Is this the Best Floral Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress?

Colorful Austin Street Art Murals
Dress: Floral Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress | Shoes: Banana Republic Jasmine Sandal |Jewelry: BaubleBar Melina Hoops | Eyewear: Céline Marta Sunglasses

In March 2015, I officially launched Style Charade. Over time, the blog gained steam, and I was thankful brands started to reach out. One of the first to do so? Donna Morgan. In fact, they gifted me this stunning floral off the shoulder maxi dress. Years later, I still have it in my closet.

Truthfully, it was love at first site. Listen, I adore dresses. However, it’s hard for me to find dress styles that really “wow” me. However, Donna Morgan and this style knocked me off my feet.

Donna Morgan Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Between the color combination, floral print, stretchy waist and top, this floral off the shoulder maxi dress is just the perfect mix of everything that I love. Frankly, Donna Morgan (as a brand) doesn’t get enough attention. Lately, I struggle to find pieces from their line anywhere. Plus, I no longer hear from their team, which makes me sad.

Floral Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Donna Morgan Dresses

Years ago, I remember staying in close contact with Donna’s PR team. Over time, I started shopping the line at Nordstrom. Sadly, the buyers pulled the line from the website and stores. To this day, I struggle with that decision.

Off Shoulder Ruffle Maxi Dress

Yes, Donna Morgan has been a big part of the fashion narrative of Style Charade. But to be honest? They were also responsible for some of my favorite fashion shoots of all time.

For instance, this floral dress? Still own it. Purple lace midi? Divine! This tulle top dress. Same. Looking back at these photos, my heart actually hurts. Over time, fashion brands come and go.

Some retain popularity, others start to go to the background. Overall, Donna Morgan deserves the light. Peruse their dresses on Nordstrom Rack, and I guarantee you’ll find a style you love.

Pink Floral Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress Fit

Anyway, this maxi continues to be one of my favorite dresses of all time. It’s perfect for weddings, special occasions, or just going out to drinks with friends. Overall, it fits true to size. Plus, I love the length! I can wear heels and it doesn’t scrap the floor when I walk. So good!

Pink Floral Off Shoulder Dress

In closing, I tried to find a similar style to this piece, but I couldn’t find one. Overall, I hope to see Donna Morgan make a comeback. From this navy floral frock to pastel lace dress, and this yellow and pink option, I can honestly say Donna Morgan has designed some of my favorite pieces of all time.

Pink Pompom Tassel Clutch
Pink and Blue Floral Maxi Dress

In Closing

I miss this brand. However, I’m thankful for the beautiful fashion moments they gave me so early on in the blog’s history. Rest assured, I’ll be cheering them on for a comeback. Until then, keep an eye out for their styles. Frankly, I’m confident you’ll love them as much as I do.

BaubleBar Blue Tassel Earrrings

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  1. B

    You look great- this is a beautiful dress! I love coming to your blog for color inspiration- though, it makes me wish it were spring! 😉

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  2. N
    Nina wrote:

    I need that dress! I feel like I could still even fit in it! Lol!

    Xo, Nina

    Law of Fashion Blog

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  3. M
    Maggie Bee wrote:

    I love this! Does it run pretty true to size?

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  4. M
    Marianne wrote:

    Such a perfect maxi dress – I’m also pretty obsessed with those earrings!!

    xo – Marianne

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  5. C
    Carrie Colbert wrote:

    Wow what a really beautiful dress, Jenn! Love how elegant it is. Xo


    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
    • J
      Jenn Lake wrote:

      Thanks C! Hope you guys had a great time in Austin this past weekend!

      Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  6. L

    Absolutely love the dress, and omg the colors match so perfectly with the wall!

    The Fashion Barbie

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  7. D
    Dana Mannarino wrote:

    This look has me CRAVING Spring!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
    • J
      Jenn Lake wrote:

      It will be here soon! In the meantime, I’ll be pairing this dress with tights and a moto jacket when I wear it in Chicago, lol!

      Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  8. M
    Meghan wrote:

    I love this dress! The color is amazing!

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  9. M
    Magalys wrote:

    That dress is so gorgeous! And I like how you paired your outfit with the setting. 🙂

    Published 3.6.17 · Leave a Reply
  10. K
    Karen wrote:

    Oh my goodness – obsessed with the shape this dress creates, especially the one where you’re on your side profile and the top is fluttering up – super pretty!

    Have a Stylin’ Day!

    Much Love, Karen

    [Style Smorgasbord] [bloglovin’]

    Published 3.7.17 · Leave a Reply
  11. C
    Courtney Whiteherse wrote:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this dress? It would be perfect for a beach wedding I’m attending next month. (Off shoulder floral dress from 3/6 post)

    Published 3.8.17 · Leave a Reply
    • J
      Jenn Lake wrote:

      Hey lady! I just found it at another retailer and added the link above. Hope you have a fun time at the wedding!

      Published 3.8.17 · Leave a Reply
      • C
        Courtney Whiteherse wrote:

        Thank you so much!!?

        Published 3.8.17 · Leave a Reply
  12. J
    Jisora wrote:

    I totally fall in love with this dress! Thanks for sharing

    Published 6.10.22 · Leave a Reply
  13. P

    Thanks for sharing such as amazing maxi dresses.

    Published 2.27.23 · Leave a Reply
  14. r
    racer wrote:

    Love the floral patterns of your dress! Thanks for the share.

    Published 8.17.23 · Leave a Reply


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