Is The Devil Wears Prada Musical Worth Seeing?

No, no... that wasn’t a question.
Devil Wears Prada Musical
Dress: Carolina Herrera {similar} | Belt: MM LaFleur | Bag: Talbots {similar}

Yesterday, I was thrilled to attend the world premiere of The Devil Wears Prada Musical in Chicago thanks to the team at Broadway in Chicago. Today, I’m sharing a full Devil Wears Prada musical review worthy of Miranda and Sir Elton themselves. Well… hopefully 🙂

Sure, it would be easy to say, “Please bore someone else with your questions about the musical.” But I’m here to give you a posh perspective about the high notes, low notes, and everything in between.

All right, everyone. Gird your loins! Here we go…

Devil Wears Prada Musical Review

When I first received the invite, I said to myself, go ahead. Take a chance. Attend the (potentially) horrible musical. Lol.

Thankfully, the musical is based on the 2003 bestselling novel by Lauren Weisberger along with the 2006 Twentieth Century Fox Motion Picture featuring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Best of all, the music was created by Elton John with lyrics by Shaina Taub.

Sure, I was thrilled they officially premiered the show in the Windy City! From what I’ve read, The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical will leave Chicago after five weeks and head to Broadway in New York this fall.

But I kept thinking “what if it’s bad?” I’d hate to leave thinking “Je suis très, très désolée” to have attended the experience at all.

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Devil Wears Prada Musical Review Qualifications

Also, what qualifies me to do an actual review of the musical? Well, I’m not 100% sure, lol. Even though I grew up singing in musicals, acting in plays (and everything in between), I’m not a professional critic. A little known fact: I joined a drama troupe when I was 10, and participated in 20+ musicals ranging from Bye, Bye Birdie to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I did six musicals in high school, including the lead (Polly) in Crazy for You my senior year.

From dance classes to private singing lessons, and even music theory curriculum, my childhood was filled to the brim with Broadway wishes and dreams. So while I’m not an expert, I genuinely adore and appreciate musicals.

What I Thought of The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical

Simply put, the music is fabulous. Before knowing Elton John was involved, I was worried the songs would fall flat. Trust me, they don’t. Not even close. His Royal Highness of Haute Musical Couture does not disappoint in the least. He threads the narrative through a carefully curated setlist that would make Marc Jacobs blush.

Also, the script is hilarious! After leaving the show, I told Kit (my friend who attended with me), that the dialogue was one of my favorite aspects of the show. The witty banter kept the audience laughing through nearly every scene.

The cast is a power packed (and diverse) team of triple threats. It’s clear this group has chemistry and has worked diligently to get the dialogue and choreography in a good place.

Additionally, the set is next level! I could hear the audience “ooh” and “aah” during transitions of scenes at the clever ways they utilized the stage. One minute you’re in the Big Apple, and the next you’re in front of the Eiffel Tower. Brilliant.

Above all, the fashion was so fun to witness! The wardrobes for each character were well thought-out, and they especially did justice to the Runway closet scene. If someone can order me that white plissé bubble gown with matching cape jacket, I’d be forever indebted to you. I seriously want it, lol.

The lighthearted show is a must-see for those who adore the film, book, and/or simply love musicals. From heartfelt songs to fun rock-like anthems, The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical is an accessible show for all adults.

The Devil Wears Prada Musical

Devil Wears Prada Musical Tickets

Tickets are currently on sale from July 19 – August 21, 2022 at the James M. Nederlander Theatre in Chicago. You can find tickets information on Broadway in Chicago’s website.

The five-week engagement will fly by, so I definitely recommend getting tickets as soon as you can.

How Long is the Show?

Expect the musical to run about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Our Friday night show started promptly at 8 PM CT and officially ended at 10:36 PM (to be exact, lol). Therefore, I would actually say it’s more a two hour and thirty minute show. It flies by, truly!

Additionally, there’s a brief intermission so you can get up to grab a drink or do a quick bathroom break. You’ll know the intermission is coming when the “Met-like” Gala red carpet scene comes up.

Who’s in the Cast?

