Sail to Sable x Style Charade Charlotte Dress

Sail to Sable Charlotte Leaf Print Dress

Gah! I am beyond excited to share one of six styles from the Sail to Sable x Style Charade capsule collection – the Charlotte dress! THANK YOU for the outpouring of support of the collection announcement. We’ve been working diligently on this capsule collection since 2019, so the pieces are truly a representation of my heart. How did I come up with the names? Every piece in the collection is named after (or for) a woman who’s inspired me in some way. A few have very unique stories or just a special meaning. This one falls in the latter category.

The Charlotte dress will be available in two different patterns – this posh palm print and a multicolor striped style (which I’ll be posting this week). I truly can’t pick a favorite between the two! This silhouette is the ultimate breezy, effortless look. Both styles are lined and zipperless – flowy without being matronly. They’re dresses you can throw on, run out the door, and know you look perfect.

When Does the Sail to Sable x Style Charade Collection Launch?

The Sail to Sable x Style Charade collection officially launches on Tuesday, June 16 at 12 PM ET / 11 AM CT exclusively on Please be sure to save the date!

Sail to Sable Style Charade Charlotte Dress
Jennifer Lake Sail to Sable

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will benefit Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. I will also be donating 100% of my affiliate commissions in June and July from the sale of the Sail to Sable x Style Charade collection to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. Read more about the decision in this blog post.

What Is the Fabric?

It’s no secret I’m not a trained fashion designer. However, I have worked with brands like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, TOPSHOP, and other contemporary women’s brands over my 16+ years in PR. As such, I really relied on Sail to Sable’s design team to provide guidance on fabric choices.

Sail to Sable Leaf Print

The best exercise we went through was discussing my top 5 factors for how I wanted the fabrics to feel and function. Here’s what I explained:

  • The Wrinkle Factor: Whether I’m at home or work, I love a crisp garment . Nothing bothers me more when an outfit wrinkles or creases as soon as you put it on. I’ve always gravitated towards durable pieces that and don’t look disheveled by lunchtime..
  • The Packing Factor: As someone who travels more than I’m home (except as of late, of course), I look for dresses that can be packed easily into a suitcase without needing a major steam on the other side. I’m typically running from plane to meeting and changing in an airport bathroom stall. I always need to look ready the moment I arrive in a board room.
  • The Summer Factor: As temperatures start to get warmer, I want a lightweight option but also one that keeps the overall structure of the garment. I don’t want a Marilyn Monroe moment (i.e. where a dress is SO lightweight that the wind picks it up in a moment when walking on the street). Yet, I don’t want to feel weighed down at the same time.
  • The Sheer Factor: No sheer fabrics. Period. If you need to wear a slip underneath to make the fabric less sheer – that’s a PROBLEM. Hence why nearly all of the styles have linings! And finally…
  • The Static Factor: UGH – static is the WORST! I wanted pieces that didn’t create static and unnecessary cling when you move, put it on, etc.

This is why the Charlotte dress (and another soon-to-be-previewed style) of the collection is made on an easy breezy viscose. Some of the earlier samples were in a heavier fabrication, and it just didn’t seem right for a summer collection. I’m so excited for you to add them to your wardrobe!

Why Is It Named Charlotte?

“Charlotte” happens to be the baby name I’ve had in mind if we ever had a daughter. Have you seen “That One With the Birth” episode of Friends? To summarize, Monica shares her she’s already picked the names of her future children (which is seriously common among so many of friends). Well, “Charlotte” is my “Emma.”

Leaf Print Trapeze Dress

I’ve always loved the name Charlotte because it means “free” and has an English and French origin (Bob speaks fluent French). While it feels strange to name a style after a child we’ve never had (lol!), close friends and family will attest the meaning is special and just makes sense for this next chapter.

Jennifer Lake Leaf Print Dress

In Closing

In the coming days, I’ll be unveiling everything to give you sneak peek into the collection! I’m readily available should you have questions about the line! Also, I’ve saved an Instagram Highlight called #STSCharades on my Instagram page, which is a one-stop destination for all the details of the capsule line!. Be sure to check it out!


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