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  1. A
    AlisonSheath wrote:

    That dress is stunning – already a fan of Self Portrait, this just adds to it! I love the combination fo sheer nude and white lace.So beautiful x

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  2. S
    SarahLagen wrote:

    I love this dress Jen!! It’s flirty and fun! I’m heading to Mexico in a few months and I feel like this needs to come with me! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

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  3. M
    Mary Kate wrote:

    I love this dress, I have a family wedding on the beach in March and this would be perfect!

    Mary Kate

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  4. B

    Jean you are so stunning, I just love that dress so jaw dropping!! have a wonderful monday!


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  5. M
    Maggie wrote:

    This lace detail is stunning!! Wow what a great dress!


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  6. B

    such a cool dress jenn! it’s like an illusion 🙂 miss you!

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  7. S

    This dress is ultra fabulous! Love the bah with it too! Xo


    Published 3.1.16 · Leave a Reply


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