Broadway icon and Tony award-winning, Beth Leavel, plays the stoic, cold, and arguably terrifying editor-in-chief of Runway magazine. She is superb in the role. We sat in the Dress Circle of the theatre in row LL (seats 1 + 3, which were fabulous btw), and I could hear her crystal clear in every single word she said. To be honest, I had a hard time hearing some of the words and lyrics during most of the show.

Maybe my hearing isn’t the best, but her enunciation of words was impeccable. Granted, several of her songs have a staccato-like quality to them. But I digress…

Taylor Iman Jones plays the character Andy Sachs and steps flawlessly into Hathaway’s heels. She has a beautiful voice and took a fantastic approach to the character overall. Moreover, her transformation from pre-Runway days to assistant extraordinaire is effortless. I especially loved seeing her scene in Paris in the strapless yellow dress that’s turned into a gown (it’s magnificent and I want the ombré cape turned skirt). Call me, costume team! 🙂

While Leavel and Iman Jones headline, the supporting cast of characters is SUPERB. Start with Broadway veteran, Javier Muñoz, who plays Nigel Owens (formerly of Hamilton and In The Heights). Also, Megan Masako Haley who plays Emily Charlton (formerly of Wicked and Mean Girls) as Emily Charlton. The two of them have the best lines and both steal the show.

Fun fact: Christian Thompson actually plays Christian Thompson. Too perfect.

Lastly, the supporting cast members deserve a ton of credit. Their commitment to their roles and characters was astounding. I found myself constantly drawn to seeing what they do on the stage. Plus, their outfits are epic.

Who Will Like the Show?

Let’s just put this to rest immediately – the show is not just for women. Trust. When we attended, the audience was like 55:45 female to male ratio. Love that. However, the musical is not intended for kids ages 12 or younger. To be honest, there wasn’t anything salacious or crazy, but there are a few scenes that might not be kid-friendly.

Broadway in Chicago

Dress Code

Similar to other Broadway shows, guests wear a range of outfits to the show from casual to dressy. I saw people in suits and ballgowns and others in white t-shirts and jeans and sweatpants. Therefore, dress the way you want (within reason). With a name like Devil Wears Prada, I’d encourage you to bring your best foot (or heel) forward.

No, you don’t need to actually wear Prada, of course (haha). I personally chose to wear an outfit worthy to be in Miranda’s presence – a Carolina Herrera floral dress with an MM LaFleur black belt and Manolo Blahnik heels.

In all seriousness, wear what makes you feel comfortable for the show. Keep in mind, the Nederlander Theatre has several stairs (unless you’re on the main level). Therefore, comfy shoes are a must. I was wincing by the end of the night in my heels.

Below, I’m sharing a round-up of outfit ideas to inspire your outfit for the theatre.

When Should You Take Bathroom Breaks?

One of my favorite things to do is to research about when to take bahroom breaks during movies and musicals. After all, I never want to miss the big numbers or moments during the experience. Since the show just premiered, I wanted to give you a few recommended moments. Granted, this is just my humble opinion!

If (and only if) you need a visit to la toilette, I’d recommend doing it at these moments:


When Nate, Andy, and friends are hanging at the bar celebrating the fact she got the job at Runway. This is not to say the cast isn’t phenomenal during this scene. It’s just one of the few slower scenes in the act.


When Christian and Andy meet in Paris near the bridge. Again, this is nothing against the acting or singing during this part. It’s just an easy time to slip out of the show for a super quick bathroom break (especially if you know what’s about to happen).

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Favorite Songs

It’s hard to chose my favorite numbers, but here are a couple: “Dress Your Way Up” and “You Think This Has Nothing to Do With You.”

Devil Wears Prada Musical – In Closing

In short, Devil Wears Prada Musical is a fun, entertaining, fashion-filled musical fantasy worthy of Lauren Weisberger’s original book. Fans of the novel and film won’t be disappointed by the songs, style, and everything in between. After the past couple of years, the show was a fashionable reminder that Broadway is always in style.

By all means, do not move at a glacial pace to purchase tickets. You know how that thrills me. 🙂

Thank you to the team at Broadway in Chicago for the invitation to attend. That’s all.

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