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This past Monday, Bob and I woke up to the best and most needed news: emails from our respective jobs announcing a snow day. The universe had a funny way of giving us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. Monday was a gift. After a long holiday break, rest was a priority. Therefore, we spent the entire day at home, attached to our separate work laptops, watching TV. We didn’t even talk that much, but being in each other’s presence was enough.

My History with Snow Days

I have a long history with snow days. Growing up, my Dad was a school superintendent. As such, he was in charge of making “snow day” calls for the entire school district. Getting an email from work about a “snow day” immediately transported me back to being a little girl – especially watching him weigh tough weather decisions.

During tricky weather situations, my brother and I would listen intently from a nearby room as our Dad spoke with other school superintendents in the area. We’d hear him weigh the pros and cons, the challenges for parents, teachers, staff and of course – the students. These conference calls would last for an hour, often longer, with each superintendent weighing in on the decision.

On one instance, while he was on the phone, my brother and I silently chanted from the other room, “Snow day, snow day, snow day, snow day!” (slowly getting louder as we said it while he was on the call). Another time, we were jumping in our living room between couches yelling loudly for all of them to hear. After that, I’m pretty sure my Dad took those calls from his office on another floor – lol!

Lessons about Snow Days

While snow days lead to cabin fever for parents and children, childcare issues, extra school days added for teachers…. safety comes first. One of the first things I learned about snow days from my Dad is, “A superintendent never wants to be the first to make the call, and he/she especially doesn’t want to make it alone.” Hence, why they decide to hold those conference calls. If one district closes, most others will too. If a big district stays open, similar ones follow suit.

Now, whenever I see “snow day” school alerts on the news, I know superintendents have carefully evaluated all options. They take the responsibility very seriously. No matter what decision is made, parents will call, email, and leave voicemails to complain. Students are thrilled (obvi), but superintendents are always an enemy in the parent’s eyes. In the end, my Dad’s best lesson was – the safety of staff and students is #1. He would listen and respond to every parent message no matter what. Yet, in the end, he always stood by the decision, since it was rooted in safety.

So parents – try to give your schools some grace on snow days (or lack thereof). They’re just doing their best : ) And bosses – think more like a superintendent. If local schools are closing, consider closing your office too. After all, there’s an army of smart and deliberate educators behind those snaw day decisions!

Now, speaking of the opposite of snow (lol), today’s post is from our trip to Miami a few weeks back. I brought along this gorgeous fuchsia lace ruffle dress – definitely a new favorite! I found it fits true to size, and it’s also available in petites! Lastly, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to read all of my favorite links from around the web!

Miami Blue Wave Tile Wall

Dress: Eliza J Fuchsia Lace Ruffle Dress {c/o} // Bag: Staud White Shirley Bag // Eyewear: Céline

Shoes: Tory Buch Clara Bow Mules {also here} // Jewelry: Julie Vos Florentine Hoops

Nordstrom Pink Lace Fit Flare DressEliza J Pink Ruffle Lace DressEliza J Fuchsia Lace Ruffle DressBest Miami Street Art WallsStaud Mini Shirley Bag WhiteEliza J Bright Pink Lace Dress

Dress: Eliza J Fuchsia Lace Ruffle Dress {c/o} // Bag: Staud White Shirley Bag // Eyewear: Céline

Shoes: Tory Buch Clara Bow Mules {also here} // Jewelry: Julie Vos Florentine Hoops


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