Shopping Charades: Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Her

For years, my family has said that I’m the hardest person to shop for during the holidays. Okay, I admit that I’m not exactly the easiest when it comes to gifts. But then again – I have a 30-page holiday guide and a holiday shop with all of my favorites. You got this! 🙂 In all seriousness, I realize that shopping for the women in my life is very tricky. Which leads to today’s Shopping Charades question – what are great holiday gift ideas for her?

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One of my main holiday gift philosophies – and my general shopping mentality – is “COST PER USE.” How much am I spending vs. how often will I wear it? For example, I own several ball gowns that I absolutely adore. And while I’m obsessed with them, I’ve only worn them maybe twice in two years. On the other hand, I was gifted this handbag and these boots, and I’ve worn them at least once every two weeks this season. Quality over quantity, y’know? Think of COST PER USE when buying presents. How often will the recipient really wear or use the items you’re giving them?


Here are the gifts that I’ve either given or received that were an absolute HIT.

  • Personalized necklaces are always in style. I love these options (plus they’re 30% off for the holidays). I was gifted this version in the medium 14K gold plated sterling silver with 16″ chain.
  • When in doubt, a cozy sweater is always a good idea. This one is the best (just look at the ratings and reviews).
  • I have a LOT of Aunties, and I gave them all personalized gifts from here last year. Best idea ever. They all loved it and sent thank you notes. Love you ladies!
  • Have a beauty maven in your life? I use these products religiously, and know so many bloggers who swear by them. I especially love this one after long days of travel. Hydrating and so good for your skin!
  • We gifted this and this to my sister-in-law last year. It was the first time it felt like we got it right, lol! She uses them religiously, which makes me so happy!
  • I’m always on the hunt for a great handbag, but this is the style that I wear the most. I own it in three colors since I wear it that much. I highly, highly recommend it!
  • A wallet is often a great gift idea – especially if you add a gift card to her favorite restaurant or store. My husband gifted me this version last year, and I use it every single day. I’m LOVING this one this year (hint, hint Bob!).
  • One of my fave extra gift ideas – magazine subscriptions. They’re the perfect “icing on the cake” to any gift; a monthly reminder of your love for the recipient. I gifted a friend who was recently engaged this and subscriptions to this and this. She texted me a photo every month when the magazine arrived on her doorstep. LOVE that.


Here are some other wonderful holiday gift ideas for her that are on my radar:

  • We can never have too many winter boots. I’m loving these new styles here.
  •  I am head over earrings in love with this gift set online. It’s under $100 and a STEAL. Is it bad that I bought this one too for myself? Eeks


Still struggling to find a great gift? Here are some other tips to help with your holiday shopping:

  1. Check her Pinterest Boards. Often, a recipient has a board called “shopping” or even something like, “Items I love.” I’ve found great gifts for friends and family based on items they’ve saved from Pinterest. Trust me, they’ll ask you, “how in the world did you know I wanted this?!” Pinterest to the rescue!
  2. Do they have an Etsy account? More often than not, if they’re on Etsy a lot they’ll save items they like. Consider buying them one of the items on their list if they’re still available.
  3. Ask friends, family and/or their partner (if applicable). Seems easy, right? But often, we don’t ask since we’re worried about looking dumb or clueless. Trust me, it’s always better to ask. Just don’t wait to ask them until December 23rd. Ask now or forever hold your peace 🙂


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    Mary Fremeau wrote:

    Obsessed with all the monogrammed picks!! I love those Anthro phone cases, too! Great choices with the Tory for your SIL!!

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  2. D
    Dana Mannarino wrote:

    Such a great gift guide, Jenn! I’m definitely taking these into consideration when shopping for the gals in my life!

    Pink Champagne Problems

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