An Exclusive Look at the Beth Ladd Collections x Kelly Golightly Capsule

First Look at the Whimsical Holiday Collection
Beth Ladd Collections

Today, we’re transporting ourselves to the sun-drenched, striped and posh essence of Palm Springs with the launch of the Beth Ladd Collections x Kelly Golightly capsule. I’m head over (stiletto) heels excited for my sweet friend, Kelly Golightly, to work with the Beth Ladd Collections to unveil their enchanting holiday capsule pieces.

It’s a match made in style heaven, and I’m here to give you the exclusive scoop on what’s set to be this season’s most whimsical and festive collection. Get ready for healthy dose of color, sophistication, and fun! Plus, the price point of the pieces are truly incredible for the quality that you get with each item.

Think chic clutches, posh placements, statement earrings, napkin rings, and beyond. I’m excited to give you a first look at the Beth Ladd x Kelly Golightly holiday capsule line below.

Beth Ladd Collection x Kelly Golightly

You know that friend who always looks effortlessly chic, whether lounging poolside or just walking down the street? That’s Kelly. Pair her iconic sense of style with the the Beth Ladd Collections, and voilà, you’ve got a collaboration that sparkles and shines!

If you’re new to meeting Kelly, I’m thrilled for you to meet the ultimate Golightly girl. Her blog and content are so unique, and she celebrate Palm Springs style better than anyone we know. She is truly one of the kindest women in the business, and I’m so happy to support her. Bob and I had the pleasure to spending time with her and her husband a couple years ago at their stunning home, and we left knowing we made lifelong friends. They are the best! Moreover, it’s wonderful to see her partnering with a brand that’s as committed to craftsmanship and sustainable luxury.

Bernadette Red Pink Stripe

Moreover, Kelly’s expertise as a former lifestyle editor, fashion columnist, and her position as a style expert makes her the ideal partner to elevate the Beth Ladd Collection to new heights of desirability.

Meet the Beth Ladd Collections

Beth Ladd is a relatively new-to-me brand, so I’m grateful to Kelly for introducing it to me. After doing some research, I learned that since its inception, Beth Ladd Collections has been synonymous with unparalleled quality and design.

Beth, drawing on her experience in interior design and partnership with a family of artisans in India, has created a core collection that marries traditional craftsmanship with bold, preppy designs. Each piece is imbued with the authenticity and care of handmade craft, offering an ethical and sustainable choice for the discerning customer.

Stripes and Style: The Cabana Stripe Placemats

Kicking things off is my favorite piece from the collection (although it’s nearly impossible to choose) – the Pink & White Cabana Stripe Placemats. These are pure magic! At $42 each, they’re a fabulous foundation of a tablescape that promises endless mimosas and stylish memories. Handcrafted in India, each Beth Ladd Collections and Kelly Golightly placemat is a statement of elegance and a nod to a bygone era of sleek sophistication.

Lately, I’ve really loved the art of tablescaping and creating beautiful scenes for dinner parties and gatherings. Therefore, these darling pieces will truly be put to good use for years to come.

Kelly Golightly Beth Ladd Collections

Best of all, these posh placemats can be used all year round and very versatile. The quality of the items are truly fantastic too! They knocked it out of the park with this one.

Clutching onto Elegance: The Handheld Wonders

Now, let’s talk arm candy. Kelly has always proved that a clutch can make an outfit, and these will make every look positively superb. Her Polka Dot Clutch and Candy Cane Clutch, $185, each are not just accessories; they’re full of personality, and both come with a surprise message inside that’s just so… Kelly.

First, the Beth Ladd Collections x Kelly Golightly Polka Dot Clutch ($185) is a sartorial wink to the timeless allure of the black and white era, reinterpreted with a touch of Kel’s playful charm. This piece is very versatility and features the most darling sentiment inside, “Charmed, I’m Sure.” So cute!

Bernadette George Maxi Dress

The Candy Cane Clutch ($185) encapsulates the joyous heart of the holiday season. With “Life of the Party” discreetly inscribed within, it is an accessory that doesn’t just complement an outfit; it elevates the very aura of its bearer (plus it works perfectly for Valentine’s Day celebrations too).

Black, White, and Chic All Over

Next up are the classic Black & White Placemats. Chic dinner parties will never be the same once you lay these out and watch your guests revel in the beautiful tabletop pieces. The shape of the placemats are SO cool. I definitely want to invest in these pieces!

Crafted to perfection, these placemats serve as a canvas for culinary masterpieces, a backdrop that is both distinguished and daring when paired with the collection’s striped counterparts.

Beth Ladd Collections x Kelly Golightly Statement Swans

One common theme throughout the capsule are swans. It’s almost like a wearable love letter to the ineffable era of Truman Capote’s “Swans,” and the elegant creatures who glided through life in the most enviable way. The swans are featured in pink, white, and black Statement Earrings ($52 each), along with gorgeous Napkin Rings ($26 each, available in pink or white).

Lastly, the Swan Beaded Bag with Bamboo Handle ($158) is so much fun. This hand-beaded bag has a swan of each hue, and a surprise message of “Hello, Darling” on the bottom.

Jennifer Lake Bernadette Stripe Dress

Holiday Statement Earrings

To round out the collection, Kelly designed three festive and fun statement earrings, including Pink & Green Nutcracker Earrings ($46), Pink & White Candy Cane Bow Earrings ($46), and Nostalgic Vintage Pink Santa Earrings ($46). Totally festive and the perfect way to style your outfits for the holiday season.

Beth Ladd Collections x Kelly Golightly – In Closing

Toasting to the Beth Ladd Collections x Kelly Golightly holiday capsule collection. I have no doubt you will adore this collection as much as I do. I sincerely couldn’t be more thrilled for you, Kelly. Thank you for continuing to allow us to celebrate your beautiful and glamorous journey. Let the shopping commence!

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