An Exclusive Tour of the House Beautiful Whole Home 2023

Preview the Hinsdale-Based Historic Mansion

Nestled in the heart of Hinsdale, IL, the House Beautiful Whole Home 2023 is the ultimate blend of historic meets modern design. Thanks to the incredible team of Humble Design Chicago, we had the pleasure of previewing the spaces and gorgeous interiors.

Friends, the Whole Home 2023 was truly incredible. We wandered through the halls of this iconic 13,000-square-foot landmark property in complete awe of the design talent and gorgeous architecture of his extraordinary mansion. There were surprise and delight moments at every turn.

Moreover, each space was reimagined by a formidable all-female design team of 13 women in partnership with J. Jordan Homes, including several of our longstanding personal fave designers – Roxy of Society Social and Caitlin of Caitlin Wilson Design.

The transformation of the 1900s mansion into a haven of contemporary living is nothing short of a fairytale for design enthusiasts and homeowners alike. We left the experience feeling so inspired – especially as we gear up to to reimagine our lake home. Today, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes of our visit, and sharing details of the charitable organization that benefitted from the initiative.

Gold Table Lamp

House Beautiful Whole Home 2023

For the sixth annual Whole Home, House Beautiful took us on a journey of restoration and renewal. Each room, from the kitchen renovation to the modern ladies’ salon, speaks to a universal theme: the pursuit of a better life at home. This year’s Whole Home isn’t just a house; it’s a blueprint for living well.

The historic home will be featured prominently on and grace the pages of the November/December 2023 Renovation Issue of House Beautiful. The exquisite details, the stories woven within each space, come to life in these features, ready to inspire homeowners to embark on their refresh, no matter the scale.

Visual Comfort Benit Chandelier

How Much Are House Beautiful Whole Home Tickets?

Tickets for the House Beautiful Whole Home 2023 tour cost $45 each. Keep in mind, it was so much more than a showcase; it’s an invitation to dream, to plan, and to live beautifully. Plus, tickets benefitted Humble Design Chicago, an incredible (and new-to-me) organization that’s doing phenomenal things (more on that below).

What are the Dates of House Beautiful’s Whole Home?

The House Beautiful Whole Home 2023 took place in Hinsdale, Illinois from October 28th through November 12th. This year marked the sixth annual event, and I can’t wait to see what they do in 2024. We sincerely had the best time touring and experiencing the spaces.

What is Humble Design?

Humble Design Chicago is an incredibly important part of House Beautiful Whole Home 2023. This phenomenal non-profit organization has been transforming houses into homes since 2009, providing a fresh start for individuals, families, and veterans overcoming homelessness. By thoughtfully curating donated furniture and household items, Humble Design Chicago’s design teams personalize each space to reflect the needs and tastes of its owners.

The act of turning an empty space into a warm, personalized home is more than just a makeover; it is a powerful gesture that redefines what “home” means for those who had lost theirs. The partnership with the House Beautiful Whole Home initiative shines a light on the crucial work Humble Design Chicago performs. It also underscores the fact that true design excellence is measured not just by looks, but by the lives it touches and transforms.

Thank you to Humble Design for shining a light on its remarkable work. Everyone deserves a space that feels like home.

House Beautiful Design Alchemy

Design Alchemy’s Conservatory

The first space we stepped into at the House Beautiful Whole Home was the Conservatory designed by Design Alchemy.
This bright, window-filled home was completely reimagined by designers Deborah Costa and Kristine Renee of Design Alchemy. Based on what we heard, they faced the challenge of an unattractive HVAC bump-out and a dated, non-removable circular column. Embracing the space’s potential, they embraced the room’s flaws to deliver a dynamic space.

In fact, we absolutely loved the use of impactful color. The wall of cabinetry discreetly conceals ductwork, adds storage, and camouflages an interior window. Additionally, the cabinets also serve as storage for records, sheet music, and a Zephyr Beverage Cooler. Furthermore, the windows provide panoramic garden views and a tented ceiling, enhancing both the visual appeal and acoustics. Love that!

Two seating areas with identical sofas from Lee Industries facilitate social gatherings. To address the challenge of interior windows, floating shelves were introduced, repurposing them while Trim Tech cabinetry with Architectural Grille inserts elegantly masks the ductwork.

In essence, the Conservatory is pure design joy. We absolutely adored it and didn’t want to leave the space!

