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Welcome to my style page! This is your destination for all things fashion, accessories, outfit ideas and other inspiration. In my humble opinion, fashion is one of the best ways to highlight our viewpoint of the world. I’m a big believer that an outfit is the ultimate first impression and the personification of your personal style.

This Week’s Friday Charades


I hope your week has been as wonderful as could be! As with previous Friday Charades, I’m sharing a round-up of my favorite links to read along with the best items shop around the web. Wishing you a relaxing weekend ahead!

Dress: M.M.LaFleur The Alesia Dress | Sweater: M.M.LaFleur The Merritt Jardigan | Jewelry: M.M.LaFleur The Ivy Earrings | Bag: Senreve x M.M.LaFleur Maestra Bag | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps | Eyewear: Linda Farrow Dunaway Sunglasses

A Look at My Favorite Kate Spade Novelty Bags

The Marvelous Maisel of Handbags

I’ve never been a major collector things. Sure, there are a few items I’ve invested in the past (vintage fashion and English bone china). But in most aspects of my life, I’ve really started limiting my purchases. Less is more, you know? However, there’s one thing I can never seem to get enough of – kate spade novelty bags.

Complete Guide to the Venita Aspen Dillards Collection

Details of the 3/13 Launch

I’m thrilled to share a comprehensive preview of the Venita Aspen Dillards collection with Gianni Bini. For those who aren’t familiar with Venita, I highly recommend checking out her Instagram page. She’s truly a sweetheart, and it’s been wonderful getting to know her over the years. See all the details of her capsule in today’s post!


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