Our Candid Samsung Frame TV Review

Is it Worth the Investment?
Samsung Frame TV Review
photo by Aimée Mazzenga

One of the top FAQ’s about our home? Our TV! For the past couple years, we’ve received countless inquiries about it – especially if it’s worth the investment. I often joke to Bob that Samsung should have us on speed-dial since we’ve become full-time customer service specialists. Haha! In all seriousness, I’m excited to share our Samsung Frame TV review.

First off, we have a lot of candid opinions! Don’t let our Instagram photos fool you. Contrary to popular belief, The Frame is not a “one size fits all” TV or electronic. It’s important to know when and if it makes sense for your place. Yes, it’s a STUNNING TV. However, there are benefits and drawbacks.

Also, they just released the 2024 version to shoppers this week, and Bob and I chose to invest in them for our lake home. I’m sharing more below about the new attributes of this exciting style.

Lastly, I want to extend my sincere thanks to Kelly Lee of Kelly Golightly, who was the very first person to introduce us to the product. We visited her phenomenal home in Palm Springs, and we immediately fell in love with the way it looked within her space. Thank you, Kelly, Klaus and Odee!

Background on Samsung TV’s

Samsung Frame TV Bezel

Since graduating college, I’ve only owned Samsung TV’s. The brand has a great reputation, and I love their unique innovations. In general, Samsung always seems to push the boundaries in the industry.

Take Samsung’s The Terrace. It’s their newest outdoor TV that’s designed to withstand rain, snow, and extreme heat. Plus, it’s outfitted with antireflection technology to ensure minimal glare. Sign. Me. Up. We plan to incorporate it into our home down the road.

At the same time, no brand is perfect. In fact, I remember buying a flat-screen plasma Samsung TV a long time ago (like 2007), and the sales person tried to talk me out of it.

“Have you heard about the sound quality of these speakers?” asked the guy.

“Ummm, no – this one just seems to fit the bill,” I responded.

“Well….,” he went on, “let’s just say they don’t have the best speakers on the planet.

His commentary made me pause. Keep in mind, I’ve never looked for a perfect surround-sound, movie-like experience. You know what, though? He was right. Over time, I had speaker issues with that particular style. Thankfully, Samsung has come a LONG way since then, and we don’t have speaker or volume issues with The Frame. At least, not yet!

To ease any other concerns, Samsung has four of the top 20 bestselling TV’s on Amazon. They’re clearly doing something right! All in all, I still recommend doing your research before investing in a TV.

What Is the Samsung Frame TV?

Samsung Frame TV Review

Part artwork, part TV, the Samsung Frame TV technology is what makes is truly special. Based on research, I learned the television has “100% color volume and the bold contrast of Dual LED.” In other words, the screen brings bold hues and textures to life.

The Frame is also compatible with most mobile devices, so we’re able to stream from phone to TV seamlessly. It’s also compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and Bixby, which gives you voice-control to turn it off, turn it on, search for shows, etc.

Samsung Frame TV Review

The Samsung Frame TV is easily our favorite electronics in our home. We love the way it creates a clean, sleek look to our spaces. One minute, the television looks like art, the other it can stream movies, TV, YouTube, and beyond.

The Frame is not a renter’s TV. If you are temporarily leasing or renting a space, I do not advise purchasing the Frame. However, if you have a landlord who’s is comfortable with the installation, by all means do it! Or, please know that you’re going to have some pretty hefty dry-wall holes to patch up. Part of the beauty of the TV is that most of the electrical can be hidden with behind-the-walls.

The Frame has a single cable that goes to the One Connect Box. You still need to hide the cord somewhere – which typically means drilling a hole into drywall, and making sure you have a safe electrical outlet to plug into. The Frame is not a “plug-in and go” TV. It takes work! Therefore, it’s important to understand the all-in investment of the TV, accessories, installation, and possible in-depth electrical work.

Furthermore, I don’t recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a “versatile viewing” experience. The Frame does not swivel. Once affixed to the wall, it stays in one place. You can’t move it around the room or alter it to face a certain way in the room.

Remember how I mentioned my last Samsung TV had issues with the speakers? Thankfully, we haven’t had issues to date. Granted, if we run across problems, or if we want a more 3D experience, Samsung sells a Soundbar Q60T, which makes surround sound come to life. Frankly, I don’t think it’s needed, and between us – I wish they came out with an all-white version.

Jennifer Lake Home Interior Design

Samsung Frame TV Installation

The Samsung Frame TV can be personalized to meet the needs of your space. While post people adhere it to a wall (like us), you can also place place it on any furniture and do a simple stand, lean it back or place it in a vertical position. It’s very versatile!

As I mentioned above, we had to drill into drywall, add an electrical outlets, and invest in HD chords. Thankfully, we hired HD Installs in Chicago to manage the installation of the TV’s in our home. Their team was familiar with the make and models, and they were well-equipped to overcome the various challenges in our space.

Looking to install it yourself? We know plenty of people who have done so themselves! You just needs the right drills and equipment. The Frame comes with a no gap wall mount that allows the TV to be completely flush to the wall.

