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Best Holiday Wrapping Paper

In recent years, I’ve been extremely organized with holiday gifts for friends and family. However, the actual packaging for said gifts? Totally different story. When it comes to gift wrap, I’m a complete and utter procrastinator. This year, I’m bound and determined to find the best holiday wrapping paper well in advance of Christmas Eve!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been researching and testing various holiday gift wrap to find solid solutions for this year. After all, it’s not just buying the paper! It’s about loving the way it looks and overall functionality.

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Best Holiday Wrapping Paper Criteria

Like you, I have a variety of gift recipients – colleagues, clients, blog partners, friends, family, etc. There’s not a single “one size fits all” wrapping paper that has the aesthetic that I want for all gifts.

Therefore, I put together the following criteria to help me select the best holiday wrapping paper options for different gifts:

  • Beautiful prints and colorful patterns: bring on the color!
  • Ease of use: how easy is the paper to use? Do they have lines on the back of the paper to help you cut in a straight line? Is the paper sturdy so it won’t tear on sharp edges.
  • Cost per amount: I want a decent amount of wrapping paper on the roll for what I’m paying.
  • Versatility for gift giving: will it work for kids, adults, work, family, etc.

The Container Store

While slightly more expensive than other brands, The Container Store continues to be a strong option for unique holiday wrapping options. Pro tip: shop early! Don’t make the mistake of waiting until early December to peruse their site. Instead, establish a budget and buy your items early and often.

Furthermore, The Container Store covers a lot of categories – gift bags, gift boxes, wrapping paper, money holders, gift card holders, etc. Plus, don’t get me started on their amount of ribbons, trims, gift wrap stickers, etc.

While perusing their site, checkout their selection of holiday gift wrap storage solutions and their stocking stuffer ideas! Previously, Bob and I would end up spending an hour longer in their stores because we kept looking at their fun gift ideas.

Rifle Paper Co.

As you know, we used Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper in our powder room reveal. Our wallpaper installers immediately commented on how impressed they were with the quality and caliber of their materials. The same is true of their holiday cards and gift wrap.

Plus, I dare you to find a more colorful and festive gift wrap and gift bags! They’re known for their patterns and prints, and they’re positively perfect for Christmas and the holidays. Also, may we please talk about their darling die-cut gift tags and stickers?! I mean. Come. On. Just darling!

Generally, I’ve found Rifle Paper Co. to be incredibly intentional with everything they do. With regards to the holidays, I love they take it a step further and offer customers either gift rolls or gift sheets.

Greentop Gifts

The team at Greentop Gifts is bringing diversity and representation to the gift wrap industry. Husband and wife duo, Jacquelyn Rodgers, turned a passion project into a thriving business. Greentop Gifts offers holiday gift wrap, accessories, and apparel.

Greentop Gifts


As we seek sustainable options for all aspects of our lives, I’m thrilled to share this alternate to traditional wrapping paper. Meet furoshiki, which is a nod to my Japanese heritage. Since I was little, my Aunties and Uncles have all used furoshikis. The cloths are a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to cover gifts, transport items like mail even dishes, and hold various belongings.


Alright, it’s no surprise that Target makes the list! They’re a holiday hub, and they always bring it every season. Overnight, they seem to transform the website and their stores into winter wonderlands. It’s amazing!

Here’s the catch – try not to purchase value gift wrap, if you can! Normally, you’ll find this option on end caps in-store or via this section of the website. Listen, I love a deal – especially during such a tricky year. Fair warning – you really get what you pay for.

Best Gift Wrap

After buying holiday wrapping paper from Target for countless years, I always regret purchasing inexpensive rolls. The paper always tears when wrapping gifts, and the paper tends to be too sheer so you can see what’s inside.

Instead, spend a little extra money. In the past, I’ve especially loved this brand. The wrapping papers have grid lines on the back to allow for easy, straight cutting. Plus, the patterns are so cute!

While shopping, be sure to checkout their holiday storage options. Often, Target has more affordable styles than Container Store.

Paper Source

No surprise here, Paper Source is a one-stop shop for all of your holiday card and gift wrap needs. Actually, any special occasion really! I love they also encourages customers to “Do Something Creatively Every Day.” They also sell Rifle Paper Co. and other artisan brands.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Checklist

As a reminder, here is a list of items to remember to purchase when shopping for holiday gift wrap:

  • Double-sided and regular tape
  • Scissors (I recommend this pair)
  • Ribbon
  • Gift tags
  • Wrapping paper rolls
  • Wrap sheets
  • Bags and boxes
  • Money and gift card holders
  • Thank you cards
  • Holiday cards and/or gift tags
  • Other fun accents, as needed (e.g. ornaments, feathers, trims, accents)
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