The Best Ways to Style EVEREVE Vegan Leather

A Mini Fall Capsule Wardrobe
Evereve Vegan Leather Quilted Vest
Vest: EVEREVE Vegan Leather Vest | Dress: Michael Stars Maya Long Sleeve Dress | Bag: Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag | Eyewear: Linda Farrow

Last month, I shared some of my favorite EVEREVE autumn outfit ideas. One top trend that topped the list? EVEREVE vegan leather. After posting the fall styles, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how often I’m wearing the items. Legit, I’ve worn this pair of pants at least five times already. They’re incredible!

Frankly, I struggle to find separates that I LOVE. I mean that earth shattering, I need these items NOW type of love. It’s part of why I don’t own many pants, tops, or sweaters. Sure, I have a decent foundation. But frankly, dresses make up 90% of my closet. It’s part of the reason why you’ll always find me in then.

Evereve Vegan Leather Pants
Blazer: BLANKNYC Book Club Blazer | Pants: Faux Leather Cropped Bootcut Pants | Bag: Naghedi | Eyewear: Amazon | Jewelry: Jane Win

Also, confession time. Fall and winter aren’t my favorite seasons. As a lifelong Chicagoan, the bone chilling wind is a very real reality. Even after 40 years of life in the Windy City, the cooler temps always catch you by surprise (and once reasonable fashion decisions become extremely questionable).

What do you wear? How do you stay warm? Above all, how do you layer things without looking like a marshmallow, lol.

EVEREVE Vegan Leather

So where do you start for stylish separates? This brings me to EVEREVE vegan leather. When I’m dumbfounded about what to wear, their vegan leather offerings never let me down.

Specifically, I love their vegan leather pants, leggings, and also blazers and vests. I currently have my eye on this blazer, which comes in both black and tan.

Vegan Leather Vest

First up, I love this EVEREVE Vegan Leather vest. It’s only $118, and pairs well with everything. Literally, you can style the stylish puffy vest with sweaters, turtlenecks, dresses, skirts, and beyond. For this particular style, I recommend sizing down one size.

Jennifer Lake Evereve Vegan Leather
Vest: EVEREVE Vegan Leather Vest | Top: | Varley Davidson Pullover | Pants: Faux Leather Cropped Bootcut Pants | Bag: Naghedi | Shoes: Veja | Eyewear: Linda Farrow | Jewelry: Jane Win

Normally, I wear a size small, but I took the vest in an extra small (and thankful that I did). Furthermore, this vest isn’t CRAZY puffy or oversized. Thanks to the slight sheen of the fabric, it looks designer, luxe, and sleek.

Lastly, this is my very first puffy vest in more than two decades. No joke. Therefore, let me assure you that I honestly adore this style, and I give it my highest recommendation. Just triple check my fit notes! 🙂

Michael Stars Maya Long Sleeve Dress

I chose to style it with these Michael Stars Maya Long Sleeve Dress. The fabric is comfy and effortless. Also, I adore it’s an easy layering piece for other styles, like this blazer.

Evereve Vegan Leather Vest

I’m not one to invest in slightly more form fitting silhouettes. However, this dress looks fantastic on many body types, and I love it can be layered with a variety of pieces.

Vegan Leather Flared Cropped Leggings

Last month, I got these phenomenal vegan leather leggings by Commando. While there are countless options on the market, I loved the fact these have a flared cropped bottom. They are short enough to show off your shoes and not too cropped.

Evereve Herringbone Blazer

At only $128, they are also the type of leggings with a fabulous “cost per use” (meaning, I wear them enough to make them worth the cost). Moreover, I honestly didn’t think I’d like the style when I first saw them. But the moment I tried them on in the fitting room, I knew it was meant to be. Highly recommended.

EVEREVE Vegan Leather Leggings

After having success with the flared cropped leggings, I wanted to try to the more form fitting black leggings. Similar to the other version, I chose to size up one size. An EVEREVE team member gave me that tip, and she was right. 🙂

First off, this style is super flattering. It has a comfort-stretch faux leather fabric and stretch that gives a slightly edgy aesthetic. Plus, the vegan leather leggings pair well with nearly everything – oversized sweaters, tops, blazers, and beyond.

As a reminder, I’m 5’4 on a good day, and should work well for women up to 5’8 (in my humble opinion).

Evereve Varley Black Pullover
Evereve Chicago Southport

The Best EVEREVE Vegan Leather

What are your favorite EVEREVE vegan leather options? Below, I’ve curated some of my favorite styles from EVEREVE for your review. Share a comment below with other styles that you love and other styling tips!

Vest: EVEREVE Vegan Leather Vest | Dress: Michael Stars Maya Long Sleeve Dress | Bag: Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag | Eyewear: Linda Farrow

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