Black Lives Matter Chicago Murals // Street Art with a Message

Cristina Vanko Wicker Park Street Art

Since the launch of Style Charade, public art and murals have been at the core of my content. From Chicago to New York, Los Angeles and Miami, I’ve loved curating Wall Guides. Generally, I love how they help readers locate the colorful scenes and celebrate the artists. In many ways, street art is a significant part of my storytelling and brand. One reason why I love murals and public art is because they often share a message. Others support a cause. In many ways, they make a neighborhood more beautiful. Which leads me to this blog post.

Following the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, protesters took to the streets to advocate for racial justice. Furthermore, they bring the Black Lives Matters movement to the forefront of our nation and world. While the majority of the protests have been peaceful, we’ve seen various amounts of damage occur in cities. Sadly, many small businesses were impacted as a result, including those of some of my friends and family. It’s no secret looting can be a controversial topic. In my own effort to learn and grow, I found this article and this article helpful to contextualize things. Furthermore, I applaud organizations like My Block, My Hood, My City and the Chicago Community Trust. Many organizations are fundraising for small businesses in the city.

Moreover, artists and creatives are putting their talents to work in an effort to beautify streets and storefronts. Best of all, these are murals come with a message. In fact, my favorite is based in Washington D.C. where Mayor Muriel E. Bowser renamed 16th street in front of the White House – Black Lives Matter Plaza – in massive yellow letters. The Chicago artist community is also working towards raising awareness.

Black Lives Matters Murals Chicago

One Chicago-based organization leading the way for the creation of murals in support of Black Lives Matter? Sounding Boards Chicago. Plus, I’ve seen many artists like @OverbiteStudio and Cristina Vanko offer up their services to businesses and storefronts. In fact, they paint their boards with messages of support for the Black community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Furthermore, Sounding Board Chicago is planning a permanent installation of the artwork. I’m hoping a gallery space or other business in the Windy City will step forward to support this effort. If possible, please reach out to them about partnering once the boards come down.

While the following list of street art is not conclusive, I hope you will visit. Additionally, I hope you will support the small businesses hosting the art. Tag everyone properly share on social media. Lastly, be sure to safely social distance while photographing these walls.

Again, please be sure to tag the artists and businesses when doing so, and stop in to shop where possible. Lastly, as with all street art, you may arrive to the location and the walls have changed or shifted in some ways.

Mural Locations + Details

Please note some of the murals don’t list the artist nor organization who painted them. Lastly, if you know who/whom completed the art, please email or DM me. I’d love to know the details; I’ll update this post accordingly!

Wicker Park Street Art

Artist: Mary Fedorowski // Location: Neighborly (1909 W Division St)

Unity Mural Logan Square Chicago

Artist: KOZMO // Location: Paulie Gee’s (2451 N Milwaukee Ave)

United We Stand Divided We Fall Mural Chicago

Artist: Anthony Medrano // Location: Topdrawer (1436 N Milwaukee Ave)

Power to the People Mural Logan Square

Artist: Chris Orta // Location: Dill Pickle Food Co-op (2746 N Milwaukee Ave)

Nick Applecrap George Floyd Mural Chicago

Artist: Apple // Location: 1357 N Milwaukee Ave

Love Unity Change Mural Felt Chicago BLM

Artists: Joey D., Blake Jones, + Chris Orta // Location: Felt Chicago (2317 N Milwaukee Ave)

George Floyd Mural Chicago

Artist: Cool Disco Rich // Location: Hairitics (2340 N Milwaukee Ave)

Gemini Wicker Park Mural

Artist: Don’t Fret Art // Location: Gemini (1911 W Division St)

Dovetail Love Mural Chicago

Artist: Mary Fedorowski // Location: Dovetail (1452 W Chicago Ave)

Cristina Vanko Wicker Park Street Art

Artist: Cristina Vanko || Location: Enfuse Medical Spa (1645 W North Ave)

Cristina Vanko Wicker Park Street Art Blue

Artist: Cristina Vanko | Location: Volumes Bookcafe (1474 N Milwaukee Ave)

Chicago Stands United Mural Logan Square

Artist: Chicago Stand Up // Location: 2778 N Milwaukee Ave

Breonna Taylor Mural Chicago

Artist: Apple // Location: 2756 N Kimball Ave

BLM Mural Logan Square Chicago

Artist: Norma // Location: Chicago Distilling Company (2359 N Milwaukee Ave)

Black Lives Matter Mural Division Street Chicago

Artist: D tek tive + Epifanio Studios // Location: Cleaners on Division (1917 W Division Ave)

Black Lives Matter Emporium Logan Square Chicago

Artist: Erik Lundquist & Benjamin Marasco // Location: Emporium (2363 N Milwaukee Ave)

Black Children Matter Movement Mural Chicago

Artist: Unknown // Location: 2354 N Milwaukee Ave

Beauty Bar Chicago Black Lives Matter

Artist: Rene Romero // Location: Beauty Bar Chicago (1444 W Chicago Ave)

Antique Taco BLM Floral Mural
Antique Taco Chicago Murals Black Lives Matter

Artist: Maguire Illustrations, Alexis Lauren, Devin Doran, Jess B, Apple, Tuck Zobernathy, Stacey Elizabeth // Location: Antique Taco (1360 N Milwaukee Ave)

Call for Street Art Recommendations

Please feel free to send me/share additional murals and street art that you come across around the city and beyond. I’ll do my best to update this list when/where possible. Also, I’ve created a tab under “Wall Guides” to easily access this round-up moving forward. Sending love!


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