How to Style the Boden Neon Trench Coat

The Must-Have Colorful Plaid Coat
Boden Neon Trench Coat

Some products are love at first sight. The Boden Neon Trench Coat is that for me. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it would be mine. 🙂 It’s divine! Plus, trench coats are a fabulous go-to item for spring. This version tops them all!

Colorful madras and plaid prints have always been in my life. It’s just one of those patterns that embodies so many elements of my personal style, and I sincerely love it more than I can say!

Here’s the catch – this coat has sold out not just once, but twice in less than a day. Wowza! So how do you get your hands on it? Well, it’s officially available for pre-order in ALL SIZES in both regular and petite. Please note the website is saying it’ll take 15 weeks to get your coat, but honestly – it’s worth it! The Boden Neon Trench Coat is available in sizes 2-22, which is truly fantastic. Even though it’s on pre-order, I’d highly recommend reserving your size sooner than later if you’ve had your eye on it.

Sophie Hulme Rainbow Bag

First, it reminds me SO much of one of my all-time favorite vintage dresses (below). I’ve owned this dress since the early 2000’s, and it always brings a smile to my face. The best! It looks SO similar, which made the coat an even easier investment.

Jennifer Lake Mark Graham

Boden Neon Trench Coat

So why is this smile-inducing jacket so special? Well, it has the classic trench silhouette, but I really think it’s because the colors are the ultimate dose of dopamine. The coat is designed out of Italian Fabric and made out of polyester in a straight fit.

Here’s the catch – the coat has sold out not once, but twice. I saw the style when it first released, and it sold out immediately. The next restock? It sold out again within hours. Thankfully, I got my hands on it. But wow, the trench has been quite elusive!

Jennifer Lake Colorful Trench Coat

Listen, I hate showcasing items that are currently unavailable. However, I strongly believe Boden will do a third restock. Plus, you can always check resale sites like eBay and Poshmark or refresh the product page for returns.

While I wish it was better stocked, I am THRILLED that so many customers are investing in colorful outerwear. After living in Chicago my entire life, neutral outerwear (especially black puffer jackets), are everywhere. It’s refreshing to see people opting for more vibrant moments. 🙂

Jennifer Lake Boden Neon Trench

Lastly, and this might sound odd, but the jacket looks different depending on which one ships to you. You might be thinking, wait what?! Yes. Upon closer inspection, each version varies based on HOW they cut the fabric and which size you get. In my humble opinion, some look more green, and others look air on the side of pink.

Moreover, I know this because I purchased both a size 4P and regular size 6. Both vary in the colors – especially in the sleeve. Is it that big of a difference? No. But other eagle eyed shoppers will also notice the difference, so I wanted (and needed) to flag.

Boden Neon Belted Trench Coat

STILL don’t trust me, lol. Scroll through this Instagram post and check slide #6. In my opinion, it’s very likely that each coat is *slightly* different, so your version will very well be unique to you!

My Journey with Boden

When I first started blogging under the Style Charade website (my first was called “Third Coast Bride”), one of the first brands to ever reach out to me to work together? Boden.

As an emerging creator, I was astounded that anyone, much less an incredibly notable fashion company, would take notice of me. I was so grateful.

Therefore, we started working together. I still remember our first ever major collab. It was a trip to London, and Boden messengered a handful of items to our hotel. We spent the entire time running around different neighborhoods in London trying to find the perfect backgrounds to pair with each style.

Later, we’d continue to work with the brand for years to capture several outerwear-focused outfits. A few faves looks from the past include this striped look in Los Angeles and this black, white, and yellow look in London back in 2016.

We haven’t had the opportunity to formally work with the brand in a few years, but I still love investing in Boden pieces. I truly love the way they embrace vibrant hues, prints, and patterns.

How I Styled the Boden Neon Trench

First, this trench coat is incredibly versatile. It’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. Sure, it’s super colorful, but easy to pair with countless items. In this case, I chose to wear it with my new favorite white cropped denim. Don’t underestimate this style from another fave brand!

Chicago Butterfly Mural

Lately, I’ve been really loving a neon-chartreuse moment. My love affair with the hue began with a pair of over-the-top Zara heels from more than a decade ago (last worn here). Moreover, this citron J.Crew suit from a couple summers back is a nod towards the perfectly bright hue 🙂 Therefore, I recently purchased this extra-large statement earrings in order to add another vibrant option in my wardrobe.

Citron Yellow Button Earrings

Finally, I chose this amazing multicolor striped bag that I invested in back in 2016. Still one of my favorites!

How Much Does It Cost?

The Boden Trench Coat costs $510 (USD). When I purchased mine, I also found a 15% discount code, which was helpful! The brand tends to offer the 15% code to sign-up for their newsletters or texts.

At the time of publishing this, the code is V4T4 for your order. There are also free 45-days returns.

Fit Guide

One of my favorite things about Boden is that they offer both petite and regular sizes. I opted for a size 4 petite, and I find it to fit a bit snug. To be transparent, I would have preferred a 6 petite, but will be sticking with the 4. 🙂 Remember: Boden is a British brand, so UK sizing is their default. In my experiences with UK sizing, it tends to run small. For example, a UK10 is supposed to be the equivalent of a US6. However, I’ve always felt that a UK10 fits closer to a US4 for most English labels.

Celine White Sunglasses

Here’s the Boden women’s fit guide to check your measurements.

Boden Neon Trench Coat – In Closing

In the end, the Boden Neon Trench Coat is the ultimate compliment-inducing item. Below, I’m sharing additional statement-making styles that are sure to brighten your wardrobe. I sincerely love each and every one of these pieces, and hope you do too!

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