Sneak Preview of the M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan

The Perfect Wardrobe Layer
Jennifer Lake M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan
Sleeveless Knit Jacket: M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan | Turtleneck: M.M.LaFleur Axam Turtleneck | Pants: M.M.LaFleur Hockley Jean | Bag: Givenchy Antigona Bag {also worn here} | Shoes: YSL Black Pumps {old – similar here}

Today, I’m thrilled to give a sneak preview of the new M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan – a partnership between my sweet friend, Anh, and the phenomenal M.M.LaFleur team. Talk about the perfect dynamic duo to design and release these styles. I sincerely couldn’t be happier for all of them, and I’m delighted to be able to share some information with you about the capsule.

Moreover, this marks M.M.LaFleur’s first-ever exclusive collaboration piece. Love that! Anh has been a huge fan of M.M. for as long as I can remember, so she’s truly the perfect fit to unveil this collection. Additionally, I sincerely hope they continue to do these types of partnerships.

The M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan retails for $295 and sold exclusively on M.M.LaFleur’s website starting today!

M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan

So what can you expect with the Anh Jardigan? First off, it’s truly is the ultimate layering piece for your closet. So good! The Anh Jardigan combines the structure of a jacket with the stretch of a cardigan. I’ve been a fan of the M.M.LaFleur Jardigan for some time, and the Anh Jardigan is such a wonderful new take on the silhouette.

MM LaFleur 9 to 5 Chic

The Jardigan fits true to size, and it’s available in two different colors – Chai or Carnation. Both hues are positively fantastic, so you really can’t go wrong with either. I chose the Chai as I felt it would layer the best with other items in my closet. Here, I styled it with a black turtleneck and these stunning black pants.

For a more casual look, I plan to style with a long-sleeve white bodysuit or t-shirt and denim. Additionally, I will be styling it over a white dress and heels. It’s also the type of piece that can worn in all seasons, so you’ll find me also wearing it with a white tank top and jeans for summer. The M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan is extremely versatile, and it’s easy to dress it up or dress it down. There are infinite ways to style the piece!

Who is Anh of 9to5Chic?

Are you new to Anh of 9to5Chic? If so, I’m beyond excited to share more information with you. Anh is one the “OG” bloggers, and she’s specifically known for creating effortless outfits for work and fun weekend outfits too. Her blog is a must-read, and I highly recommend following her on Instagram and her LTK channel.

To note, Anh has mastered the art of neutral dressing. In fact, she’s inspired me to opt and wear more of those types of styles. Expect classic and timeless pieces in everything she posts and wears. So good!

Anh is based in the San Francisco Bay area, and we’ve had the amazing opportunity of getting to know her over the years. From speaking together (and our annual dinner tradition) at the LTK Conference to visiting her family in San Francisco, Bob and I have sincerely adored every moment with Anh. Frankly, we just wished she lived closer so we could spend more time with her and her sweet family.

Simply put – she’s one of our favorite people in the business (and just on the planet in general). Friends, Anh is one of the most kind-hearted, down-to-earth, and fun women you’ll ever meet. She’s wicked smart, and she has this amazing way of putting you at ease immediately. Also, her laugh is EPIC. Like you can’t help but starting laughing when you hear her laugh – it’s just too good.

I don’t think I’ll be able to put into words just how truly incredible Anh is as a friend, mom, business owner, entrepreneur, and beyond. Her work ethic inspires me, and I am grateful to have her in our universe. The world is a better place with Anh in it.

She’s simply the best.


If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know I’m an authentic fan of M.M.LaFleur. Last year, I had the pleasure of working with them to host a dinner in Chicago for a group of remarkable women. It was easily one of my fave initiatives of the entire year. Beyond their amazing collection, their team is just one of the best in the business.

M.M.LaFleur Sleeveless Jardigan

From Sarah LaFleur (co-founder) to their entire marketing and communications team, I am consistently amazed at who they are and all they do. The brand is known for their power casual pieces that take you from the desk to drinks.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their summer collection and their winter pieces.

M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan – In Closing

In closing, I highly recommend investing in the Anh Jardigan. First, it’s a quality piece that will stand the test of time in your wardrobe. But above all, wearing the piece is a sign of supporting an incredible woman who works diligently to make the world (and Internet) a better place. I’m proud of wearing mine, and it’s a subtle reminder of how lucky we are to know Anh and the M.M.LaFleur team.

Anh worked closely with M.M.LaFleur to design a sleek vest silhouette that embodies M.M.’s design ethos. In so many ways, the M.M.LaFleur Anh Jardigan blends both form and function. I loved learning how she collaborated with their team on fit samples and even met with them in NYC to get things just right.

Congratulations to Anh and the entire M.M.LaFleur fam!

M.M.LaFleur Sleeveless Sweater

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