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Weeks have started to feel like years, no? I worked from home throughout this entire week, and I’m slowly adjusting to a new routine. Before diving into a few things, I also wanted to remind you this is the last weekend to submit a testimonial for me for consideration for Sephora’s 2020 #SephoraSquad! Testimonials are one of the ways they determine whether or not someone is a fit for the campaign. Please take a moment to submit a quick blurb (it would mean so much)!

I wanted to share a few quick tips of how I’ve remained productive while working from home:

Sticking to a schedule: Trying to wake up at the same time (although I haven’t slept through my alarm once). I do my full skincare routine, put on my makeup and get dressed (yes, fully dressed from head to toe).

Changing up my workspace: Some people prefer to stay in one place while they work. I’ve found it helpful to change it up. One hour I’ll work at our new dining room table and the next I’ll work in the basement. A change of scenery has helped me stay focused and energized.

Scheduling Zoom calls: I schedule Zoom calls with colleagues, friends, family, and clients. It’s something to look forward to and a great quick break in the day. I’m also having WAY too much fun with Zoom features (more on that in another blog post).

Drinking from this mug: I LOOOOOOVE hot coffee. I’m very sensitive to hot and cold food/drink temperatures. The moment my coffee gets cold? Well, I can’t stand it! This mug has been a lifesaver to keep my coffee hot much longer. Why didn’t I buy it sooner?!

Mental health breaks: Once a day, I try to go outside and get fresh air. I meditate, workout, or whatever I can to give myself a break.

How are you adjusting to the new world? What strategies are you using to remain productive?

Jennifer Lake Nordstrom Floral Dress

Dress: Eliza J Floral Print Midi Dress {c/o} // Bag: Vasic Mini Bond Bag {c/o}

Shoes: Marc Fisher Blue Zala Pump {c/o} // Eyewear: Céline White Sunglasses {c/o}

Eliza J Blue Floral Print Midi Dress
Blue Floral Midi Dress
Jennifer Lake Floral Midi Dress
Nordstrom Eliza J Floral Dress
Vasic Bond Mini Bag
Eliza J Floral Print Midi Dress

Dress: Eliza J Floral Print Midi Dress {c/o} // Bag: Vasic Mini Bond Bag {c/o}

Shoes: Marc Fisher Blue Zala Pump {c/o} // Eyewear: Céline White Sunglasses {c/o}


In My Shopping Cart

● Looking for the perfect loungewear set? So happy a lot of you have bought them!

● Speaking of cozy, I’ve been getting messages from a few of you who bought these comfy pants. They’re SO good!!

● 5,000+ customers rave about these leggings. I own two pairs and 100% agree!

Love this Lela Rose spring dress – so pretty!

● Living for these darling polka dot heels.

● Jaw. On. Floor. This Self Portrait lilac dress is simply stunning!

● How great is this colorful pleated skirt?!

● This clean skincare brand is one of my go-to’s. I love they came out with this product!

● Easily one of my most comfy layering pieces.

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