Here’s Every Single Look from the H&M Brock Collection

The H&M x Brock Collection Line Launches 6/24
H&M Brock Collection
Floral Bow Dress ($49.99) | Floral Slip Dress ($39.99) | Pink Mini Dress ($34.99) | Denim Bag ($34.99) | Pink Sunglasses ($17.99) | Denim Flats ($24.99) | Quilted Chain Bag ($24.99) | Floral Tie-Back Dress ($39.99) | Silk Scarf ($12.99) | Ivory Corset ($34.99) | Denim ($34.99), direct links coming for EU on 6/1 and the US/Canada on 6/24

Today, I’m excited to take you behind-the-scenes of H&M’s newest designer capsule line – the H&M Brock Collection. Launching (supposedly) June 24th in select stores and also online, the H&M Brock Collection features an elevated array of womenswear, jewelry, handbags, shoes and accessories. As expected, the collection embodies the Los Angeles laid-back cool of their main line.

As always, H&M loves partnering with emerging and established brands to create capsule lines. Therefore, the H&M Brock Collection comes on the heels of the launch of the H&M Simone Rocha line).

H&M Brock Collection Dresses


Brock Collection Floral Top


Brock Collection H&M Floral Dress


H&M Brock Collection Top


H&M Brock Collection

The H&M Brock Collection features nearly 30 pieces of womenswear, jewelry, and other accessories like sunglasses and shoes. Particularly, the dresses are extremely strong, especially this gorgeous floral number with the bow strap detail. SO good. Additionally, I love this pair of pink sunglasses and this corset-like tank top.

Interestingly enough, Brock and H&M chose to incorporate a lot of denim pieces in the mix, including jean shorts, denim bags, and even a button-down shirt. Personally, I prefer the floral pieces and solid colored dresses, but if you’re in the market for some classic staples– these other items might be of interest.

Affordable Summer Dresses Dress ($49.99) | Layered Necklace ($19.99) | Brown Floral Corset Dress ($34.99) | Mismatched Earrings ($24.99) | Ivory Crop Top ($24.99) | Gold Statement Necklace ($12.99) | Pink Ruffle Dress ($59.99) | LOVE Charm Bracelet ($24.99) | Black Flats ($24.99) | Black Tie Back Dress ($39.99) | Floral Corset Top ($17.99) | Denim Button-Down Top ($34.99) | White Top ($34.99)

About Brock Collection

Are you familiar with Brock Collection? If not, I wanted to give you some quick background! Since 2014, Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock founded the womenswear line. The duo both attended Parsons School of Design and New York, and they wanted to create a feminine, sophisticated yet down-to-earth aesthetic. In many ways, Brock has a vintage feel to their pieces – especially their fabrics.

In typical H&M form, they love partnering with established and emerging brands to create capsule collections. Often, the combinations are pure dynamite (as seen by the recent Lemlem line).

In celebration of the Brock Collection x H&M collection launch, H&M released a special campaign video. Basically, they tapped choreographer Sherrie Silver to create a modern dance routine surrounding the theme of “pure joy.” Love that! You can watch the video of the dance below.

Provided by H&M

When Does the Line Launch?

Okay, so the H&M x Brock Collection launches in the EU and UK on June 1st and June 24th in the U.S. and Canada. As always, the collection will be available in select stores and also online at H&

Best Tips for Shopping H&M Brock Collection

H&M x Brock Collection is not like every other product release. Therefore, I wanted to share advice to help stock up on all of your favorite styles.


Log onto the website and create your account in advance. Add your information early for quick, seamless check-out.

Floral Dress




You never know when your Wi-Fi will go out or if you have technical problems. Have an iPad, phone, laptop and/or desktop computer ready to go, and ready for the collection release.


I find that setting an alarm for the sale is extremely helpful! Again, Brock Collection for H&M will release on Thursday, June 24th in the U.S. and Canada.

H&M Floral Corset
Photo Provided by H&M


While product releases are a blast, don’t get caught up in the moment. You don’t NEED anything or everything! If you have a few items that you’ve been eyeing, stock up on a few items. Set budget set, and stick to it!

Size Guide

Before shopping the collection, check out H&M’s fit guide – especially since their women sizing.

Black Dress



In Closing

Lastly, for more details on the capsule collection and launch, visit H&M’s website to read this article in their magazine. What are some of your favorite pieces?

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