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Leesa Bed Review

Sleep is the most precious commodity we have. And if you’re like me, I need at least seven solid hours of rest in order to act like a normal human the next day. No amount of coffee will fix my sleepy (or should I say cranky?) self. Just ask Bob – lol. Therefore, when we bought a new home, we immediately started the hunt for a new mattress. After searching high and low, we landed on the winner – the Leesa Hybrid Mattress (formerly known as the Sapira Mattress).

So, after a full month of sleeping on our Leesa bad, I wanted to give you my candid review of the brand.

Finding a New Mattress

One of the greatest selling points of our new home is the primary bedroom. Beyond being nearly four times the size of our old one, we finally have enough space for a king bed. In fact, it’s the first time in our entire lives that we both finally get to sleep in a bed of this size at home. For years, every single time we’d stay at a hotel, we would talk about how nice it would be to have a king bed in our home. It’s seriously been life changing!

After researching countless articles, speaking with friends and family, and creating spreadsheets of the benefits and drawbacks to each brand, we landed on Leesa. Some facts that really sold us? West Elm exclusively carries them as their mattress brand. And Apartment Therapy named it the “best mattress in the box.”

Past Bad Mattress Decisions

To be transparent, about three years ago we invested in a queen mattress from one of their biggest competitors. Trust me, you’ve heard the name and you know their commercials.

After the first 100 nights, we liked it. However, I kept having neck issues and we were always feeling overheated in the morning. The biggest test? When I’d get home from a work trip, I never felt like “oh my gosh, I’m SO happy to be back to sleep in my bed.”

When we finally got our Leesa mattress in the mail (and slept in it), I turned to Bob the next morning and said, “I just had the best sleep of my life last night.” Bob felt the exact same way. In fact, we went to sleep that very next night worried and wondering if we had dreamt it. But alas, we woke up that next morning feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Jenn Lake Chicago Blogger

Best of all, it wasn’t a fluke. I’m pretty sure this past month has helped offset years of less-than-stellar rest.

Important Qualities of a Mattress

In general, I wanted a mattress that was soft, but not too soft. Firm, but not too firm. Cooling, but not too cold. Yes, I am the Goldilocks of sleepers. 🙂 Additionally, my ideal mattress needed to have back support but still have the feeling of sinking into a cloud.

Jennifer Lake Bedroom Feathers

Leesa totally fit the bill. While many shoppers go to a store to pick out a mattress, I knew we’d pick something online. Partly for the convenience, and also because all of the “safety nets” that come with it. For example, Leesa has free shipping AND returns, everything is made in the USA. More over, in-home delivery and set-up is available, and it all comes with a 100 day risk-free trial. Love!

Leesa Mattress Options

Okay, so Leesa currently sells two styles of mattress – the Leesa Mattress {here} and the Leesa Hybrid Mattress {here}. Since we’ve only tried the hybrid version, I can’t really comment on the other one. However, I’ll try to share some of the main differences between the two:

Leesa Mattress – This style is the more affordable version of the two. It’s also their most popular multilayer foam mattress. According to their site and other reviews, the foam contours to your body, sleeps cool, and adapts well to your shape no matter how you sleep (i.e. on your back, on your side, on your belly, etc.).

Jennifer Lake Pillow Fight
Jennifer Lake Style Charade Leesa Bed

Leesa Hybrid Mattress – Please trust me when I say this mattress is worth every penny. One of my favorite elements? The combination of premium and memory foams, along with individually wrapped pocket springs makes it really hard for your partner to be disturbed. I hate to admit it, but I turn A LOT in my sleep. Every night since sleeping on our Leesa, Bob has not woken up, stirred, or moved when I’ve changed positions. Not ONCE!

Our Leesa Bed Frame

One mistake we’ve made in the past is investing in a mattress but not the bed frame. The Leesa team was kind enough to agree to gift us the Leesa Platform Bed. When it arrived in a box, the assembly was easy. Additionally, the Platform Bed has a very sleek look – gray fabric and clean wood legs. It easily blends into any interior design decisions you’ve already made (or will make).

Jenn Lake Husband Leesa Bed

My absolute favorite feature of our Platform Bed are the USB ports built into the sides – genius! I’m shocked this isn’t more prevalent in consumer furniture.

The Leesa Hybrid Pillows

Every night, I sleep with roughly 20,000 pillows. Ok, in reality it’s more like five. Regardless, Bob will regularly turn over in bed in the morning, and say, “What kind of moat are you creating over there, Lake?” He only sleeps with one pillow (an existence I cannot understand nor condone, lol).

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

I like options 🙂 As part of our gifting, we asked for two of Leesa’s Hybrid Pillows. The pillows are reversible with one side featuring a down-like quilted pocket side. On the reverse side is a cooling gel side and a removable insert. Brilliant, right? It took me a few nights to get used to it. However, now the quilted side is my go-to when I sleep.

Our Final Verdict on the Leesa Hybrid Mattress

We are in love, if not obsessed, with our Leesa Hybrid Mattress. In some ways, we kick ourselves for waiting so long to get one. I will go as far to say we will only work with/buy Leesa products moving forward for sleep in our home. Trust!

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Bed

For more information about Leesa, visit this website link. I wholeheartedly recommending their collection! As part of being gifted their products, I agreed to do a blog post, but I would have never written this glowing review if I didn’t truly love my Leesa bed.


Special thanks to Leesa for partnering on this post. Items were gifted in exchange for a post. All opinions are my own. Collaborations like these help make Style Charade possible.


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