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My Journey to Getting Botox
Best Botox in Chicago
Disclaimer: This blog post below is not designed in any way to be medical advice nor an advertisement for the brand. These are my personal opinions. I am not a trained professional nor a doctor. Please seek professional advice as it relates to Botox.

In my late 30s, I started to consider trying Botox. Prior to then, I was always nervous about the idea. First, I can’t stand the thought of needles – much less near my face, lol. Moreover, there remains a negative connotation about the procedure amongst some people. In fact, I have friends who’d rather eat a bowl of slugs than admit they’ve gotten Botox. Thankfully, perceptions are changing, and the procedure is more prevalent than ever. Today, I wanted to share my experience and the location for the best Botox Chicago.

To note, I’m not here to encourage you to get it if it’s not your thing. It’s your body, your choice, your preference. Many of my friends haven’t gotten Botox while countless others have. It’s a personal decision that should be evaluated individually with a medical professional.

Instead, I’m simply sharing my personal experience. Plus, I was (and am) extremely lucky to have found Jessica of Innovative MedSpa Chicago, who has transformed my skin. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I’ve always been transparent with you about all things in life. Moreover, many celebrities have recently been coming out to say they haven’t gotten Botox, like Busy Phillips and Jennifer Lopez (or simply don’t recommend it like Jennifer Garner). I respect their decision, yet I have chosen a different path for myself. Plus, I don’t have the same genetics as J. Lo nor time to get multiple facials each week, work with an at-home nutritionist and personal trainer every day. You get it 😉

Innovative Med Spa Chicago

Best Botox Chicago

So yes – I finally got Botox. And no, this announcement is not meant to be some big kind of decree. However, it was quite a long journey to get to the point of getting it. Growing up, I worked as a lifeguard soaked in every minute of sun possible. Not good. Every summer, I would lather up on tanning oil and feel so proud of my perfect tan at the start of the school year. Oh, and then there were those high school dances (prom, homecoming, etc.). Tanning beds? Sure! Hand me a Playboy bunny sticker and point me to the nearest LA Tan location; I was all in. Big mistake. Huge.

Looking back, I should have listened to my mom about regretting my sunbathing routine. “One day, you’ll regret all that tanning.” In retrospect, she was right. She was always right, lol.

As I’ve gotten older, the wrinkles on my forehead became much more prominent and noticeable to me. In my 30’s, they didn’t bother me. But as 40 came knocking, I chose steps to make them less prominent.

Jessica Jurkovic Innovative MedSpa

Jessica at Innovative MedSpa Chicago

Not only did years of tanning cause damage, I also have hyperpigmentation and acne scars from my younger years. Therefore, I decided to visit Jessica Jurkovic (a Registered Nurse, BSN, and Clinical Director) at Innovative MedSpa. I’d heard amazing things from friends and read reviews, including that they were best Botox Chicago location. To start, I decided to test out laser treatments, including BroadBand Laser and IPL PhotoFacial.

In essence, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a laser light treatment that specifically targets pigment issues, such as sun damage, brown spots, Rosacea and beyond. BradBand Laser, on the other hand, provides corrective phototherapy that stimulates cells to regenerate. It does this by delivering pulses of light energy to heat the skin’s surface. Very helpful with my acne scarring.

During my first consultation, Jessica at Innovative MedSpa Chicago immediately made me feel extremely comfortable. She answered all of my questions (I mean, I had like 100 questions, and she talked to me for like an hour before getting anything started). After visiting her for several laser treatments, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin.

Please know, I’m a complete scaredy cat when it comes to pain, needles, and lasers.

As such, Jessica made sure to incorporate numbing cream and other tactics to keep me calm through the process. She’s the best!

Since day one, Jessica has been thorough, informative an utter pro. Not surprising, as she has nearly 20 years of nursing experience. Ask her anything about products or services, and your mind will be at ease. Moreover, when asked if there were certain treatments I should try, Jessica said “no, you don’t need that” and “I definitely wouldn’t recommend that for you.” As a business owner, it would be easy to upsell me on services. Instead, Jessica was (and is) more cautious than anything.

Botox Review

So after trying out laser treatments, I asked Jessica about Botox. She never pressured me to do it and said that the decision was truly up to me. Additionally, she turned the tables and asked me about what I was looking to accomplish: what areas was I concerned about and what would the ideal transformation be in my mind.