Personally, I’d still advise to go through a professional electrician to move electrical outlets (which may be needed), and then hire a company like HD Installs to adhere the Frame to your wall. Plus, most stores and service providers offer these types of services.

However, if you go this route, just make sure they understand the TV make/model, along with the depth of work that’s needed. Overall, I sleep better at-night knowing the installations were done correctly!

Samsung Frame TV White

What is the Samsung Frame TV Art Mode

One of the coolest aspects of the Samsung Frame TV is that it can showcase your personal art collection while in Art Mode. Add your personal photos, family images, and even kid’s artwork.

Looking for actual artwork? With a monthly Art Store subscriptions, customers are given all-access to 1,200+ curated creations and renowned art pieces from galleries around the world. The Samsung Art Store membership is $5.99/month or $72 per year. On the fence about it? Thankfully, you’re given a free trial.

Personally, I’ve stuck to the pre-loaded artwork. The styles work with our spaces. Plus, I also love their al-a-carte option where you can purchase specific prints for $24.99/each, and you get rights to the images for your TV forever.

What Samsung Frame TV Sizes Are Available?

The TV is available in six different sizes, including 32″, 43″, 50″, 55″, 65,” and 75.” The prices range from $600 -$2,800, although there are plenty of deals throughout the year.

We have a Frame in our family room and also our bedroom. For reference, we invested in a 55″ television for our bedroom, and a 49″ Frame for our family room (although that was an older version that’s not available any more). The key is to measure the space and wall, along with giving a few extra inches for a bezel.

To Bezel or Not to Bezel?

No Samsung Frame TV review is complete without talking about the bezel. Oh, Samsung – you smart business people. The bezel is sold separately, but it’s not even a consideration. You need to buy the bezel. Sorry, folks. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just wrong. Lol.

The bezel is the actual “frame” to The Frame TV, and comes in a variety of colors. Your options include Beige, White, Black, Brown, Vivid Lemon, Natural Pink, and Platinum. Furthermore, the bezel is a very quick and easy installation. I was able to adhere it to the TV within seconds.

Additionally, in recent years, we’ve started hearing a lot about the company, Deco TV Frames, which features a collection of 16 frame styles different from what Samsung offers. Moreover, each frame magnetically assembles and clips onto your TV in under 2 minutes.

Some are modern, others are classical, and each piece is made from recycled materials. You’ll also find an array of colors and metallics, including antique gold, silver, black, and beyond.

Samsung Frame TV Review

Lake Home Renovation

As many of you know, we’ve been in the process of doing a gut renovation on a lake home. We’re still in the midst of things, but we’ve started to design out several of the spaces. One absolute must? The Samsung Frame TV 2024. What can you expect from this new style?

First, a speedy new processor and an AI-powered smart TVs. There’s improved picture quality, and various size options, from 43 to 98-inch versions. Also, I love the fact that Samsung partnered with Pantone to check and confirm the color fidelity of the display. Basically, this means that both the video and artworks look accurate in every single type of lighting condition.

Right now, Samsung is offering a deal where if you pre-order one of the new TVs, you receive a free 65-inch TV.

2024 Samsung Frame TV


Final Samsung Frame TV Review Thoughts

We have never regretted the decision to buy our Samsung Frame TV’s. At the same time, the purchase should be something you carefully consider before the investment. Finally, I hope this post has been helpful, and I can’t wait to see how it looks in your space!

Shopping and Reference Links

Television: The Frame TV

Bezel: Overall, there are countless bezel color options. The list includes: Beige, White, Black, Brown, Vivid Lemon, Natural Pink, and Platinum. Also, please make sure to triple check your TV and bezel size before purchasing!

Sound Bar: If you want movie-like surround sound, Samsung’s Soundbars are a great option. Additionally, they offer specific Sound Bars per style, like The Terrace. Furthermore, I’ve read the Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar is the best for The Frame (depending on your space).

HG Installs: Lastly, Amelia, our interior designer, recommended HD Installs, a Chicago-based company.

In closing, please note this post contains some affiliate links. I receive a small compensation should you make a purchase from these links. Lastly, these links do not cost you anything. Thank you for your continued support of Style Charade!

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  1. A
    Annaliese wrote:

    I absolutely love the look of this TV! I think you were one of the first people I follow who got one. I am a renter at this stage of life- so I appreciate your tip that this would be a better electronic to wait to get until a later life stage!

    xoxo A

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  2. J
    Jessica Camerata wrote:

    I have one of these in my bedroom and just love it so much. Love the photo you picked for yours! It looks so great in your space.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

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  3. J
    Jilly wrote:

    So, this might sound like a dumb question…but…what does the TV look like when it’s off? Does it have to be on to show the art? Like…let’s say the power was out. What does it look like, then? I’m really interested in this TV for my space.

    Published 2.8.21 · Leave a Reply
    • J

      Thanks for your question! When it’s asleep, it defaults to the “art” mode (you can control all of those settings). When it’s fully turned off, it’s just a regular black screen like a normal TV. Hope that helps!

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