New York City Street Art Guide

Welcome to the third installment of #WallCharades! This time, I am bringing you all of my most favorite New York City street art, murals, and colorful walls! I have been lucky to travel to New York City for the majority of my professional career, and I am always amazed at all of the public art that canvases the five boroughs. It is always exciting to discover new colorful murals, fun street art, and interesting walls. I have documented most of my finds on the blog and my Instagram, and I am excited to share this comprehensive guide to what I have been able to discover!

New York City Mural Guide Locations

(feel free to pin the above graphic for easy future reference)

As with my Chicago and Los Angeles street art, mural, and colorful wall guides, this New York City list is meant to be a resource for bloggers, travelers, and anyone else who loves color and fun Instagrammable locations! This street art guide includes exact addresses, artist information (if known), and a link to my original blog post with the wall so that you can see various angles of the colorful walls and murals.

This list is by no means conclusive. As with all street art, murals, and colorful walls, things are constantly changing, so you may arrive to something different than what has been pictured in the guide.

Nick Walker Street Art New York

(image courtesy of / Artist: Nick Walker / Location: 93 Ludlow St, New York NY)


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    • Yay! So glad you like it, lady! I need to make a return trip soon to hunt down some more and update it even further!

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