The Best Dallas Sunburst Mural for Photos

Jennifer Lake Topshop Yellow Dress
Dress: Topshop Yellow Stripe Dress | Bag: ModCloth Round Yellow Bag | Shoes: Cecelia Hibiscus Sandals | Jewelry: Kendra Scott Cambria Earrrings | Bracelet: Kendra Scott Kailey Cuff | Eyewear: Céline White Marta Sunglasses

Oh Dallas, how I love thee. Today, I wanted to share this stunning Dallas sunburst mural, one of my favorite pieces of street art in the city. During our visit, we got together with Ali and Patrick for drinks.

Nothing better than great conversation and laughs with friends! If you’re traveling to Dallas anytime soon, be sure to try José; Ali recommended it, and it was SO good!

Topshop Yellow Stripe Midi Dress

Dallas Sunburst Mural

Here’s the catch – this location can get VERY windy! It’s a relatively busy area and a big open space. Therefore, be sure to wear something that you don’t mind getting caught in the window. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of wearing short dresses at this wall. Big, big mistake! Lol.

Dallas Sunburst Mural

See more of this Dallas sunburst mural from my previous post. It’s a very cool mural! As always, I can’t guarantee when you arrive that it’ll be in the same condition. Moreover, it could be painted over or have graffiti. However, I’ve visited the mural several times over the past four years and it’s always the same. Fingers crossed!

ModCloth Yellow Circle Bag
Jennifer Lake Yellow Stripe Dress
Topshop Yellow Stripe Dress
Topshop Yellow Stripe Ruffle Midi Dress

In Closing

Today, I’m flying to Huntsville, Alabama to speak at a PR conference. Have you bee? If so, please send fun restaurant recommendations. It will be my first time traveling to the state. In fact, I’m really looking forward to it! Lastly, I hope you have a great week ahead!

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