Additionally, she was very clear I didn’t (nor shouldn’t) get much of it. First, so she could see how my skin reacted to the product. But also, because once again – Jessica is conservative with products, which I love.

From there, she also explained everything. I mean everything – from how the procedure would go, what steps she would take, when I could tell her to stop something, and what to expect after getting it. My main question? “Is this going to hurt?”

Jessica Jurkovic with Jennifer Lake

Does Botox hurt?

She was honest and clear – “it’s not the best feeling in the world. But it’s like getting a typical shot – and some areas of the face are going to be more sensitive than others.”

Again, her honesty and transparency have been a guiding force through this process. On a side note, she has the best personality! I end up talking to her about life, work, business, and more long after my treatments are done. She’s the type of person you want to go to dinner or drinks with too. But I digress…

In short, she was right – when the process started, the first one hurt. Nothing unbearable, just a prick, but I could definitely feel it. At no point in the process did I need to stop. My skin found it most sensitive around my eyes, but that was it.

In a few short minutes, she was done. She gave me an ice pad to use on the parts of the face that were most sensitive. Then, she told me to not workout that evening nor do anything aggressively active in order to let everything rest.

Additionally, she told me it would take a few days to settle in and to expect to see a difference within a week or so.

Are there different types of Botox?

Yes, there are multiple types of Botox-like products. I’m not an expert on them all, and if you’re thinking about getting it, ask your medical professional about the differences. For me, she used Botox (the brand). She felt it was the right fit for what I was looking to achieve. However, there’s also Dysport, which I’ve been told is better for people with deeper, more stubborn lines.

Botox Complications

Thankfully, I’ve had zero complications from Botox. In fact, Jessica continued to text me during the two days after getting it to make sure that I was feeling okay and didn’t have any reactions. Now THAT is phenomenal customer service.

To be fair (and responsible), I also want to share some of the potential side effects of Botox. Bruising, swelling, pain, tenderness, numbness, and redness in the area that was treated, are common side effects of Botox injections. Additionally, it can be common to experience a headache or, on the rare occasion, drooping eyelids. All side effects reduce gradually and disappear within a few days, common, and do not cause any severe damage. 

Jennifer Lake Botox Review

How Long Does Botox Last?

Overall, results of Botox vary depending on many factors. Keep in mind, Botox is not permanent. On average, Jessica said mine will likely need to be “touched up” every about 3-4 months. Additionally, Botox in and of itself does not “erase” wrinkles. It simply numbs the facial muscles that cause wrinkles to appear. Your body’s natural collagen and cellular renewal will soften your wrinkles.

Moreover, if you are a younger reader, there are steps you can take now to potentially avoid feeling the need for Botox at my age. First, use SPF. A lot of it. Every single day. Second, prioritize quality sleep. Your body (and face) need rest. Also, avoid smoking, vaping, and other habits that wreak havoc on your skin.

Best Botox Chicago – Innovative MedSpa

Looking to make a free consultation at Innovative MedSpa? Beyond being the top location for the best Botox Chicago, they also offer a range of other services.

Visit their website to schedule an appointment at one of their three locations (River North, Wicker Park, and Lincoln Park). Additionally, you can call (773) 692-6155 (Lincoln Park), (773) 657-8377 (Lakeview) or (773) 938-3399 (River North) to make an appointment.

Street parking at all three locations is every easy. In fact, the Lincoln Park location has a parking lot which makes it easy. Wicker Park also has plenty of street parking both on Elston and Milwaukee Avenues. Lastly, River North also has plenty of street parking. If anything, use SpotHero to secure a nearby spot as needed.

Chicago Botox Locations

Best Botox Chicago – In Closing

As a reminder – I’m not a doctor or medical professional. This blog is not medical advice whatsoever. Instead, it’s simply to provide an overview of my personal experience with Botox.

I am SO happy I did it. No regrets whatsoever. The results have been AMAZING, and I love it’s my skin – it’s just better. At this time, I haven’t tried any other procedures, aside from the lasers I mentioned earlier. In fact, I don’t want anything else at the moment. I’ll continue to invest in laser and facial treatments like the vampire facial to continue to help my acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

Also, to date, I’ve only gone to Jessica at Innovative MedSpa for these procedures. Therefore, I can only attest to my experience with her at Innovative Med Spa. However, they have several other teammates whom she’s hired and consistently trains for the best quality of service.

Thanks to Jessica for being wonderful and for being so helpful in this journey.

All photography in this post is by Aesthetiica.

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