The Best Affordable Fall Home Decor

Studio McGee Collection for Target
Studio McFee Target Fall 2020

Tomorrow, Studio McGee will launch another exclusive home decor collection with Threshold at Target. Let’s call this line the ultimate, and frankly best affordable fall home decor. Truly! Apart from the fact their new collection of furniture and accessories are dynamite, the prices are incredibly attainable. From the living room to dining room, bedroom to kitchen decor, Studio McGee has you covered.

Admittedly, I wasn’t planning to cover this launch. To sum up, I saw a preview of Studio McGee’s new collection and I immediately fell in love. Their line is AMAZING. All the same, the line has a very neutral color palette. Even so, if you have a colorful home (like ours), there’s likely something for you – storage baskets, lovely lighting, accent pillows, rugs, cozy blankets, comfy furniture, and gorgeous art. You guys, the ART.

Yes, our home is colorful, but we have plenty of neutral elements in every room (e.g. our couch and console are both ivory, living room rug is tan, etc.). Plus, we include gold and wood accents throughout. In fact, we have one of Studio McGee’s sculptural pieces on our mantel!

Best Affordable Home Decor Furniture

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Best Affordable Fall Home Decor

First of all, the prices of the Studio McGee collection for Target are very impressive! After seeing the preview of their new styles, my jaw hit the floor. We’ve been shopping non-stop for pieces in our home lately. Mirrors for $70-$80? Ummm, amazing. A curved bookshelf for $229 that would rival others on the market for three times as much? Sign me up.

In general, Studio McGee has struck its stride with this collection. Overall, I love so many of the pieces, and I imagine the line will FLY off shelves.

Best Fall Home Decor

Let’s Start with the Art

Yes, we need to start with the art. I personally think the art selection is unbelievable! Have you been thinking about creating a gallery wall somewhere in your home? I recommend checking out Studio McGee’s entire art selection.

There’s something so symbiotic about all of the pieces and frames together. As a rule, you’re never supposed to buy the same art for a gallery wall from the same brand or artist. However, these all share a similar neutral color palette. Plus, they all float together seamlessly. Imagine how it would all look on a wall!

Studio McGee Target Art

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eleven // twelve // thirteen

Fall for the Furniture

Okay, my next favorite category? Furniture. Yes, the bookcase is a starting point, but I also love caned door TV stand and console. Oh! Friends, the Sherpa Chair paired with the Round Ottoman. I… mean!

Plus, there are plenty of other pieces to keep an eye on, such as the mixed metal console table. In fact, this table is fabulous if you own a smaller apartment in the city. Also, I love this chic accent table (in ivory – not a huge fan of the navy).

Accessories + Decorative Accents

Next, let’s chat all things accessories and decorative accents! It should be noted, their collection is vast for Target. Truthfully, it’s hard to navigate all of the items at once. The “catchall” section are the accessories and decorative accents (think mirrors, throw pillows, etc.). These wooden beads are a really great price (only $20). We found ours at a boutique in Chicago for $90, and I’m regretting the decision after seeing these! Seriously, scroll through the items below – SO many wonderful items!

Fall Home Decor

one // two // three (and plaid) // four // five //

six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

Lovely Lighting

Lastly, I’m obsessed with the lighting – especially this Metal Dome Wall Sconce. Thus, why oh why don’t we have a place for these in our home?! Furthermore, the Seagrass Table Lamp and Pendant are stunners.

In Closing

Alright, what are some of your favorite pieces from the collection? Again, set your calendar reminder for tomorrow, Sunday, September 13th. Lastly, click to bookmark THIS PAGE and be sure to have your account logged into for quick shopping!

To summarize, shop the collection and let me know what you buy! It should be noted, the Studio McGee pieces have sold quickly so shop fast!

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