting Botox

After turning 40, I started to consider the idea of Botox. Prior to then, I was always nervous about the idea. First, I can’t stand the thought of needles – much less near my face. But additionally, there’s still a negative stereotype associated with the procedure among some people. In fact, some women I know would rather eat a bowl of slugs than admit to anyone they’ve received Botox. Thankfully, the perception is changing, and it’s become more prevalent than ever. Today, I wanted to share my experience and the location for the best Botox Chicago.

15 Ways to Hydrate Your Skin

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Youthful

Every day, many of us try to achieve our ideal appearance. That look that makes us feel confident and glamorous. Many times, we try to reach our beauty standards through cosmetic products and make-up tricks. But, friends, one of the best ways to look glowing and youthful is not through contouring and Botox—it’s hydration!

How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I have a daily makeup routine. So, I’m sure most of you do too! Maybe it’s primer followed by concealer followed by foundation. Then contouring, shadow, lip stick, and mascara. Finally, maybe you spritz on a little setting spray. And then, boom! You’re ready for the day.

The Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Must-Haves

Seven Products I Swear By

During the pandemic, I’ve been looking for ways to be more fiscally conservative. Thankfully, we’ve curbed spending in countless aspects of our life. One easy transition to save money was moving from premium to drugstore makeup products.

My Review of the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation

The Perfect Medium Weight Foundation

In the past, I haven’t done a ton of lengthy beauty reviews on Style Charade. Don’t get me wrong – I love love love all things makeup, haircare and skincare. Simply put – few products ever really “wow” me. However, every once in a blue moon, an item becomes an instant classic and I need to share it with you! Enter NARS Light Reflecting Foundation.

The Best Amazon Buys So Far this Year

Top Items We're Loving Lately

Today, I’m excited to share some of our top Amazon purchases so far this year. Prior to 2020, I wasn’t a big Amazon gal (seriously). Yes, Amazon is taking over the world and making things more convenient for consumers along the way. But frankly, I didn’t rely on Prime since I was working and traveling so much. While a fabulous option, I was always on the road and never had a “I need… insert item” right now type of situation.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog 2021 Has Arrived!

First Look at the 2021 Catalog

Friends, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog is officially LIVE! Today, I’m giving you a first look and preview of my all-time fave sale of the year! Also, be sure to download the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog. While you should receive a hard copy in the mail soon, find the full preview in today’s blog post.


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