The Best Tips for Visiting Prada Marfa in Texas

Vintage Kaftan Prada Marfa
Caftan: Vintage | Shoes: Schutz | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Earrings: Chanel | Bracelets: Cartier, Vintage | Ring: YSL

Today, I wanted to share Prada Marfa travel tips and advice to make the most of your experience. Keep in mind, the art installation is in the middle of nowhere for a reason. Therefore, it’s important to plan a well-rounded trip – even if your main goal is to visit the structure itself. As such, I wanted to share a few tips for visiting the installation. Furthermore, tips for where to stay and eat. All in all, we definitely hope to visit again soon!

Prada Marfa Store

Our Visit to Prada Marfa

In February 2014, we had the chance to visit the Prada Marfa art installation in Marfa, Texas. Overall, the installation was fascinating to me. In many ways, it feels like a take on hyper-consumerism.

Ironically, the trip took place before Style Charade launched one year later. However, behind-the-scenes, I had been working with Bob on the initial ideas for our blog, branding, site design and content.

Prada Marfa Photo Shoot

Therefore, I brought this beautiful vintage caftan with me thinking that we might possible post the images. Thankfully, I’m happy to be highlighting those photos today.

Since our visit, the town and permanent structure have popped up on everything from Gossip Girl to Gray Malin. Looking back, I’m thankful we visited before it hit mass popularity. Marfa is now a full-blown thriving tourism destination with vacation rental options, restaurants, food trucks, stores, and beyond.

Marfa Texas Photo Shoot

Why to Visit Prada Marfa

In 2005, artists Elmgreen and Dragset created this permanent art installation. Or, as they refer to it, a “pop architectural land art project.” In fact, one of my favorite learnings is that Prada sent actual product for them to use as a part of it.

Overall, it’s modeled after actual Prada boutiques. However, it’s the inaccessible interior featuring luxury goods from Prada fall collection from that year. From what I’ve read, the construction was approximately $120,000.

Sadly, the night the installation opened, thieves broke in and stole all of the products – including six handbags and 14 right-footed shoes. Thankfully, Prada restocked the window, and I’ve heard continues to do so.

Vintage Pink Orange Kaftan

Where is Prada Marfa Located?

Prada Marfa is located at the following address: 14880 US-90, Valentine, TX 79854. Specifically, the installation is located 1.4 miles northwest of Valentine, Texas. Furthermore, it’s located just off U.S. Highway 90, and about 26 miles northwest of the city of Marfa. 

Prada Marfa Art Installation

When Should You Visit?

Friends, Marfa, Texas is HOT. Therefore, you really need to plan your visit in advance. Hoping to visit in the middle of June July? Please reconsider. The hot sun will beat down on you with 90 degree heat and little breeze.

On the other hand, Marfa can also get very cold. In fact, temperatures can get down to 26-27 degrees at night in December and January.

Also, the destination is best to visit between Thursday through Sunday. You see, the town (restaurants, stores, etc.) closes down from Sunday afternoon to Thursday at lunch. In other words, Marfa is really a weekend trip and destination.

Jennifer Lake Prada Marfa

The Best Way to Get to Marfa, Texas

After a brief visit to Austin, we decided to visit Marfa. Friends, Marfa is like a seven-hour drive from Austin. I wouldn’t recommend that drive! Haha! Plus, we got pulled over for a speeding ticket, and I think we were only driving 15 miles over on the highway.

Therefore, if you plan to drive on the highway, be mindful of your speed. My gut says that police carefully monitor speeds in order to pass out traffic tickets. Trust!

If you’re flying, the closets airport is El Paso. However, it still requires a three-hour drive east. At the time of our visit, our Internet and wi-fi signal was weak at best. In fact, I remember the signal going in and out and just hoping that we were driving in the right direction.

Jennifer Lake Marfa Texas

Where Should You Stay?

In another blog post, I do a deep dive and review about the hotel that we stayed at called El Cosmico. The hotel meets campground offers an array of accommodations for the modern traveler. Since our visit, countless new hotels and vacation rental facilities have opened.

Notably, Hotel Saint George, which is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor. Furthermore, The Hotel Paradiso is another popular option. Plus, there are so many vacation rental options, my mind spins!

Looking ahead, I hope to have the chance to stay at Hotel Saint George and to visit El Cosmico for a tour. We loved our stay, but I want to try something different!

Prada Marfa Store Installation

In Closing

What strikes us about this installation? In many ways, it strikes me because of designer brands and our innate materialistic desire for more. Furthermore, I am astounded Marfa transformed into a creative, artisan-focused destination. In some ways, I believe a glamping RV hotel paired with this art installation transformed the town. It’s pretty remarkable.

Prada Marfa Store Handbags

If you plan to visit, plan your travels carefully. Pick the right month, select a great hotel, and make sure to stay for the great food. You won’t regret it!

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    Sed Bona wrote:

    JENN! How brilliant is this shoot?? Where ON EARTH is there a free-standing Prada store in the desert?? I MUST know! This is such a fun and whimsical shoot — like always! Your outfits have such a clean, editorial quality to them!

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    Omgsh, how cute are you!! What great pictures!! I love watching your style adventures, they are so fun!!

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    Love it! Perfect Prada Marfa dress!

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    This dress is the perfect pop of color in the middle of the desert! I’m really jealous of your entire collection of flow-y dresses that photograph amazingly in the wind!

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    Such a fantastic shoot and you could not have chosen a better outfit for it. Simply stunning.

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