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Affordable Layers for the Holidays
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Dress: Metallic Turtleneck Sweater | Skirt: Gold Metallic Mini Skirt | Bag: Faux Patent Leather Crinkle Clutch | Shoes: Gold Platform Sandals

Lately, I’ve been really impressed with a chic and curated selection of Walmart winter fashion finds. If you’ve followed my blog journey to date, you’ll know Walmart fashion is relatively new to me . To be transparent, for years – it simply wasn’t on my radar. Things changed when Scoop announced they were partnering with Walmart for collections (more on my history with the Scoop brand in this blog post).

Soon after, I found that C.WONDER (another beloved brand) and Time and Tru were part of the women’s apparel offering. My interest in the stylish yet affordable and attainable fashion finds leapt to a new level. Still, I was hesitant to try the pieces at first because the prices were just THAT good. Friends, I’m here to say – the quality of the items that I’ve been purchasing have been

Jennifer Lake Walmart Scoop winter fashion
Dress: Metallic Turtleneck Sweater | Pants: Faux Leather Cropped Pants | Bag: Faux Patent Leather Crinkle Clutch | Shoes: Black Point Toe Block Heel Pumps

Like any retailer, identifying pieces that you love comes down to a simple scroll.

Walmart Winter Fashion

So where do you start? For me, like any retailer, sort through various brands and scroll through their selection. Soon, you’ll find certain companies that just resonate with your personal style. Listen, not everything is going to align with your taste; that’s okay! Thankfully, Walmart has a phenomenal selection of pieces and companies to choose from. Rest assured you’ll find something that you love. Plus, the website is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate, and shipping/returns are a breeze.

Jennifer Lake Gold Skirt Set Walmart Winter Fashion

Scoop for Walmart

When it comes to Walmart winter fashion finds, I’d recommend starting with Scoop. Personally, I chose Scoop pieces since I am extremely familiar with their company, mission, history, and styles. Their collection does not disappoint. Remember these bow slingback heels? They sold out SO quickly. This posh purple sequin dress? Incredible. It’s such a great New Year’s Eve dress. Moreover, this pink dress SENT ME friends. The keyhole is small but a fun detail, and I adore the cinched back waist.

Jennifer Lake Gold Outfit Walmart Winter Fashion

For this month, I chose this gorgeous gold sweater and matching skirt with platform heels and statement hoop earrings. For a handbag, I went back and forth between two styles, but decided to buy this top handle bag. I love the more structured silhouette and the two fabrics/materials they use. It looks SO luxe, almost like a designer bag. The other bag I was eyeing? This one. The texture and price? So good.

Time and Tru

Over the years, I heard several things about Time and Tru, but honestly hadn’t put two and two together that it was a Walmart fashion brand. After scrolling through, I found Time and Tru and started immediately loving everything that I was seeing. Best of all, this brand has a diverse mix of offerings – from more casual staples like cardigans and sweaters, to more formal options like dresses and bold accessories.

Jennifer Lake Faux Leather Pants

Free Assembly

Last but not certainly least, let’s talk about Free Assembly. Funny enough, Bob mentioned that I should check it out as it reminded him of another preppy brand we adore. After clicking to their webpage, I was immediately impressed with the grandmillennial styles like plaids, tartans, and beyond.

Walmart Scoop Collage

ONE: Metallic Turtleneck Sweater | TWO: Pink Halter Trapeze Dress | THREE: Faux Leather Metallic Pleated Skirt | FOUR: Pink Satin Embellished Slingback Flat | FIVE: Square Hoop Earrings | SIX: Cat Eye Black Sunglasses | SEVEN: Leather Basketweave Gloves | EIGHT: Metallic Mini Skirt | NINE: Faux Patent Leather Crinkle Clutch | TEN: Sequin Mini Dress with Ruffle Hem

Best Walmart Winter Fashion Finds

What are some of your favorite pieces from the Walmart winter fashion offerings? Also, am I missing out on any other brands to check out? Drop a comment below and let me know what I’m missing!

Dress: Metallic Turtleneck Sweater | Skirt: Gold Metallic Mini Skirt | Bag: Faux Patent Leather Crinkle Clutch | Shoes: Gold Platform Sandals

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