Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January 2021 Guide

All the Details of the First Big Sale of the Year
Lilly Pulitzer After Party 2021

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UPDATE: While the most recent Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale has concluded, there will be another one on the horizon! Most years, it occurs late summer / early fall. Naturally, I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I have more details! In advance of the next sale, take a peek at all the amazing Lilly Pulitzer new arrivals HERE! Also, enjoy a quick video of the creation of one of their newest prints below!

Today, I’m sharing all of the details of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January 2021 – when to shop, what to buy, and how to make sure that you get what you want. Over the past few seasons, I’ve loved covering the Lilly Pulitzer sale.

This year, I also had the pleasure of being one of Lilly Pulitzer’s brand BFF’s. I love the way the brand spreads positivity and sunshine, along with happy prints to match. They have truly helped spread so much joy this year.

Plus, I love the brand began when Lilly decided to open a juice stand among the citrus groves. The American resort brand was born from a colorfully printed cotton dress that she wore when the juice would splash on her in Palm Beach. Her husband was the Palm Beach publishing heir Peter Pulitzer.

Also, this sale is VERY different than previous seasons. Why? They are pulsing out new product releases on Monday (1/4) and Tuesday (1/5)! Therefore, I’m sharing what (and ESPECIALLY when) to buy the pieces previewed in this post. Bookmark this blog post for future reference on what date to shop the top styles within this post!

Jennifer Lake Lilly Pulitzer Navy Metallic Dress
Dotti Silk Ruffle Dress (Sale Price: $139, originally: $268 – DAY TWO LAUNCH!)

Below, I’m answering some of the top FAQ’s along with a comprehensive preview of some of the most well-loved styles that will be a part of the sale!

When is the Lilly Pulitzer Sale?

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January 2021 will officially take place starting Monday, January 4th around 8:00 AM(ish) EST at The sale ends Tuesday, January 5th at 11:59 PM EST.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January 2021 Picks
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen |

One: Liora Sweater (Sale Price: $49, originally $118)

Two: Cleme Silk Dress (Sale Price: $159, originally 258)

Three: Tatum Fringe Cardigan (Sale Price: $74, originally $128)

Four: UPF 50 Skipper Ruffle Dress (Sale Price: $74, originally $158)

Five: Noella Puffer Vest (Sale Price: $109, originally $278)

Six: Daryn Striped Sweater (Sale Price: $49, originally: $98)

Seven: Christin Off the Shoulder Sweater (Sale Price: $49, originally $138)

Eight: Astara Shift Romper (Sale Price: $59, originally: $188)

Nine: UPF 50 Round Hem Skipper Popover (Sale Price: $65, originally: $98)

Ten: Franci High Collar Dress (Sale Price: $119, originally $278)

Eleven: Tosha Dress (Sale Price: $54, originally $108)

Twelve: Finn Top (Sale Price: $50, originally $68)

Thirteen: Florin Silk Tank Top (Sale Price: $64, originally $118)

Fourteen: Marlowe T-Shirt Dress (Sale Price: $44, originally $98)

Fifteen: UPF 50 Round Hem Leona Full Zip Up Jacket (Sale Price: $70, originally $108)

What is the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January 2021?

This is the brand’s BIGGEST party, and the perfect way to kick off the new year! Plus, Lilly Pulitzer rarely goes on sale, so this Lilly Pulitzer Sale is a wonderful chance to get items at up to 50% off. Expect to find some of the brand’s most popular prints and styles at fantastic prices.

Chicago Floral Mural
Lilly Pulitzer Cleme Silk Dress (Sale Price: $159, originally $258)

How Does the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2021 Work?

Similar to past sales, they’ll have a “virtual line” system as preview years. When you click onto the site, it’ll give you a number and an approximate wait time. Keep in mind, the wait time is typically much faster than they give you! However, it’s helpful to have an estimated time.

Once you’re let into the sale, you’ll be ready to shop the Lilly Pulitzer Sale! One helpful tip is to turn on the sound of your laptop, desktop computer, iPad or iPhone. In the past, there’s been a loud ring to let you know you’re ready to shop the sale. Overall, the process is extremely seamless and easy.

