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P.volve West Loop Chicago
Jennifer Lake P.volve Chicago

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During the pandemic, I’ve been prioritizing self-care and movement. Any movement. After all, I work at a desk all week and only get up to eat or use the bathroom. All of a sudden, I’ll look down at my phone and notice I’ve only walked 35 total steps for the day. Yikes. Working out makes me feel better. Plus, it alleviates stress. However, I need to do a much better job of making time for it. Several years ago, we bought an indoor bike. While I like cycling, it’s important to incorporate other workouts to strengthen and target different muscles. Therefore, today, I wanted to share my new go-to workout – P.volve West Loop Chicago.

Jennifer Lake P.volve
Jennifer Lake P.volve Chicago West Loop
P.volve Workout Gear

Overall, I really wanted to do a blog to give you more information on WHY I like P.volve (and why you will too). i’m excited for you to try the workout and let me know what you think of it! You can even get a free class by mentioning my code: ‘JLake.’

Jennifer Lake P.volve Workout Ball
Jennifer Lake P.volve Weights
Jennifer Lake P.volve Studio

What is P.volve?

P.volve connects minds with movement with a resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact workouts that focus on your body’s mechanics. I love how much the trainers focus on your form during the movements. They make sure you’re maximizing the workout and doing everything safely.

P.volve Outdoor Workout
Jennifer Lake P.volve Mirrors

Classes are available in-studio, by private session, or you can stream them online. For streaming, you can access 200+ exercise videos, fitness plans, and additional resources.

P.volve has studios in New York, Los Angeles, and now Chicago! They offer four signature classes – The Foundation, Signature + Sculpt, Cardio Burn, and Recover and Stretch. Whether you’re a novice or expert, P.volve has the perfect option for you. Find all of the location information here.

Additionally, the brand has exclusive workout equipment that complements your total-body results with innovative, first-to-market equipment to help strengthen, sculpt, energize, and help you feel your best.

P.volve West Loop Chicago

In September, they opened a location in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. The studio is located on Randolph, right off the Kennedy Expressway, and centrally located to so many restaurants and other activities. The studio is BEAUTIFUL. Everything feels very state-of-the-art.

P.volve Chicago West Loop
P.volve West Loop Chicago
Jennifer Lake Athleisure

Also, they have very strict guidelines when it comes to safety. Beyond the social distancing guidelines and small class sizes, there’s sanitizer everywhere and everyone is required to wear masks (find some of my favorite masks in this post). View all of their health and safety standards on their website.

P.volve Locker Room
Jennifer Lake P.volve Chicago Workout
P.volve P.Band

If you’re still concerned, I recommend going the private trainer route. That’s what I’ve opted for, and it makes me feel better about the experience (and the knowledge that my form and movements are correct!).

In Closing

Please be sure to checkout P.volve. Also, let me know your thoughts about the workout! Again, you get a free 55-minute class when you use the code: ‘JLake.’

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