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Some of my favorite spaces in our home? Our closets. Granted, when we first purchased the home, many of our storage spaces didn’t have racks or storage solutions at all. Without these components, I realized it started to add stress to our lives. Thankfully, we found the best Chicago closet company – Inspired Closets. I’d heard of the company before, but it wasn’t until they emailed me with more information that we decided to take the leap and invest in a new primary closet design.

The results were magic. Mike, the founder of Inspired Closets of Chicago, visited our home for a complimentary consultation, and I grilled him. Like – an interrogation, lol. After all, when it comes to our home, I love the idea of building the best options to suit our lifestyle. Moreover, there are bunch of closet companies on the market. How would I know they’re the best without asking important questions?

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Best Chicago Closet Company

As such, I went over my lengthy checklist of items – materials, hardware, storage options, and beyond. Mike also invited us to their Chicago-area showroom in Oak Brook, where I walked through the options in-person, which was an enormous help. Seeing, touching, and feeling the materials of everything helped me understand the value and caliber of Inspired Closets Chicago. I highly recommend a visit as you’ll see the difference immediately.

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Anyway, I am very very very excited they connected about working on another set of our closets. This time? Our primary bedroom. As such, Bob is getting the royal Inspired Closets Chicago treatment with a complete transformation of his existing closet in the guest bedroom.

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The cool thing is our primary bedroom has two closets for a couple. Thankfully, Bob only needs one of the two, so I was able to use the other for my go-to workwear for the office. He doesn’t really love clothes the way that I do, but he does adore fun sneakers. Therefore, it was essential to add a built-in shoe storage solution for him.

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Home organization is essential, and it has transformed the way we live our lives. Therefore, the investment is worth it in my humble opinion. An organized home has reduced my stress and made it easier for me to live life from what I wear to what we eat for dinner, etc.

Inspired Closets Chicago was an immediate fit for our needs. First, I love their team’s experience. They are truly experts in custom closets and organization solutions. In fact, they’ve been designing closets for loyal customers for over 32 years.

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Plus, closets can be truly personalized to meet your needs. From an aesthetic standpoint, I enjoyed selecting the materials to build out our closet from the wood color to drawer pulls. Also, Mike from Inspired Closets did a walk-thru of the space with us to ask us questions about how we live and what we needed storage for.

Since this will be Bob’s closet, he needs space for sneakers and boat shoes, a lot of storage space for shirts and t-shirts, and some hanging space for button-down shirts and suits. Mike was able to showcase 3D renderings where we could actually see everything coming to life. From there, we were able to change things to fit our budget and needs.

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Are you in the market for a new closet, pantry, office or garage storage solution? I give my highest and best recommendation to Inspired Closets Chicago. Bob and I will absolutely be working with them on future spaces, as we’ve been impressed with their entire team.

If you’ve been thinking about redesigning a space in your home, I give my highest recommendation for Inspired Closets Chicago. Give them a call or schedule a consultation via this link. Be sure to tell them I sent you to save 15% off your project (the offer is only valid through the end of July, but it counts towards projects you secure now to be installed in the future as well). I can’t wait to see your spaces transform into rooms that you truly love.

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Disclosure: I received a discount for our primary closet design and installation. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the team at Inspired Closets for working with me to create the closet of my dreams. Partnerships like these make Style Charade possible.

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