Jennifer Lake Lilly Pulitzer Navy
Jennifer Lake Lilly Pulitzer Cleme Dress

In the past, readers have mentioned they’re frustrated with the virtual line system. In truth, I 100% get it! However, the main reason they do this is to make sure the website doesn’t crash. Be patient, and just know that they have decent stock of all items! Plus, since they’re pulsing out the sale over a few days, there’s even more merchandise to enjoy.

Will they Replenish Items?

No, they will not replenish styles. As a reminder, they’re doing another entirely new product drop on the morning of Tuesday, January 5th. Very cool! This tip means that you should shop the sale on both Monday and Tuesday since different items will be available.

What’s the Lilly Pulitzer Sale Return Policy?

All sales are final. Stay tuned for a try-on session on Instagram Stories to get an understanding of fit, fabrics, and what to keep in mind when you’re purchasing items. Also, I highly recommend checking out Lilly Pulitzer’s size guide to find your best fits ahead of time!

What Styles are Included in the Sale?

The brand gave me an exciting preview of 30+ styles that will be a part of the sale. In fact, you’ll find a great mix of jumpsuits, dresses, sweaters, tops, athletic pants, tank tops, and even some items for kids.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Preview
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen |

One: Kallie Jumpsuit (Sale Price: $99, originally $228)

Two: Billie Ruffle Dress (Sale Price: $43, originally $98)

Three: Dotti Silk Ruffle Dress (Sale Price: $139, originally $268 – DAY TWO LAUNCH)

Four: Elsa Top (Sale Price: $75, originally $158)

Five: Jackie Silk Dress (Sale Price: $69, originally $198)

Six: Luliana Swing Maxi Dress (Sale Price: $64, originally $198)

Seven: Lambert Top (Sale Price: $69, originally $158)

Eight: Autumn Ruffle Midi Dress (Sale Price: $69, originally $238)

Nine: Lyra One-Shoulder Jumpsuit (Sale Price: $69, originally $198)

Ten: Maxine Midi Dress (Sale Price: $74, originally $198)

Eleven: Girl’s Mini Franci Dress (Sale Price: $54, originally $118)

Twelve: Girl’s Maia Legging (Sale Price: $39, originally $38)

Thirteen: Girl’s Emina Dress (Sale Price: $24, originally $56)

Fourteen: Girl’s Classic Shift Dress (Sale Price: $40, originally $58)

Best Tips to Shop the Lilly Pulitzer Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January 2021 is not like every other sale. Therefore, I wanted to share some helpful tips to shop the items! This advice will ensure that you can stock up on colorfully printed cotton American Resort Wear that gives you all of the Palm Beach vibes.

Create an Account

Log onto the website and create your account in advance. Add your information early for quick, seamless check-out.

Have a Budget in Mind

While sales are fun, remember that you don’t NEED anything or everything! If you have a few items that you’ve been eyeing for awhile, the sale is a great time to get the items! Simply have a budget set, and stick to it!

Get Multiple Devices Ready

You never know when your Wi-Fi will go out or if you have technical problems. Have an iPad, phone, laptop and/or desktop computer ready to go, and ready to shop! This step is also helpful since there’s a virtual waiting line. You don’t want to lose your place!

Set your Alarm

I find that setting an alarm for the sale is extremely helpful! Set one on your phone about 10 minutes prior to the launch.

Lilly Pulitzer Navy Dress

In Closing

I’m so excited to see what you buy at the sale! Enjoy shopping, and remember – you don’t need to purchase everything. Just the items that you’ve been eyeing for awhile and the pieces that will fit with your budget!

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    Annaliese wrote:

    So, so excited! I won’t be able to log on tomorrow morning due to a crazy day coming at my day job, but I have a sweet friend who will be logging on for me at 8 to try to score what I want! 😉

    xoxo A

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    Meg wrote:

    Such great items! I’m going to have to sit this one out — all the dresses I bought at the last sale still have the tags on them since my trip to the Bahamas was canceled. ?

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