United Polaris Therabody: The Best Sleep in the Sky

A New Travel Collection in the Sky
United Polaris Therabody Event

A few months ago, I was invited to experience a United Polaris business class event. As United’s self-proclaimed #1 fan, whenever they call or email – I listen. The experience? “United Polaris 2.0,” an unveiling of the next chapter for the airline’s business class experience. This was also an opportunity to experience the United Polaris Therabody collaboration – a new partnership between the wellness brand and airline.

Stepping into the United Polaris 2.0 event in New York City was like entering a world of new state of calm. Not exactly what you’d expect in the heart of the bustling Big Apple.

United Therabody

But I was truly transported into an atmosphere that defined what so many of us travelers are seeking – wellness and sleep. Oh sleep. Gracious, how I love thee! Plus, I’m not alone. According to new survey, 83% of international travelers say catching up on sleep is important on a flight, and 61% book flights with sleep in mind.

United Polaris Therabody Business Class Review

From the get-go, this event wasn’t just your typical company announcement or new product launch. After all, having the executives from United, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Therabody present on-site to personally introduce and showcase their collaborative efforts turned the evening into an interactive deep dive into the world of travel.

Every single detail was meticulously curated to enhance the United traveler’s overall experience. As someone who travels both internationally for work and fun, I truly seek out comfort during long-haul flights. United Polaris has never let me down, and I can honestly say that the firsthand experience of the United Polaris business class seat adorned with the new Saks Fifth Avenue bedding and day blanket was everything.

United Polaris Bedding

Slipping into the seat, I could immediately feel the plush comfort of the bedding, and the day blanket designed by the talented Claude Kameni was both stylish and snug. As I nestled into the seat, I imagined drifting into a peaceful sleep mid-air, cocooned in the luxurious warmth of Saks Fifth Avenue’s finest.

Therabody x United Polaris

A highlight that truly fascinated me was the display of mirrors accompanying the new Therabody amenity kits. It was such a smart and interactive touch to allow guests to try the exclusive products. They were a treat! The TheraFace skincare range is designed to ensure passengers disembark feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

United Business Amenities

The pièce de résistance, however, was undoubtedly the TheraBody lounge. This was a fabulous preview of what Polaris business class passengers can expect from Therabody’s Reset Suites.

Seated on the Therabody Lounger, I was enveloped in waves of sound and vibration that effortlessly lulled me into relaxation. The lounge also boasted the Theragun and RecoveryAir JetBoots, which aim to provide holistic wellness in the air. I can’t wait to try these in the United Polaris lounge.

Catching Up with Friends

But beyond the grandeur of products and experiences, the night was also about heartfelt connections. The chance to reconnect with Ken and Tori of @KenxTori was sheer joy. Our memories from the United Newark to Dubai Inaugural Flight were fantastic, and I honestly adore the two of them. Bob and I had such a blast with them in Dubai, and I hope our paths cross soon. They made our Dubai adventures unforgettable, and their genuine warmth make them fabulous travel companions. I’m so glad we got to chat!

Jennifer Lake United Polaris

It was also a delight to re-connect with Michelle of @LAXtoLuxury. Our first interaction at the Emirates press conference. She is such a sweetheart. And then, of course, the evening wouldn’t have been complete without sharing moments with the amazing United team and @AviatorDave. Every conversation, every shared laugh, made the event more than just a showcase—it was a reunion of likeminded people who are passionate about travel.

The United FAM

Reflecting on that night, I am reminded of why I continue to adore all things United. They elevate their game and partnerships, and I’m honored to be invited to experiences like this. Plus, I’m grateful for the larger United community of creators, like Ken, Tori, Michelle, and Dave. Their passion, their authenticity, and their boundless enthusiasm for travel are infectious.

United Polaris Event

The United Polaris 2.0 event wasn’t just about the impressive upgrades or the collaborations with premium brands like Therabody and Saks Fifth Avenue. It was a testament to United’s commitment to providing an unparalleled travel experience, to making every flight feel like a luxurious journey. It’s where good truly leads the way.

As I left the venue, I carried with me the excitement of future travels, the comfort of the United Polaris experience, and the joy of heartfelt connections.

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