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Outfit Inspiration But So Much More
Netflix Partner Track
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Have you seen the newly released Netflix series, Partner Track? Friends, drop what you’re doing, forget your current watching list, and start this show faster than you can say, “McQueen.” Beyond the great plot line, there’s style inspiration for days. Today, I wanted to dive into the best Partner Track outfits – especially the main character, Ingrid Yun.

Partner Track Outfits

Move over Emily, Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho) actually means serious business. Actress, Arden Cho, takes the screen by storm with epic fashion, grace, and poise. An instant work wear icon. No quiet quitting here. She’s hard working, ambitious, and focused on what she wants.

Plus, the entire casts’ fashion is next level. Especially Ingrid’s wardrobe – think Astrid Sloan working a corporate job. The main character’s personal style is sleek, feminine, colorful, and timeless.

It’s the best work wear and office outfits I’ve seen in a series since Scandal.

Netflix Partner Track Gowns
Photo courtesy of Netflix

What is Partner Track About?

After watching the first season, I consider it Ally McBeal meets Sex & the City (ironically, both series are mentioned in the show). If you don’t know what Ally McBeal is, much less the original soundtrack, put it on your to-do list. Let’s just say it was Suits before Suits ever existed.

Some critics refer to the series as a “Corporate Rom-Com” (undersells it). Others call it “frothy,” a word that should be reserved for lattes or cappuccinos. I love how the show tackles love, life, friendships, and especially – the workplace and office politics.

According to Netflix, the series “follows ambitious young lawyer Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho) as she climbs the ladder at the prestigious (and stuffy) New York City law firm Parsons Valentine.” It’s also based on the book, The Partner Track, by former lawyer Helen W.

I especially adore the main character is a first-generation Asian-American mergers and acquisitions lawyer. Basically, she’s on a quest to become junior partner at a prestigious Manhattan law firm.

“Frothy” to some critics, but several episodes that dive into substantial topics like gender, race, toxic masculinity, and inclusion to name a few.

Partner Track Outfit Ideas
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Ingrid Yun Fashion

I love the costume team chose to give Ingrid’s character a bold, vibrant color palette amidst corporate neutrals. Pops of pink, baby blues, mustard yellow, and red permeates her board room to gala style. Refreshing.

Black, navy, white, ivory, gray, tan are omnipresent hues in work wear. Corporate America is a surrounded by a sea of bland outfit color choices. Listen, there’s a reason why neutrals work, but the work place deserves a health dose of dopamine dressing. Ingrid Yun’s personal style is unapologetically colorful without being garish.

WWD reports the costume team selected designer pieces for Ingrid’s outfits, including a Christian Dior suit, white Gucci jacket, pink Oscar de la Renta coat, and Prabal Gurung gown. I personally spotted several Chanel bags, the Celine Cabas Phantom tote bag (so chic), a silk baby blue Gucci blouse, and Valentino belt. I love this more affordable version of Ingrid’s everyday bag!

Other highlights include an ivory Gucci Double G embroidered button-front coat in Episode 5 (be still my heart). Plus, she dons a crisp white Christian Dior Dress in series “Due Diligence,” a Saint Laurent White Turtleneck Sweater in “Dawn Raid.”

Partner Track Fashion
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Partner Track Costume Team

Speaking of the costume team, they deserve a ton of credit. From my research, their team included Dena Lancry (set costumer), Aris Bordo (key costumer), Alyssa Avellino (wardrobe supervisor), Nicholas Whitehouse (costume shopper), Melissa Font (costumer), David F. Zambrana (assistant costume designer), Becca Lee (costume production assistant), Leah Lax (additional costumer), Anne Wingate (head tailor) and Aidan John Miller (tailor).

The set costumer, Dena Lancry, has worked on phenomenal shows like Ramy, The Gilded Age, West Side Story among countless others. Aris Bordo, key costumer, has an impressive resume. In addition to Partner Track, Aris worked on Inventing Anna, And Just Like That, and Succession.

What a stellar team, my goodness.

Blazer: Veronica Beard | Pants: Veronica Beard | Shoes: Marc Fisher | Bag: Gucci | Eyewear: Illesteva Leonard II

Work Wear

Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite Partner Track outfits to inspire your office outfits. Frankly, I could go on and on about all of the fantastic looks, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top picks from the Netflix series.

