My Closet Reveal with Inspired Closets Chicago

The Home Project of My Dreams
Jennifer Lake Closet

IT’S HERE! The day has finally arrived, and I’m thrilled to share my new closet design with Inspired Closets Chicago. After months of planning, the transformation is complete, and I’m beyond elated with the results.

Last week, I shared a few “before” images of the space we transformed into my walk-in closet. In short, we converted a spare bedroom of our house into this new wardrobe / walk-in closet. Let me tell you – the updates were no small feat! Thankfully, I was in the expert hands of the team at Inspired Closets Chicago and its owner, Mike Carson. After visiting their showroom in Oakbrook, and going through an in-depth consultation and design process, it was beyond clear they were the best team for the job. Today, I’m excited to share this new space of our home, and hopefully spark walk-in closet and other home design solutions for you, too!

Best of all, Style Charade readers will receive a 10% discount on an Inspired Closets Chicago project! The offer is valid through December 31st and for the greater Chicagoland area only. Even if you’d like to get your design work completed after the New Year, now is the perfect time to reach out to their team to get the process started (and take advantage of this generous discount)! If you’re looking to transform a space in your home in Q1 or Q2 of next year, I’d highly recommend calling them sooner than later!

Chicago Closet Design

Definitely take a look at their website to get a sense of their portfolio. They design more than just closets and have solutions for your pantry, garage, offices, entry ways, laundry rooms, and more.

Inspired Closets Chicago

For years, I’ve dreamed about creating a custom closet. As a fashion blogger, I have the ability to showcase my personal style through my wardrobe and accessory choices. Plus, I’ve always loved embracing high-low outfits. I’m a big believer that you don’t need to spend all your hard-earned money to look pulled together. Instead, I love sourcing colorful finds of all price points – from a great vintage dress at a local boutique to a fabulous pair of costume jewelry earrings. There’s no need to break the bank with every purchase.

Jennifer Lake Closet Design

In short, great style shouldn’t cost a fortune. Instead, the investment should be in things that hold value, like your home! Set aside worries for the content of a closet and look to embrace quality storage and organization solutions. It’s a much better way to add value and create a smart investment for your condo, apartment, or house!

The Design Details

Not only does the team at Inspired Closets Chicago help create a layout and design that maximizes every inch of your space, they also offer so many choices for materials and finishes. After our initial meeting at their showroom, I left with color samples, hardware ideas, and a clear picture of all that was possible for our budget. Best of all, I knew their team only had my best interests in mind, which was so comforting.

We chose an off-white finish for the cabinetry and paired it with quartz countertops for the island and the featured display area on one of the walls. Since we knew our Hudson Valley Lighting chandelier for the room had a brass finish, we decided on a similar metallic for all the closet rods. Also, we chose an aged brass finish for the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Those were installed after we took these initial photos. You’ll be seeing even more imagery of the ways in which I styled the space soon!

Inspired Closets Custom Walk-In Closet Chicago

The Inspired Closets Chicago team was incredibly nimble with the design and ensured it matched perfectly with my needs. Initially, we thought of including a build-in hamper for laundry and additional drawers on one wall. After assessing the layout for a day or two, I realized that I needed a bit more hanging space. Their response? “No problem – whatever you want!” In turn they quickly changed the design to include additional hanging space as shown in the image below.

When it came to installation, that was also a total breeze! In total, it took about two and a half days for the room. Their installer was efficient, kind, and safe (remained masked and socially distant). Since they are absolute experts at what they create, all of the existing outlets, light switches, and other nuances of the room were all taken into account during the initial design process. In the end, this meant there wasn’t a single surprise or issue during installation – it was seamless! My fellow homeowners can attest how rare it is to have a hiccup-free home project. To say we were thrilled is an understatement!

Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

Have you ever gone into your closet and said, “ugh… I have no idea what to wear today?” Or, “what should I pack for this trip?” Well, to be transparent – that happens to me ALL of the time. Yes, I have choose to pick from. However, based on the storage of those pieces, I haven’t really been able to actually see what I own. Plus, the current layout of storage in our home had me making use of a few different smaller closets as opposed to once centralized space.

Inspired Closets Chicago helped me see the big picture of what was possible, along with the important small nuances that make a large impact down the road. After sitting down to go over the design, we talked about function, how I want to use the space and some of my challenges right now.

Inspired Closets Chicago

My biggest challenge? Having items all in one place so I could see what I’m working with. Through the design, I was able to personalize the closet for my items. After all, I love shoes! Therefore, I wanted more space to organize them.

Furthermore, like most women, I have many pieces that could use a good steaming before wearing. Therefore, we added some valet bars into the mix to help me hang my apparel and steam everything with ease. Plus, the feature helps me to better sort outfit ideas.

Planning Ahead

As you gear up for 2021, if you’re thinking about investing in beautiful and organized spaces in your home, I give me highest recommendation to Inspired Closets Chicago. After researching a bunch of different companies and brands, Inspired Closets Chicago proved to be the best, most qualified choice. We are thrilled with the results, and I can’t believe what they were able to create!

Jennifer Lake Shoe Closet

Don’t forget! Style Charade readers will receive a 10% discount on their Inspired Closets Chicago project! The offer is valid through December 31st and for the greater Chicagoland area only. If you’re looking for any type of storage solution for your home, Inspired Closets Chicago has you covered!


Disclosure: I received a discount for the walk-in closet design and installation. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the team at Inspired Closets for working with me to create the closet of my dreams. Partnerships like these make Style Charade possible.

All photos within this post by Aesthetiica

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  1. A
    Annaliese wrote:

    Oh my gosh!! It’s AMAZING! Even better than I thought it would look. And how genius to have special racks for steaming!

    xoxo A

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  2. E
    Elle wrote:

    It looks incredible!!!!

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  3. H
    Helen wrote:

    Wow! Jennifer, you and your closest are stunning!! I’ve never seen such a beautiful close before. Definitely saving this as inspiration for my own one day!!


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  4. B
    Betsy wrote:

    Wow!! Its like something from a movie. This is what I would love my craft room to look like ? I love the pattern on the ceiling.

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  5. C
    Caroline wrote:

    Love it! They did a wonderful job. Your dress is also spectacular! XO

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    Shylene Santiago wrote:

    Amazing job. Beautiful photos of the closet and your dress !

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    E wrote:

    Hello from CA,
    Gorgeous closet, and photos. The dress is amazing, but steals the show here. As a potential closet customer I clicked your post looking for dimensions, features like drawers, roll out bars, long garments vs short. How did you store scarves, jewelry, undergarments, sunglasses? Where do you keep that steamer? What is the wallpaper on the ceiling? Budget? How big is the room and the island? Is there seating for putting on boots?
    Thank you, be well and happy holidays.

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    • J

      Hello! Thanks so much for your comment – I’m thrilled you like the space! I have a previous post that I had linked to within this one that shares some of those details. I also have another post on the horizon that will have even more info to share. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog! Have a lovely weekend!

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    Meg wrote:

    Wow! What a dreamy closet! It looks gorgeous!

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