5 Reasons to Buy the Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck

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Top: Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck in Cobalt | Denim: AG Jeans Prima Crop | Shoes: Tod’s Driving Loafers {first worn in this post} | Bag: Sophie Hulme Rainbow Stripe Albion Tote | Eyewear: Céline White Sunglasses

Have you ever come across a brand that is just so wonderfully unique that you wish you had found them sooner? For me, it’s Dudley Stephens and especially the Cobble Hill Turtleneck.

Earlier this year, I discovered their line when the brand reached out about a partnership. After reviewing their website, I quickly realized they were a perfect fit. Furthermore, the brand really aligns with my personal style and especially in line with the brands that I love to support. Overall, there’s something very special about this line of fleece women’s ready-to-wear.

Cobalt Blue Fleece Turtleneck

Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck

Dudley Stephens is mainly known for one thing – fleece. Listen, for many years, I thought fleece was an outdated fabric. In fact, it brought me back to college and guys wearing North Face fleeces. Bob still wears those jackets, lol. However, these are not your boyfriend’s fleece jackets. Not even close.

So where do you start? I recommend investing in Dudley Stephens collection. First, it’s one of their bestselling styles. Furthermore, it’s available in two lengths! In my case, I prefer the longer Cobble Hill. However, they also have the Park Slope, a more traditional cut that hits just below the waist.

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Confused about the lengths? See this post for a quick snapshot on the Park Slope style. How cute is the mint green? Seriously, choosing between the colors is an impossible task!

Outside of their tops, I also highly recommend their terry fleece joggers. I’m absolutely obsessed. In essence, they’re the perfect pant for casual days, errands, and travel!

Sophie Hulme Rainbow

Dudley Stephens Fit and Size Guide

Normally, I’ve found most pieces to fit true to size. However, the joggers fitting slightly large. Best of all, the brand regularly releases new styles and colors. Therefore, it’s a website I refresh regularly.

Stay tuned for more of my DS faves in the near future! Also, be sure to bookmark their fit guide if you’re thinking about buying one of their pieces.

Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill

5 Reasons to Buy Dudley Stephens

Below, I’m sharing five reasons to buy Dudley Stephens. Rest assured, this brand knows what they’re doing, and they don’t cut corners when they make their styles!

Female-Founded, Family-Owned Brand

First, it’s a female-founded, family-owned brand! Furthermore they take pride in manufacturing and retailing responsibly. Dudley Stephens co-founders are two sisters, Lauren Stephens and Kaki McGrath.

Lauren is the face of the brand, and she’s the creative force behind social media, editorial and events calendars, etc. Plus, she leads the marketing plan, brand relationships, design and production. She’s a sweetheart, and I’m so thankful to know her!

On the other hand, Katherine (or “Kaki,”), focuses on the operations of the brand and Chief Operating Officer. Overall, she keeps the digital shop updated, tracks, fulfillment and oversees customer service. 

Tods Pink Driving Loafer

Made in the USA

Thankfully, all of their products are made in the US! In fact, each piece is crafted in Brooklyn, New York. I love their commitment to producing and manufacturing products in the U.S. Guys, it’s SO expensive to do so (especially vs. overseas).

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The Length

What about length? As shown above, the Cobble Hill fleece hits below the hip in a tunic style. Conversely, the Park Slope hits at the waist. Overall, the Park Slope is the more popular of the two styles. However, I now own about a half dozen of their products, including the Cobble Hill, and I’m thankful to own both lengths. As has been noted, each piece is ridiculously soft. Plus, each style serves a different purpose depending on the day.

The Fit

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the Cobble Hill turtleneck is the fit. Sure, you have the structured, stand-up collar, which is fantastic! However, there’s a roomy fit throughout the body. Plus, the Cobble Hill has a tunic fit with slight bell silhouette. Furthermore, there have silky-soft lined pockets at hip. So good!

On the flip side, the Park Slope (seen below), hits at the waist with banded detail. Therefore, the main decision is length and fit. Prefer a longer style? Select Cobble Hill. Instead, do you prefer a style that sits at the hip? Opt for the Park Slope.

Chicago Anthropologie Pink Wall


Sustainable? You bet – the majority of their styles are spun from recycled materials. To date, Dudley Stephens fleece pieces have redirected more a million plastic bottles into sustainable products. Plus, they’re careful to avoid over-production and waste.

Jennifer lake Dudley Stephens Cobalt Fleece
Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck

In Closing

Have you purchased any of their pieces? Overall, I’d love to hear more about your experience with the brand and line! Lastly, I highly recommend their collection.

Frankly, I’ve never had an issue with any of their pieces. If anything, my closet continues to expand with more items from the line. They have a very bright future!

Jennifer lake Blue Turtleneck Jumping

The post was created in collaboration with Dudley Stephens. All opinions are my own. Partnerships like these make Style Charade possible.

Top: Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck in Cobalt | Denim: AG Jeans Prima Crop | Shoes: Tod’s Driving Loafers {first worn in this post} | Bag: Sophie Hulme Rainbow Stripe Albion Tote | Eyewear: Céline White Sunglasses

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