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A Monogrammed Travel Companion
Mark and Graham Terminal Luggage

Traveling is just the best. I can never get enough of it! There’s so much joy in exploring the world and immersing myself in new cultures. At the same time, I’ve struggled to find luggage that can keep up with the amount of travel that I do for both work and just life in general. However, a couple years ago, I was introduced to Mark & Graham’s luggage. Friends, it’s been a game changer. Today, I wanted to share an in-depth Mark & Graham luggage review and share my favorite styles, why I love them, and why you will too!

Founded in 2012, Mark and Graham has been delivering the most beautiful products that are transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces with a lovely monogram. In fact, the brand name itself – Mark & Graham – is based on their mission to leave your mark with a monogram. Get it? As part of the Williams-Sonoma group, Mark & Graham also has phenomenal shipping and customer service.

Mark and Graham Luggage Review

One common thread through all of Mark & Graham’s pieces is the attention to detail. Their team is meticulous about material selection and thoughtful designs, from pockets to linings, elegant hardware and beyond. Plus, as Town & Country magazine has said, “Mark & Graham is the mecca of monograms.” I couldn’t agree more!

Mark & Graham Luggage Review

So what do I look for when it comes to luggage? First, I want it to be aesthetically nice. After all, I’m all about an airplane and airport selfie (see my United post, lol). But above all, I want luggage that’s durable, easy to use, and provides just an overall seamless travel experience. After all, I don’t want heavy luggage that’s hard to roll on carpet or place in the overhead bin.

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Mark & Graham luggage has been the perfect solution, and they’ve become my go-to luggage brand. Their pieces are extremely lightweight (not to mention super chic). In fact, their carry-on luggage and checked bags give me almost a vintage means modern vibe. Moreover, in typical Mark & Graham fashion, customers can personalize their luggage with monograms for only $12.50. SO good.


To kick off my Mark and Graham luggage review, let’s start with all-time fave style – the bestselling Terminal 1 Zip Front Carry-On Luggage, which is part of their Terminal 1 Collection. This is the ultimate carry-on suitcase. I especially love the zip front tech compartment, which is the ideal place to store my work and personal laptops, tablets and other small travel essentials. Furthermore, the luggage is manufactured out of durable polycarbonate, which makes it extremely lightweight. I never struggle to place it in the overhead bin.

Moreover, the luggage is SO chic. It’s sold in both white or navy and has the most luxe leather detailing. Unlike other brands, Bob also loves Mark & Graham’s luggage too. Some of my past luggage has been SUPER girly, and he never liked rolling my pink suitcases through the airport. Mark & Graham is classic and timeless and perfect for the whole family.

Mark and Graham Navy Luggage

On another note, security is also an important function of luggage. After all, I want to keep my pieces safe and secure both at the airport but also at my hotel. I love it has a TSA approved personal lock on top. The Terminal 1 Zip Front Carry-On Luggage is also incredibly easy to maneuver at the airport. In fact, it comes with oversized wheels that can spin 360 degrees. Inside you will find a striped polyester lining with two compartments with zippered compression so you can pack more into every trip.


For a more streamlined look, I recommend Mark & Graham’s Terminal 1 Carry-On Luggage. Unlike the other version, the traditional carry-on doesn’t feature the front tech compartment pocket. Keep in mind, you may not need it! This is the brand’s bestselling style for good reason. First off, it’s sold if FIVE different color options – white, navy, olive, black, etc.

It also comes with the chic leather detailing and customers can also personalize it with a marvelous monogram. Oh, and did I mention Mark & Graham’s luggage comes with a lifetime limited warranty? Basically, this means if your luggage breaks, they’ll either fix or replace it. 100% guaranteed. Now that’s great customer service.

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If that’s wasn’t enough, the PRICE. It’s one of the reasons why I needed to do this Mark & Graham luggage review. The Terminal 1 Carry-On Luggage is under $200! Seriously, I’m shocked at the price tag. Therefore, they make for great new pieces or even as a great gift idea for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, holiday, birthdays, and beyond.

Finally, Mark & Graham sells the Terminal 1 Luggage in a set. As such, you can buy the Carry-On individually or invest in a full set with the Carry-On and Checked Bag for $519.


Another option for travelers is Mark & Graham’s Vegan Leather Carry-On Luggage and Weekender Set. It retails for $339, and comes with both the Carry-On and Weekender Bag. Similar to the other pieces, the Vegan Leather Carry-On is very lightweight and durable. Additionally, the Weekender Bag is ideal for shorter trips or staycations. Shoppers can also personalize this piece with a fabulous foil monogram for extra personalization.

Mark and Graham Terminal Carry On
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Elisabetta Slouch Handbag

Every smart traveler knows you’re typically allowed on carry-on bag and a personal item when boarding the plane. For me, the Mark & Graham Elisabetta Slouch Handbag has been the perfect option. Large enough for my laptop and all my other needs while being chic enough for any travel occasion. From board meetings to after dinner drinks, this blush leather option goes with everything! Naturally, there’s a foiled monogram option, too. I also own (and love) it in the bamboo handle version (as seen in this post)! See just how much can fit in the Elisabetta Slouch Handbag in the video below!

Mark & Graham Luggage Care

Now white luggage may deter you at first, but do not fear! I’ve found it very easy to clean Mark & Graham luggage with a few simple steps. Simply spot clean with a damp, white cloth, blot to remove excess water, and then air dry. I also find that a Magic Eraser helps a lot too for those more sturdy marks.

Mark & Graham Luggage Monogram

As mentioned above, Mark & Graham’s luggage can be monogrammed with a vinyl decal. Basically, the vinyl decal uses a modern technique where a graphic is cut from a piece of vinyl and then ultimately transferred to the surface. While Mark & Graham offers a range of other monogram options for their products, the vinyl decal is the most durable option for the polycarbonate material.

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In closing, I highly recommend Mark & Graham luggage. Also, don’t forget to checkout their additional travel accessories. They literally have everything – passport holders, luggage tags, cosmetic cases, travel jewelry cases, packing cubes, pouches, toiletry bags, and tech cases.

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