The Best Christmas Tree Collars, Baskets, and Skirts

Festive Options for Your Holiday Décor
Christmas Tree Collars

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This year, I’m excited to elevate our winter and holiday décor in our home. In the past, we haven’t really invested in a lot of holiday styles to adorn our space. However, for 2020, I’m really looking forward to adding festive touches to various rooms. Last week, I shared some of our holiday decoration plans, and I’m thrilled share the reveal soon! One of the toughest decisions was choosing the best option amongst all the Christmas tree collars, baskets, and skirts out there. There are SO many phenomenal décor items!

Christmas Tree Collar or Skirt?

Growing up, my family opted for a Christmas tree skirt. In fact, I don’t think we ever bought a new one during the entirety of my childhood. The tree skirt remained the same, and we always looked forward to bringing it out of storage to add as a finishing touch.

Therefore, I’ve always been in the mindset that Bob and I should invest in one style and plan to have it for a LONG time. Granted, there’s NO way we’ll keep the same one for our entire lifetime, haha. Well, I think. However, I would love to find an option that feels classic, elegant, and refined.

Christmas Tree Skirts

Colorful Tree Skirt | Pink and White Skirt | Gold Tree Collar | Whitewash Tree Collar | Sequin Tree Skirt | Square Basket

Christmas Tree Collars

At the end of the day, we decided to go with this Christmas tree collar. I love how it fills space and creates a great shape for the tree. Growing up, I don’t even remember collars being an option, do you? Maybe that’s why we’ve bought one… it just feels different and more unique.

Thankfully, brands are getting really creative with the styles they’re coming out with. The most affordable one I’ve found? This under $20 version, which has great ratings and looks beautiful.

I also really love this woven style, which we may even buy as a back-up or second option for another tree down the road. I love the texture and unique feel.

In Closing

Are you a tree collar or tree skirt person? I’m curious to hear which you prefer and the style you use for your Christmas tree (if you have one!).

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