Best Buys at the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event

Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale

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BSA (beauty service announcement) friends! The Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event has officially kicked off where Beauty Insider members get up to 20% off. This is my first time covering the sale on Style Charade!

For the past five years, I’ve kept most of the content focused on all things fashion and travel. But the tides are turning, dear friends, especially as my interests start to evolve. As such, I’m thrilled to talk about other topics I enjoy, including beauty and skincare! Instead of sharing about random new products that I haven’t tried or like, I’m focusing solely on items I stock up on in my own medicine cabinet.

What is the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event?

The Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event is whereSephora Beauty Insider Members will have their own special weekend to shop discounts from 10–20% off. Register here to become as a membership is completely free.

Dates and Codes to Remember

Rouge Early Access: April 26–May 1
Sephora Rouge members have first access to shop the event at a whopping 20% off with code HEYROUGE

All Tiers Access: VIB members get 15% off purchase in store and online with code HEYVIB and Insiders get 10% off with code HEYINSIDER

Best Skincare Items from the Sephora Sale

I’m a big believer that you don’t need to invest a fortune in skincare products to see results. My skincare regiment features a healthy mix of drugstore finds to high-end premium products.

Tried and True Skincare Products: Scroll below for my top picks for face masks, moisturizer, facial oils, and eye creams. And I highly recommend La Mer (read my review here).

In My Shopping Cart: These are new products that I plan to try over the next few months! I’m especially excited to try Drunken Elephant, and also expand my Sunday Riley collection!

Top Beauty Tools

While the “less glamorous” items of the sale, beauty tools are the perfect investment while they’re on sale – think flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, makeup brushes, skin exfoliators, etc.

Tried and True Beauty Tools: After being sent a lot of beauty tools over the years to test, I’m listing my faves below.

In My Shopping Cart: I’m not planning to invest in any new tools right now except for this item below! I’ve heard incredible things, and I always struggle to get all of my makeup off.

Best Hair Care Products

After scouring my beauty drawers and medicine cabinet, I started to realize that I own A LOT of hair care products. Stock up on shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, dry shampoos, mousse, hair oils – you know name! The Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event is the perfect time to do so!

Tried and True Hair Care Products: Below are some of my all-time faves. In fact, I have six bottles of hair spray stocked up right now (I hate when I run out!).

Best Makeup and Fragrance

Last but not least, I wanted to share some of my go-to items for all things makeup and fragrance.

Tried and True Makeup and Fragrance: I seriously love love love these items!

In My Shopping Cart: I had inside intel that these items below are some of the very best sellers during Sephora’s Spring Beauty Insider Sale. Therefore, I plan to try many of these products.

Final Reminders – Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event

Sephora Beauty Insider Sale

You may register for a Sephora Beauty Insider account for free. Accumulate points for special deals and discounts!

Finally, here’s a recap of my go-to products for Sephora’s Spring Beauty Insider Sale:

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