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The Perfect Multicolor Midi
Jennifer Lake Delpozo

For many years, the Delpozo brand was on the rise. On several occasions, I considered purchasing a piece or two, but the price point always felt a bit too high. Thankfully, this gorgeous Delpozo dress came up on a resale website recently at a reasonable rate, and I jumped at it.

Jennifer Lake Mia Becar

First, it’s an incredible dress for work. I can wear it for events, meetings and other big strategy sessions. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find work wear, and this midi perfectly represents my “work style.” In many ways, I struggle to find good styles because I feel myself transitioning in some ways from some of my more youthful options to more subtle silhouettes.

Delpozo Dress

This specific dress is from their Pre-Fall 2018 collection, which remains one of my fave seasons of theirs to date. In fact, it was inspired by two photographers: the Italian Franco Fontana’s richly saturated skyline images, and the British native Luke Stephenson’s bold studio portraits of birds.

Take a look at past seasonal collections, and you’ll immediately notice the brand’s unique take on silhouettes and styles. From voluminous tops to bold bow jackets, bold color combinations to posh proportions, Delpozo infused fresh air into the fashion industry.

Chicago Rainbow Stairs
Jennifer Lake Delpozo Stripe Dress

Here’s the thing – Delpozo hasn’t released a new collection since Fall 2019. Interestingly enough, the Spanish brand was founded in 1974. In six years short years, the creative director, Josep Font, was largely responsible for the reboot of the house. He did an amazing job of celebrating the legacy of the brand’s founder Jesús del Pozo. However, he departed in 2020, and since then – the brand has been pretty radio silent.

Even their own website features just images from the Fall 2019 collection.

Jennifer Lake Delpozo Structural Dress

In Closing

Moreover, while they named a new creative director after Josep Font left, he left only a short time later. The future of Delpozo seems unclear, and I’m cheering them on in hopes they come back stronger and better than ever. In the meantime, here are some styles on sale from the brand below.

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