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  1. M
    Maggie wrote:

    I love this dress so much!! And even more so that you match the wall 🙂 haha.


    Published 1.4.16 · Leave a Reply
    • J
      Jenn Lake wrote:

      Thanks, Maggie!! It’s SUPER comfy. Have a great week ahead!!

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  2. B

    I love all your wall Jenn, Hopefully this summer me and my mom are going to go to Chicago or Texas for a trip, I love that dress its beyond perfect!


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  3. J
    Jenn Lake wrote:

    Amazing! I hope you will decide to come to Chicago! It’s such a great town. Have a great week!

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  4. K

    Jenn, I LOVEEEE this dress! So cute!!!

    Kelly | Kelly in the City

    Published 1.5.16 · Leave a Reply


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