The Best Home Security Systems According to Instagram

We’ve heard the stats – 2 million burglaries are reported in the U.S. every year* with nearly 66% of them being residential home break-ins. Basically, that means there are 200 break-ins an hour or 4,800 per day*. Therefore, I wanted to do a blog post highlighting the eight best home security systems on the market right now.

After all, I posted a series of Instagram Stories this weekend about the importance of home security systems. I was astonished by the outpouring of questions and responses. Nearly half of those polled said they didn’t have a system. Others provided great options that further confirmed my faves. Since I received so many requests for a blog post about the topic, I pulled together best recommendations below!

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The Eight Best Home Security Systems

I’m a big proponent of investing in a system for your space. Any system. Seriously friends, get something. Anything. Sure, not everyone needs to invest in multi-layered approach with cameras, motion sensors, breakage alerts, etc. However, I do believe you should find at least one solution.

Think about it – buying a new home is the largest investment you make. Why wouldn’t you protect that investment? Sure, it’s an added expense, but it’s safeguarding our past, present, and future.

The home security world is super confusing not to mention endless options. Therefore, I’ve narrowed down my top eight picks below (in no particular order):

Best Home Security System #1: Ring

Did you know 34% of burglars enter through the front door*?! It’s no wonder the company, Ring, has taken off! For those who don’t know, Ring is a home security company that’s completely reinvented the doorbell.

Their most popular items are their Ring Video Doorbells, which allows you to answer the door from anywhere in the world via their mobile app. You can respond and see who’s at your door via tablet, mobile phone, etc. Not only do you get alerts when the doorbell is rung, but you can see, speak, and hear what’s happening. Genius!

I could have seriously used this brilliant invention back in 2004 when my roommate came home unexpectedly early from vacation. I heard the door open and thought it was a burglar and called the cops accidentally! Whoops!

Ring currently has four video doorbell styles on the market:

ENTRY LEVEL: RING DOORBELL – This is battery-powered, and the most inexpensive version but packs a powerful punch. While it’s typically $99, I found it even cheaper on this website.

MIDDLE TIER: VIDEO DOORBELL 2 – A newer version of the traditional Ring Doorbell, but the Video Doorbell 2 has better video resolution and a quick release battery.

UPPER MIDDLE TIER: VIDEO DOORBELL PRO – This doorbell is completely hardwired and has motion zones and infrared night vision. Very Mission Impossible, no? The Video Doorbell Pro is $249.

TOP TIER: RING DOORBELL ELITE – Their best product is the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, the professional grade, flush-mount hardwire version with power over Ethernet. Normally it has a hefty price tag of $499. I searched high and low and found it for $379.95.

Ring also offers a range of other products, including Spot Light and Stick Up Cam Batteries, Indoor Security Kits, Security Cams, Alarm Motion Detectors, and even Floodlight Security.

#2: Arlo

I hadn’t heard of Arlo until a very good childhood family friend recommended it to me. At least five additional people responded on my Instagram Stories that they use this brand. After doing some research, I learned Arlo is great for video monitoring inside the home.

Based on my research, their bestselling product is their Arlo Pro Set with 3 wireless cameras (also found it on sale). Bob and I also love the 6 camera set, especially since our home is big.

#3: CPI Home Security

Two of our good friends, Megan and John, recommended this system. They’ve had the best experience with them, and I can totally see why! CPI Security specifically installs security and smart home systems throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina region.

While I wish they were in Chicago, I wanted to specifically call it out for any of my readers in Charlotte, Greensville, Huntersville, and Fort Mill! Fingers crossed they expand.

#4: ADT

Did you know someone is home three out of every ten burglaries*? That makes up 28% total. Why not invest in an in-depth system? There is a reason why ADT continues to be rated as the top home and business security system. With 140+ years of experience, customized packages, 24/7 monitoring, and 18,000 employees at the ready to help with an emergency, they’re the best of the best.

Specifically, people love ADTPulse, which adds an extra layer of security with indoor/outdoor video cameras, doorbells, and beyond. Lastly, ADT’s customer service is unparalleled. No Comcast-like calls here.

#5: SimpliSafe

Several of you on Instagram recommended SimpliSafe. I especially loved this feedback from one person – “I’m in grad school, and I use SimpliSafe because it’s super cheap and customizable.” What’s not to love about that?!

SimpliSafe offers a few products, including a Wireless Home Security System (only $269). The system comes with a base station, key pad, entry sensors, motion sensors and keychain remote. The set I found also has a bonus SimpliCam HD security camera.

Perhaps what’s even more impressive is their 24/7 professional monitoring is available for $14.99/month, with no contracts.

#6: Nest

Would a home security list (or any interior list) be complete without Nest? Nest is BRILLIANT (and backed by Google). They’ve completely modernized the home with an interconnected system that’s digital. From their home security system to their indoor cameras, and of course – their Nest Thermostat (love this copper version too) and Hello Video Doorbell.

My favorite place to purchase Nest products is this website (always better prices).

#7: Blink

In 2014, only 13.6% of burglars were arrested*. These cases are hard to solve, so video evidence is crucial for convictions. One great option to ensure evidence? Blink – a wireless security system (owned by Amazon) that sends motion-activated alerts & HD video to your smartphone. Their batteries last for up to two years, and it seems to be a very affordable option. The two main products I want to highlight are:

BLINK XT Blink XT are waterproof cameras that connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network. It’s perfect for the exterior of the home, and I found the system on sale here.

BLINK – The traditional Blink is for interior cameras. It’s only $79.99, and a great option to monitor activities.

#8: Abode

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to highlight Abode. I’d recommend Abode for those homeowners who are just dipping their water in home systems. It’s very user-friendly and sold at Walmart. A few products to highlight:

ABODE’S SMART SECURITY KIT The starter kit includes everything you need to get up and running including 1 Gateway, 1 mini Door/Window Sensor, 1 Remote KeyFob, and 1 Motion Sensor. 

WIDE ANGLE MOTION CAMERA – An indoor motion sensor with wide angle camera and automatically captures 3 images if motion or alarm activates.

ABODE CAMThe abode Cam also has night vision and begins recording during an alarm to let you see what caused the alarm to activate, regardless of where you are.

ABODE WINDOW + DOOR SENSORS – I think these are brilliant and very important! You can never have too many of these! This is the mini version and this is for a recessed door/window.


What are your go-to home security systems? Feel free to comment below!

*Facts and stats throughout this blog post courtesy of SafeWise.


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