Disclosure: This blog post is a formal paid partnership with Tide Cleaners. All opinions are my own. Partnerships like these make Style Charade possible.

Jennifer Lake Laundry Cleaners

Sometimes I wish laundry and dry cleaning could be done at the click of a button. Not just ONE button for one load. I mean ALL of it. How do I save time doing laundry and dry cleaning while trying to balance a full-time job, running this blog, and my on-the-go travel schedule? After all, I have little time to think about, much less actually DO laundry.

Oh, and there’s plenty of it.

Nearly two weeks out of the month, I’m on the road with luggage filled to the brim with apparel and accessories. Most work trips are back-to-back, and often vary greatly in terms of climate – sundresses and straw hats for one destination, puffy coats and sweaters for the other.

My laundry and dry-cleaning pile up faster than Marie Kondo’s folding skills. Seriously!

Thankfully, I was just introduced to a phenomenal resource in Chicago that’s a laundry AND life saver. Meet Tide Cleaners, my new best friend in the rinse, wash, and repeat space. This convenient, cost-effective new laundry service is giving me LIFE. Literally.

Jennifer Lake Tide Cleaners

My Relationship with Tide

As you know, I take careful consideration when taking on brand partnerships. I only want to collaborate with companies I trust, love, and actually use. Well, friends – I have used Tide my entire life. As we speak, Bob and I have (no joke) FIVE large Tide liquid detergent bottles in our laundry room. We use their products on a weekly basis, and we believe in the brand. Plus, I’m not alone, seeing as it’s America’s Most Trusted Laundry Detergent brand.

Tide Laundry Service

While Tide has a variety of products, we especially love Tide Original Liquid Laundry Detergent – it’s effective, reliable, and the scent. The smell is SO good! Plus, as someone who wears a LOT of color, I appreciate how they create products specifically keep colors vibrant wash after wash.

What is Tide Cleaners?

Tide Cleaners is simplifying the art of laundry and dry-cleaning services. They’re taking the same Tide products you know and love and offering a convenient and reliable dry cleaning and laundry service. They have hundreds of locations around the country which include:

• Dry cleaning and laundry

• Wash, dry and fold

• Alterations and repairs

Tide Cleaners is rapidly expanding across the country with locations in Chicago, Washington DC, Nashville, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Denver. Plus, The 24-7 lockers are located in college dorms, high-rise buildings, and standalone locations.

Tide Cleaners Lincoln Park

How Tide Cleaners Works

The process is incredibly easy! Follow these steps: download their app, pick your services, bring your items to one of their 24/7 laundry and/or dry cleaning boxes, and they return the items to you in just days. Also, you can use promo code START50 to get 50% off your first order!

• Download the Tide Laundry app (in the Apple store or Google Play)

• Create an account (it’s very simple)

• Head to a Tide Cleaners location with your laundry, dry cleaning and/or alterations

• Find an empty locker at your location

• Place an order in the Tide Cleaners app and enter your locker number

• Close the locker with your items inside, enter in a four-digit code and lock it

Pick up your items when you get notification via email that they’re ready (i.e. normally takes two days to complete the order if you place the order around 7-8 AM, although some larger items may take longer like comforters or wedding dresses)

Tide Cleaners Chicago
Style Charade Tide Cleaners

Who Should Use Tide Cleaners?

One of the coolest attributes of Tide Cleaners is that is a great service for anyone and everyone. Tide Cleaners is available in a variety of different ways and places to meet the needs of customers. Sure, married couples and families will adore this simplified laundry service. But it’s also great for:

• Singles living in a high-rise apartment building or condo

• College students in a dorm on a university or college campus

• Empty nesters who want to use Tide Cleaners’ drive-through locations

Tide Laundry Cleaners Bag
Tide Laundry Lockers

The Verdict

For me, Tide Cleaners saves me stress and gives me back the time I want (and desperately need) to focus on other areas of my life. Instead of waiting for the rinse cycle to finish, I can be out with friends eating brunch or catching up with family. Instead of counting down the minutes for the dryer to beep – Bob and I can take a guilt-free day trip or simply enjoy date night at the movies. Dry cleaning and laundry at the click of a button? Genius!

Atlantic-Pacific Halogen Quilted Skirt

For more information, visit TideCleaners.com/start.