The Tuckernuck Tnuck Sport Collection is Here, and It’s Perfect

Tennis Anyone? Tuckernuck's New Sport Collection
Tuckernuck Tnuck Sport Collection
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Hooray! The new Tuckernuck Tnuck Sports Collection is HERE! For as long as I can remember, Tuckernuck has been one of my go-to sites to find classic, preppy, feminine styles. Now, the Tnuck Sports Collection is a welcome addition to the mix. Their first ever sports line includes nearly 100 new items ranging from tennis skirts and dresses to floral compression pants and sports bras.

Tuckernuck Tnuck Sport

In typical Tuckernuck fashion, the entire Tnuck Sports Collection has a slight preppy edge to it. I can’t get over the florals, ginghams, and marble prints within all of the pieces. Plus, they have more traditional tennis gear with the all-white tennis skirts, dresses, sports bras and beyond.

You’ll find a range of compression pants in various patterns, sports bras that look comfortable but also chic, and then accessories like boat totes and tennis-inspired tumblers. Furthermore, the collection is very affordable all things considered, with the majority of pieces retailing below $110.

Tuckernuck Tennis Attire


Growing up, Bob played a ton of tennis. His father was a phenomenal player, and he taught him everything he knew. To this day, I remember learning this sports fact about Bob and wishing I’d played more – especially for the fashion, haha!

My sports journey was a bit different. My parents encouraged me to try different sports and activities to find something that I was really passionate about, but tennis was never one of them. However, I always remember loving the fashion of tennis. This collection makes me want to take to the courts in style. Everything is SO cute.

Also, slightly random, but is it just me or is everyone coming out with amazing new athleisure and sports collections? Last month, Marysia launched their sports collection with their signature scalloped styles. Yesterday, Tuckernuck launched the Tnuck Sports Collection with their unique twist on various pieces. Anyway, I digress…

Floral Sports Bra



Tuckernuck Tnuck Sport Top Picks

Below, I’m sharing a round-up of the Tuckernuck Tnuck Sports collection items. As you’ll see, many items are selling pretty quickly so some items won’t be available. However, I hope they re-stock the line since everything is so fabulous!

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