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All the Trends for 2023
Guide to Pinterest Predicts Report

Every year, the Pinterest Predicts Report releases the top searched and trending topics for the year ahead. Are you familiar with it? I first learned about the report at work since we’re always doing trend research for clients. In 2022, I loved so many of the items listed in the report – dopamine dressing, lake life, the list goes on an on.

The 2023 Pinterest Predicts Report is chop full of great themes and ideas. Also, feel free to connect with me on Pinterest. I’m constantly pinning new inspiration and ideas.

Let’s dive into the report, shall we?

Pinterest Predicts Report

So why should you even care about the Pinterest Predicts Report? After all, everyone in their mother seems to do annual trend reports – Elle, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, GQ, the list goes on an on.

Well, Pinterest is basically a search engine. Consumers flock to it to find inspiration for interior design, wedding planning, and everything in between. I love the Pinterest report is based on data. Dive deeper into any one of their trends, and you’ll find stats to back up the logic and reasoning behind the selection. In other words, this report isn’t subjective. Instead, their trends are well researched and fully supported by numbers. Love that.

In fact, their methodology states: “All trends come from global Pinterest search data comparing the analysis period of September 2020 to September 2022. Picking trends is equal parts art and science.”

Jennifer Lake Confete Tulle Gown

All Things Airy

My favorite trend and takeaway from the 2023 report? All things airy. Friends, I am SO happy about this ethereal trend. Forget your sweatpants and sweatshirts. This year’s fashion is going to be filled with ruffles, shimmer, lace, tulle, and beyond.

As Pinterest explains, this trend is a “gender-agnostic expression of femininity and strength.” Think Harry Styles meets Misty Copeland. Love it.

Further proof points include strong style searches for “shimmery dress” (+356%), lace top long sleeve (+225%) and “tulle sleeves” (+65%). Bring on the tulle!

Ready for Rust

Planning to be a guest at a wedding this year? It turns out that searches are surging for copper, terracotta, and burnt sienna dresses, floral arrangements, and beyond. Need further proof? Welp, let’s just say searches were up +695% for “burnt orange wedding theme” and +230% for terracotta wedding bridesmaid dresses. Who knew?

Get ready to embrace the sunset hues for special occasions.

J McLaughlin Puffer Coat

Make an Entrance

Forget the backyard, 2023 is all about the front porch and entryways. Spruce up the exterior of your home with fresh lighting, seating, plants, planters, and pops of color. With inflation and as house prices continue to surge, consumers will turn their sights to adding more value to their homes in wallet-friendly ways. Sure, these changes are small compared to things like kitchen or bathroom redesigns, but they add curb appeal and create the perfect first impression for guests.

According to Pinterest “Rising searches suggest Boomers and Gen X will adorn their entrances with elaborate decor and embellishments.” Specifically, “foyer entryway decor ideas” were up in searches by +190%. Wild.

Style Charade Porch

Front door portico? Up +40% (we contributed to this search data, lol). We’re adding a portico to the front of our lake house, so we definitely searched for inspiration and design ideas on Pinterest.

Other popular search terms? Front door transformation +85% and Garden front of house entrance was up +35%.

I especially envision this trend being big during the holidays – Halloween, Christmas, etc. Think extravagant pumpkin decor, lights, and beyond. This year, I’m hoping to do an ombré pumpkin set-up for fall. We’ll see if I can get it done! 🙂

Pinterest Predicts Report train travel

Train Travel

As Gen Z and Millennials seek to lower carbon footprints and find more sustainable travel options, train travel is set to be huge in 2023. Specifically, Pinterest stated that searches for Europe interrailing, train quotes and train travel aesthetic are on the rise.

“Interrailing Europe aesthetic” was up +105, Train trip aesthetic +205%, “Train travel aesthetic” was up +40%, and interestingly enough – “Indian railway station photography” was up +175%. Who knew?

In fact, be on the lookout for a new term: “train bragging” (people highlighting their train travels). Personally, I’m super excited about luxury train cars and have done a lot of research on it for future trips. From Belmond’s Venice Simpleton-Orient-Express to ACCOR’s Orient Express set to launch in 2025, I’m keeping a close eye on train offerings. All aboard!

Pinterest Predicts Report Alcohol-free cocktails and mocktails

Buzz-Free Cocktails

Alcohol-free cocktails and mocktails have been on the rise for some time. But in 2023? Low-ABV and alcohol-free options will be huge. Specifically, Pinterest states that Gen X will drive this trend, and demand thoughtful mocktails, cocktails and low-ABV options for all.

Searches that are trending up? Fancy non alcoholic drinks (+220%), mocktail bar (+75%), Cocktail garnish ideas creative (+225%), fancy ice cubes (+75%), and creative cocktails presentation (+555%).

Short Stuff

Are you more of a beauty maven? If so, get ready for all things “micro” beauty. Yep, I’m talking micro French manis (searches up 235%), short braids (up +45%) and chopped bangs and haircuts (up +550%). I, for one, will be keeping my long locks. 🙂 But I’m all for trading my almond shape for short stiletto nails.

Jennifer Lake No Pise La Grama Green Fringe dress

Fringe Benefits

Bring on the fringe! Love the fact that fringe styles are being well-loved and searched on Pinterest. There’s something so easy and fun about this fashion trend. I’m planning to fully embrace fringe-forward styles in the New Year.

In fact, “fringe dress outfit” was up +255% and tassel jacket was up +60%. Love!

Rom-Com Core

Last but certainly not least, I loved reading about the Rom-Com core trend. Move over mermaidcore and barbiecore, Rom-Com core celebrates the romantic comedy classics from the 2000s.

Stay tuned for slip dresses, tube tops, and even cargo pants. Top search terms include 2000s girl (+235%) and pink mini skirt outfit (+145%).

Pinterest Predicts – In Closing

Interested in seeing the rest of the Pinterest Predicts report? If so, you can check out the rest of the entire list and report here. What are some of your favorite trends this year?

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