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Hi, friends! A few months ago, I loved taking you behind-the-scenes of our primary closet redesign with Inspired Closets Chicago. As a part of the reveal, I received some reader questions about our Milton and King wallpaper. Today, I wanted to answer a few of those questions and hopefully inspire a few wallpaper design ideas for your home.

First off, are you familiar with the Milton and King brand? I came across this Australian-based brand about a year ago, and I immediately fell in love with their range of wallpaper designs and fabric choices. Plus, I love they manufacture all of their wallpapers out of Toowoomba, Australia.

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Milton King Bethany Linz

Often, brands offer products that feel disconnected. That is NOT the case with Milton & King. In fact, their company has a very distinct point of view and style sensibility. Just take one look at their Instagram feed, and you’ll understand what I mean!

Milton and King Wallpaper

Where better to look for a good geometric pattern than within the garden itself. A trellis is the backbone to many gardens around the world, they hold up some of the most beautiful of all plants, wisteria and sweet peas being some of my favorites. 

Milton King Botanical Fabric
Bethany Liz Milton King

Furthermore, the wallpaper is extremely durable and well-crafted. In fact, our installer commented on how much he liked the design and materials.

Moreover, the finished product completely “wow’d” me, truly. We’ve installed a lot of wallpaper in our home, so I’d like to consider myself a bit of an expert now. 🙂 Overall, the Milton and King Trellis wallpaper added personality and pizzazz to the room. Furthermore, the pink and green color combination just adds the perfect amount of hues to the space.

Trellis Wallpaper

The perfect geometric design


Milton and King Fabric

In addition to the Milton and King wallpaper, we opted for this stunning Summer Garden fabric by Bethany Linz. By now, you can tell I’m a huge fan of Linz’s designs, and I highly recommend checking out her other offerings on their website. The botanical fabric brings elements of the outdoors inside, and I love the way it adds dimension and visual interest to the closet.

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Additionally, we worked with MegMade to create a custom window valance and to recover a bench with the pink floral fabric. Hooray! I love MegMade and their entire team, and they made the process so easy! We decided to create a faux roman shade to add a pop of color to the space. Furthermore, she recovered an existing bench (you can shop the bench here). We love the results!

Summer Garden Fabric

Botanic print fabric


Bethany Linz

Both our Trellis wallpaper and Summer Garden fabric are created by Bethany Linz, an Australian-based artist and textile designer. Both items are a part of her Aged With Grace collection, which is inspired by old hand-painted murals. Overall, Linz’s aesthetic is tropical yet rustic.

Wallpaper Installation Tips

Most of the reader questions that I received revolved around installation. In the beginning, I thought we could attempt to install it ourselves. However, I quickly realized we didn’t have the tools (or patience) to attempt it. Therefore, we worked with our interior designer, Amelia Canham Eaton and her team to install everything.

Jennifer Lake Home Design

Even though we didn’t install things ourselves, I wanted to share a few important tips that helped streamline our process. Hopefully this will help you avoid mistakes!

Wallpaper Quantity

Please make sure to order the right around of wallpaper! In the end, we ended up ordering four total rolls, and we had a little extra leftover. Since Milton & King prints their wallpaper to order, it’s important to pick the right quantity.

Milton King Trellis Wallpaper

In general, wallpaper companies print wallpaper in batches. Therefore, if you end up ordering two different times, the wallpaper could be different in color (i.e. darker, lighter, etc.). Furthermore, since Milton and King is made to order, there’s a very good chance the colors won’t match if you purchase things two different times.

Thankfully, the Milton and King wallpaper calculator on each individual product page makes the process easy. Love that! Also, it’s important to take the pattern repeat of the design into account – especially if your order the Trellis wallpaper since the geometric pattern needs to match up. The Milton & King calculator includes a section to enter the pattern repeat.

Lastly, Milton & King wallpaper rolls are U.S. Double Rolls (33 feet long). If you plan to hire an installer, mention this fact to them so you don’t over order!

Wallpaper Removal

Another reason why I love Milton & King? The wallpaper is easy to remove! Listen, I don’t plan to change the Trellis wallpaper any time in the near future. However, it’s great to know we could switch things up just in case.

Jennifer Lake Closet

Milton and King creates paste-the-wall wallpapers. This is different than peel and stick! All in all, the paste-the-wall wallpapers are designed to be for easy removal and simply peel off when you’re ready to change.

In Closing

Are you dreaming of adding wallpaper to your home? I highly recommend diving headfirst into a redesign. Keep me posted on your wallpaper selections! I always love seeing before and after photos.

Jennifer Lake Botanical Floral Bench

Lastly, thank you to Milton and King for partnering on today’s post. The wallpaper and fabric were gifted. Collaborations like these make Style Charade possible!

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