White Lace Tulle Dress

White Rim Sunglasses

White Grey Black Wall

Downtown LA Street Art Mural

Downtown Los Angeles Blogger

Los Angeles Floral Wall

Lace Tulle White Dress

Jenn Lake Style Charade

Dress {similar options below} // Bag // Sunglasses {c/o} // Shoes

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  1. A
    AlisonSheath wrote:

    That dress is stunning – already a fan of Self Portrait, this just adds to it! I love the combination fo sheer nude and white lace.So beautiful x

    Published 2.15.16 · Leave a Reply
  2. S
    SarahLagen wrote:

    I love this dress Jen!! It’s flirty and fun! I’m heading to Mexico in a few months and I feel like this needs to come with me! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

    Published 2.15.16 · Leave a Reply
  3. M
    Mary Kate wrote:

    I love this dress, I have a family wedding on the beach in March and this would be perfect!

    Mary Kate

    Published 2.15.16 · Leave a Reply
  4. B

    Jean you are so stunning, I just love that dress so jaw dropping!! have a wonderful monday!


    Published 2.15.16 · Leave a Reply
  5. M
    Maggie wrote:

    This lace detail is stunning!! Wow what a great dress!


    Published 2.16.16 · Leave a Reply
  6. B

    such a cool dress jenn! it’s like an illusion 🙂 miss you!

    Published 2.16.16 · Leave a Reply
  7. S

    This dress is ultra fabulous! Love the bah with it too! Xo


    Published 3.1.16 · Leave a Reply


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