The Best Affordable House Slippers // All Under $40!

Affordable House Slippers

Several years ago, my Dad bought everyone in our family slippers for Christmas. The gesture was incredibly nice but at the time? I didn’t use them much (sorry, Dad!). Sure, they’re super comfortable and functional, but I always forgot to put them on my feet when walking around the house. Now, I use them ALL of the time! Maybe it’s because of our new home. Mostly, it’s because I’ve been working from home and social distancing these past few weeks.

There are countless affordable house slippers to keep your feet happy (and frankly healthy). House slippers have become one of my favorite fashionable (and functional) investments.

Why Are They Important?

Simply put – house slippers keep you healthy, research shows it makes you more productive, they can help avoid household accidents and actually reduce your risk from catching colds and flu. Seriously!

I especially love they can make you more productive. Numerous studies have shown that relaxed workers are more efficient, and a cozy pair of fuzzy slippers totally make me feel more calm!

Keep in mind that you’re also bringing in groceries, boxes and other items into your home that have germs and bacteria on them. By switching to house slippers once you’re indoors, your feet stay clean and safe. Plus, you’re not putting your dirty feet into your bed at the end of the day (gross).

Best Affordable House Slippers Under $40

After doing some research, I started to find the best affordable house slippers to keep you stylish, warm and happy (and they don’t cost a fortune)! House slippers feel like a hug for your feet (seriously)! I wanted to do a round-up of some of the best slipper styles to enjoy while working from home or social distancing.

Affordable House Slippers




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