The Six Best Things We Bought During the Pandemic

My Fave Purchases from the Past Six Months

Since March, we’ve been actively social distancing. Sure, this strict routine has kept us healthy and happy, but it also means we’re spending 99.9% of time at home. Normally, we’d be flying around the world and racking up miles on my beloved United. Over countless months, certain items have started to become an invaluable part of our routine. In fact, over weekend brunch, Bob and I were recounting some of the best things we’ve bought during the pandemic that have simplified our lives. Today, I wanted to share some of our best pandemic purchases with all of you!

Best Pandemic Purchases

Well, it was actually hard to narrow it down to just six things. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been buying a lot of items for our home. In general, I’m trying to be extremely fiscally responsible. However, home buys seem to be great investments since we’re spending so much time here. In many ways, we’re also funding our future by purchasing things that will make everything easier.

Smart Bulbs

Okay, these smart light bulbs have been a game changer – especially in our primary bedroom. Think of them like the modern version of “clap on, clap off” The Clapper. Connect these bulbs to your Google Home device, and you can control the brightness and even turn them on/off. Obsessed!

Every night, I’m extremely lazy and never want to walk across my room to turn the lights off. All I need to say is, “hey Google… turn off primary bedroom lights,” and voila! Want the lights to be more dim? “Hey Google, bedroom lights to 25%.” Check! A small but amazing luxury. You won’t regret this purchase!

Steam Mop

Early on, steam mops gained “steam” (lol), and became a viral sensation. Sure, we all own vacuum cleaners and standard Swifer mops, but steam mops took cleaning to the next level. Beyond sanitizing floors and killing 99% of bacteria, steam mops help clean-up small messages on hardwood floors. Therefore, I did a TON of research to find the best option, and I’m thrilled with the one we chose. It’s easy to store, effective, and powerful!

Cable Box Disguise

Ever since we added built-ins to our bedroom, I’ve been on the hunt for something to disguise our cable boxes. Beyond the annoying lights flickering, the black boxes and bold yellow cords don’t exactly go with the sleek, crisp white aesthetic. After researching a variety of ways to disguise our cable boxes, we opted for these fabulous baskets. I loved it so much in our bedroom that we also purchased a larger version for our family room. Simply weave the cords through the open handle or out the back and let the lid cover it.

Garbage Storage

Never thought I’d be thrilled with sharing a garbage bin solution, friends. Ahhh, gotta love adulting. When redesigning our kitchen, I really wanted to “hide” most appliances and especially garbage cans. This under-the-counter solution freed up space and streamlined the look and feel.

We purchased two of them – one for garbage, one for recycling. Truthfully, after using them for nearly six months, I can’t imagine anything other than this option. We can even store boxes of garbage bags behind them. In general, this brand has countless great options for kitchen, bath, etc.

Knife Sharpener

Yep, friends – I’m a cook. Even now, writing that feels crazy (haha!). In fact, we cook nearly every single meal at home with the occasional delivery to support local restaurants. Since we’re cooking so much, this knife sharpener has been a godsend! Obviously be super careful when using it, but it’s incredibly functional and keeps our best knives in tip top shape.

Garlic Press

Last but certainly not least, our new garlic press is simply divine! Garlic is one of my all-time favorite ingredients, and this tool has made peeling and crushing garlic simple! It’s only $17 and worth every penny!

In Closing

What are some of your pandemic purchases? Share some of your favorite buys in the comment section below!

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