Pink Suits

In episode one, Ingrid wears a pink suit while walking down the bustling New York City streets. She stands out in the crowd for her confident walk and statement outfit. It’s almost an homage to Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic opener, but the tulle skirt is traded for a skirt suit.

At the same time, this scene might be lost on some people. Not me.

What’s obvious to everyone? She’s wearing pink in a cacophony of black and blue. Sure, this denotes a revolt against work wear norms, but also a middle finger to the patriarchy.

I’d hope there’s an even bigger statement about representation of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in Hollywood and in the workplace.

It matters. Louder for the people in back.

My hope is this scene showcases the hope that one day Ingrid (and all marginalized communities) can walk down the street—or into board rooms—and not be the exception but a very real reality.

Partner Track Outfits

Blouses and Pencil Skirts

Other frequent Partner Track outfits? Blouses styled with pencil skirts. I especially love the blue Gucci blouse that she wears in episode seven, “Talking Points.” Since Gucci silk blouses are typically $1,400+, I’m sharing some more affordable options below that have the nearly same look and feel.

She styled it with a gray pencil skirt and Valentino belt. Personally, I love this under $100 pencil skirt and this slightly shorter option from some of my fave work wear brands.

Work Dresses

One of my all-time favorite categories for office outfits? Dresses. From vibrant solid styles to posh printed options, I can never get enough of dresses. They’re an easy solution for ever day work wear. Plus, they’re extremely versatile and can be personalized to your style. Add a belt, blazer, tights, cardigan, blouse, and everything in between.

Partner Track Gowns

Gala Gowns

Ingrid should have “as many gowns as galas,” and wow! She has some incredible ones. My personal favorite is this pretty pink midi dress that’s tailored perfectly. It’s like Grace Kelly meets Audrey Hepburn.

Another fave is the ruby red gown with the bold red lip. The blue tulle gown reminds me a bit too much of Rachel Chu’s entrance at the wedding in Crazy Rich Asians. Moreover, the mustard yellow creation was lovely, but the hairstyle they chose for her drove me nuts. What was that?! Haha.

Best Partner Track Episodes

First, watch everything! But my favorite episodes are “Out of Office” (episode 5) and “Talking Points” (episode 7). To be transparent, some episodes were hard to watch. Extremely hard, to be frank. As an Asian American female executive navigating corporate culture, I could feel my heart beating out of my chest during some episodes, especially episode 9 (“Pro Forma”).

Partner Track – In Closing

Throughout my nearly 20 year career, I’ve experienced racism, gender inequality, the list goes on and on. Moreover, without sharing details, I’ve been on a long journey to take on a more formal position at my company. It’s an uphill battle for several reasons. Plus, the PR industry doesn’t have enough AAPI representation in general, much less at an executive or partner level.

For all these reasons and more, the series hit a different note for me.

As the dissonance and melodies play back in my mind, I reflect on both the past and the future. Like Partner Track, where we await to see Ingrid’s next steps (and if Netflix orders season two), I’m comforted in knowing I’m not alone.

Sometimes we must push forward to set a precedent. To be the first, to never be the last, and to remain committed to do our best to maintain a moral compass to achieve all the above.

To watch a preview of Partner Track, visit the official Netflix trailer.

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  1. G

    Thank you for sharing this show! I can’t wait to watch!

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  2. A
    Annaliese wrote:

    I haven’t had time to start this on Netflix yet, but you are making me so excited to watch!! I can’t wait to see all of Ingrid’s outfits.

    xoxo A

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    Amelia wrote:

    Jen, fantastic post! Thank you for sharing your love for the fashion AND the representation on-screen. As women of color, we are often asked to only speak to DEI. Newsflash, we are dynamic and nuanced beings so can do both and anything.

    You’re a breath of fresh air- keep going! Xo

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    jani wrote:

    Great post, I am still on episode 8 but I am loving the show and the fashion. I am not AAPI, but I am a latina in medicine. Even though medicine is not exactly the same corporate environment, there was a lot in the show that was still eerily similar to my experiences in medical training. Love some of the pieces you picked out!

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