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Dress: Peach Mesh Sequin Mini Dress {only $113} | Bag: Strathberry Nano Tote | Shoes: Steve Madden Carrson Sandals | Jewelry: Moon and Lola Brisbane Earrings | Eyewear: Quay Australia White Jinx Sunglasses

Friends, it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of ASOS. From embellished midi dresses to formal gowns, the brand never lets me down. Today, I’m sharing an ASOS Sequin Mini Dress that will go down in history as one of my favorite styles. Frankly, I’m not sure why ASOS stopped unveiling embellished dresses like this one.

Mesh Sequin Mini Dress

ASOS Sequin Mini Dress

Color sequins and tulle are always a good idea! The cobalt, turquoise, peach, teal, and yellow embellishments are divine. In fact, ASOS has really set the standard in manufacturing designer-level dresses at attainable prices. Granted, their design team doesn’t read this blog.

Multicolor Sequin Mesh Dress

However, if they ever tapped me for advice, I’d say to bring back more of these sequin mini dresses. Seriously! I’ll be the first one in line to buy it. In past blog posts, I’ve mentioned that some of my all-time fave items come from ASOS Salon, ASOS Edition, and ASOS Design.

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For example, I can’t get enough of this embroidered dress, mesh bell sleeve style, and don’t even get me started on this embellished midi dress. The photos bring a tear to my eye, lol!

In the light of redoing our closet, I’ve had the opportunity to identify pieces that I really love. These styles fall into that category. There are so many reasons why you should invest in the ASOS Salon collection. Now, you can only find the pieces on Poshmark and eBay, which makes me sad.

Multicolor Sequin Fit Flare Dress

Years ago, the brand stopped releasing items as a part of the ASOS Salon collection. Sure, the pandemic is taking place right now. Therefore, most consumers are opting for comfy loungewear, pajamas, and sweatpants.

Peach Sequin Embellished Dress

However, I believe there will be a resurgence of all things glam, colorful, and fun. After all, we’ve been safely hibernating at home with nowhere to go. Once things open up, I’m going to be the first to dress up for dinners with friends, family gatherings, and date nights with Bob.

Strathberry Nano Tote Bag

Bring on the tulle, sequins, embellished dress, and maxi gowns. Normally, I’d reserve those items for special occasions like weddings, work events, brand parties, anniversaries, and holidays. Not anymore! Rest assured I’m going to be dressing more formally on weekdays!

Quay Jinx White Sunglasses

In Closing

What are some of your favorite brands? Maybe like me, the company you were rooting for went under or no longer releases sub-collections. Drop a comment below and let me know some of the brands that I should check out!

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  1. J
    Jackie wrote:

    This is such a pretty dress and love the colorful details to it. I love when everything matches from your earrings to your shoes with that color.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    Published 3.7.17 · Leave a Reply
  2. S
    Sed Bona wrote:

    The embellishments on this dress are jaw-dropping! As is that price!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    Published 3.7.17 · Leave a Reply
  3. E

    Such a darling dress! In love with that baby blue mini bag you paired with it, too!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

    Published 3.7.17 · Leave a Reply
  4. B

    Beautiful! Such a fun look, and I love your mini-tote! So cute!

    Published 3.7.17 · Leave a Reply
  5. C
    Carrie Colbert wrote:

    This dress is so fabulous! And of course it’s perfectly paired with this wall.

    Have a great day. Xo


    Published 3.7.17 · Leave a Reply
  6. A

    That dress is so cute! I love the way its skirt looks.

    Published 3.7.17 · Leave a Reply
  7. K
    Karen wrote:

    I think peach can be a difficult colour to pull off but I love how you just went to town with it! And the mini bag – my heart !!!

    Have a Stylin’ Day!

    Much Love, Karen

    [Style Smorgasbord] [bloglovin’]

    Published 3.8.17 · Leave a Reply
  8. r
    rachael wrote:

    OH soooo sad I missed this dress! It’s lovely! I love your style and all the fun walls you find!

    Published 6.7.17 · Leave a Reply


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