The Best is Yet to Come
Jennifer Lake Bermuda
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Sipping my coffee, I re-read my drafted Instagram caption. “This is 40.”

On the eve of a milestone birthday, I sat in silence at breakfast. Bob was refilling my coffee every so often and cracking jokes to keep me smiling.

“40.” I repeated the number to myself.

Like Olympians prep for the Games and designers await Fashion Week, I knew this day would come. I’ve been ready for it. Yet, sitting in that moment, I realized that nothing properly prepares you for it.

Over scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes, I looked at my phone as I conjured up a simple Instagram post.

“This is 40…”

Nothing in the now-posted Instagram image shows the real-life cracks of the moment.

Or before. Or after.

I contemplated back and forth on posting it. Should I share my ACTUAL age? What are the consequences of doing so? Well… there are problems. The influencer industry has proven to not show up (nor value) women.

I’ve been thankful to work in the influencer marketing sphere for nearly a decade. But to my detriment, I also know the hurdles.

The age range most brand ask for? 28-34. More recently? Gen Z.

Ageism is a real thing, and it’s something not talked about enough…
…Ageism in influencer marketing
…Ageism in careers
…Ageism period.

To make matters worse, I received a birthday email that referred to me as “officially old.” WHAT?! What is that?

I’m here to proclaim – that’s not okay. I am 40, strong, and ready. My best years are yet to come. Moreover, get ready as they will be used as I please.

I am worthy and just getting started.

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Jennifer Lake Rosewood Bermuda | on turning 40
Jennifer Lake Statement Sleeve Dress | on turning 40
Jennifer Lake Bermuda Rosewood | on turning 40

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  1. M
    Marisa wrote:

    Happy Birthday! I am turning 40 later this year and I am feeling a lot of the same of feelings that you described. I feel great and am excited about what’s ahead, but I can’t help but approach this next decade with some anxiety about the ageism that I know exists for women of a certain age. Here’s to living in a way that reminds younger women that your 40s (and beyond) can be your best years yet!

    Published 4.12.22 · Leave a Reply
  2. J
    Jill wrote:

    I LOVE this post, and share your sentiment. I turned 40 last year, and embraced this season of life. I’m confident in who I am, I have achieved a lot that I’ve worked hard for, and have gained a lot of wisdom and experience over the years. I feel like is 40 is prime and I’m here for it.

    Published 4.14.22 · Leave a Reply
  3. B
    Bridget wrote:

    I’m over 60 and know that the marketing and advertising is missing out on a huge demographic of successful, healthy women who have resources and will be around for a long time! Glad to see you plan to stay involved! Together we can all make a difference! Happy Birthday!

    Published 4.16.22 · Leave a Reply


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