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The Must-Attend Social Event of the Season
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Hooray! My favorite event of the entire year is back and better than ever – the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles! From the fashion to the people watching, and course, sipping on the fabulous Veuve Clicquot, the special celebration never disappoints. Save the date for Saturday, October 2, 2021!

Furthermore, the event has become a cherished tradition with two of our very dear friends, Megan and John Runion. Spending time with them and catching up with them both at the event (and after), is just the best.

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What is the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles?

After the event pausing in 2020, The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles 2021 is BACK. Last year, they created a virtual experience, but this year takes things from the screen to sky with the highly anticipated experience at Will Rogers State Park.

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is arguably one of the biggest social events of the year. It combines so many phenomenal things, including a day of polo, sipping champagne, dressing up, enjoying a picnic/boxed lunch and the best people watching ever! From celebrities to musicians, athletes to bloggers, entrepreneurs to creatives, there’s always someone new to meet and chat with.

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When is the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angles 2021?

While VCPC New York City is always reserved for the first weekend of June, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles always takes place the first Saturday in October. Staying with tradition, this year’s event takes place on Saturday, October 2nd from 11-5 PM.

As a helpful tip, I’d recommend arriving early and staying for the entire experience. First, it’s helpful to find a spot to sit early on no matter your ticket type. Also, the entire day flies by. No joke. Plus, if you’ve paid for a ticket, you want to maximize the time at the experience.

Keep in mind, the polo match officially kicks off at at 2:00 PM. Trust me, you don’t want to miss an appearance by Nacho! Therefore, do your very best to get to the shuttle areas no later than 1 PM.

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Pandemic Protocols

This year, Veuve Clicquot has implemented new guidelines to keep everyone from guests to staff and even players as safe as possible. Sure, the event is outdoors, but it’s important to take an extra step for peace of mind. From what I’ve read, all event attendees will need to register with Health Pass by CLEAR.

All event attendees will be required to enroll in the app to enter the venue. Health documents will include proof of Covid-19 vaccination and/or proof of negative Covid-19 test. Additionally, Veuve Clicquot is staying in close communication with the city of Los Angeles for final approvals for the event.

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What to Wear to the VCPC LA?

As previously mentioned, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is as much about champagne and polo as it is about fashion. Men wear a variety of fabulous styles, including linen suits, pocket squares, and sleek button-down shirts. On the other hand, women are extremely well-heeled in various sundresses, jumpsuits, matching sets and hats. Trust me – it’s the best people (and outfit) watching ever.

Also, keep in mind the event is held nearly entirely on grass, hills and/or pebbled spaces/roads. Do NOT wear high stiletto heels. I’ve seen my share of women wincing in pain by the time we get off the bus to just enter the event. Oh, and then the guests leaving the event with their shoes off (not a good luck in front of other guests like Julia Roberts, lol). Trust me when I say – please opt for kitten block heels, chic sneakers, ballet flats, sandals or espadrilles. You won’t regret it.

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What to Bring

Regardless of weather, I recommend bringing a plenty of sunscreen. Furthermore, bring and/or wear a sun hat. No amount of champagne is worth your skin getting burned! They sell adorable Veuve Clicquot-branded umbrellas on-site, but they’re pretty pricey.

They do an amazing job of providing sun coverage in the La Grande Dame and Rosé Garden sections via table umbrellas and the like, so a sunscreen should suffice if you have that ticket type. Also, bring a larger purse or cute tote in order to carry your flats, snacks, sunscreen and more. In years’ past, I would typically bring a small clutch for the essentials, and we had a separate small picnic basket for food and extras.

Here’s a quick list of recommended items to wear and/or bring to the experience:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat (especially with a General Admission ticket as you’ll likely be in full sun)
  • Comfy shoes (see above)
  • A wrap or cardigan (in case it gets cold – just check the weather)
  • Face masks
  • Sunglasses
  • Picnic and blanket (if you’re on the Picnic Lawn)
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Veuve Clicquot Los Angeles Tickets

First and foremost, you can’t go wrong with any type of ticket for the experience. Truly! Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re looking for, your budget, group size, etc. In general, there are three ticket options for the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles – Picnic Lawn, Rosé Garden and La Grande Dame.

Sadly, Picnic Lawn and Rosé Garden tickets are already SOLD OUT (gah!). Leave it to Veuve Clicquot to be fully sold out with more than a month before the event. Right now, La Grande Dame cabanas are still available, but they’re $19,000 per group. If you’re still interested, they’re taking reservations by emailing Please note that tickets are not available for purchase at the door.

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Rose Garden

In case you missed securing tickets for this year, I’d highly recommend signing up for American Express’s Presale notification for next year. This year, the tickets were available exclusively for American Express® cardholders, and officially released on Friday, August 6th at 12PM PDT.

Lastly, there is a special VIP section that’s adjacent to the La Grande Dame section for celebs and other VIP guests. Sadly, there is not a purchasable ticket for this area. In general, I simply like to flag this section as I remember seeing photos of an entirely different (and super swanky) area of the event on social media, and I want to make sure you know why!

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Getting to the Event

Part of the entire experience is the transport to the actual event. Ultimately, Veuve Clicquot emails every attendee a detailed overview of how they can get to the experience.holders must adhere to designated drop-off and parking information based on ticket type. Absolutely no drop-offs at Will Rogers State Historic Park; there will be road closures.

All guests must possess an individual ticket. Proof of ticket will be checked prior to boarding shuttles. Basically, ticket holder are given designed drop-off areas for cabs, Ubers and additional parking information based on ticket type. You cannot do a drop-off at Will Rogers State Historic Park. Honestly, don’t even try as they do a bunch of road closures.

If you’re planning to drive, it’s helpful to know that all cars must be moved from the parking lot by 6pm on event day. Yes, the cars get towed after that – so plan accordingly! 🙂

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What Am I Wearing?

What am I wearing this year? Well, I’ve narrowed it down to two different outfits. As many of you know, I like to plan way in advance as it’s my fave event to plan for! Also, I’m planning to get my hair done again by Glamsquad. They’re always on time, super professional and I haven’t had a single bad experience. In the past, I’ve found it helpful to book early, tip well and to have some inspirational photos on hand to show them what you’re thinking.

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Lastly, are you attending the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles 2021? Have a blast, be safe, and please drink responsibly! See you there!

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