Nat Note Dillards

Get the Look: Conservatory

Centered by Design’s Sun Room

Interior designer, Claire Staszak of Centered by Design, created the Sun Room. At first glance, you feel as though you’ve been transported into the French countryside. It’s such a a serene space that embodies the essence of Provence. In fact, I couldn’t help but spot Jamie Beck’s book placed on the Serena & Lily Hughes Coffee Table. Very fitting, no?!

House Beautiful Centered by Design

Staszak, a self-proclaimed Francophile, refers to this serene space as the ‘Sunday morning room,’ a nod to its restful qualities and seamless integration with the outdoor patio. From the walls to the ceiling, every detail has been attended to. As such, she tapped Chicago-based, Simes Studios, to hand-paint floral designs around the ceiling and fountain.

Marble Pinch Bowl

One of my favorite aspects of the space are the gorgeous custom Architectural Grille panels adorned with Farrow & Ball Dayroom Yellow. These stunning pieces add texture and visual interest to the room. Obsessed!

House Beautiful Chicago

We also enjoyed the Parisian café-style accents like a tasseled valance, a marble bistro table, and Morris & Co. striped all-weather draperies add to the European flair.

Hinsdale House Beautiful Whole Home

Staszak’s “luxury boho” style shines through in the cozy layering of a Lee Industries sofa with a sari quilt from Aloka and an eclectic mix of throw pillows. A unique touch is the transformation of the room’s original marble fountain into a playful ice chest. Brilliant! Art from Minted provides a striking contrast in the trellis-lined hallway.

Jennifer Lake Yellow Lattice

Speaking of, I sincerely could not get over the Architectural Grille details throughout the hallways spaces. As you can see, Bob and I couldn’t help but take photos of the spaces because they were so unique and interesting. In so many ways, we’d love to incorporate some of these details into our primary residence or lake home. Stay tuned! 🙂

Yellow Lattice Hallway Interior Design

Get the Look: Sunroom

Caitlin Wilson Design’s Living Room

For as long as I can remember, we’ve adored Caitlin Wilson of Caitlin Wilson Design. We own countless Caitlin Wilson pieces in our primary home – especially our kitchen. She has a distinct lens when it comes to color and design. In fact, as we toured her space, the House Beautiful team member said, “this room is distinctly Caitlin.” She was right – perfectly Caitlin in each and every way.

Jennifer Lake Caitlin Wilson

Embracing the historic charm of ornate moldings and trim, Wilson envisioned a posh ladies’ tea setting reminiscent of Downton Abbey. She had a clear mission: revive the 100-year-old home’s grandeur and celebrate its well-preserved features. Moreover, utilize her amazing, feminine, complementary colors to elegantly accentuate the architecture.

Caitlin Wilson Design Fireplace

The walls are adored with Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground and the trim in Wimborne White. Comfortable seating is everywhere, from two gorgeous ottomans and four chairs to a beautiful pink sofa. I love how she created framed chinoiserie prints to surround the fireplace. Plus, there are 3D brass butterflies that are so chic and interesting.

Overall, we loved her historical reverence mixed with her fresh, colorful perspective. Well done, Caitlin!

Caitlin Wilson Floral Armchair
Sail to Sable Style Charade Silver Sequin Dress

Get the Look: Caitlin Wilson Designs’ Living Room

Society Social’s Secret Garden Suite

Roxy Owens of Society Social has always been one of our faves. Plus, we can’t wait to feature several styles from their brand both in our primary and lake homes. As you may recall, we previewed their amazing designs both for seasonal collections and at The Colony Palm Beach earlier this year. Every single piece is stunning!

Society Social Jennifer Lake

Nick Mele Fine Art

Roxy and team weave their entrepreneurial magic into the most magical Secret Garden Suite and Guest Bedroom. In addition to the gorgeous pieces from Society Social, I adored the fine art photograph hanging on the wall by Nick Mele, called”Alice.” It immediately draws the eye and showcases a moment of beauty that’s both timeless and evocative. I really want this piece for our home!

Society Social Bedroom

They transformed a bland beige-and-tan spare room into a tranquil, dreamy guest bedroom. Embracing a theme of “traditional-meets-youthful and feminine,” Roxy drew inspiration from Lee Jofa’s 200th anniversary and its recolored Chinese Peony pattern, an elegant mid-19th-century English chintz now available in both fabric and wallpaper.

Society Social Wicker Mirror

Owens preserved the original paneling in the room, painting it in Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray to beautifully complement the floral wallpaper. She meticulously ensured the pattern flowed uninterrupted across the wall panels and the canopied bed, creating a seamless and calming visual experience. The room’s decor balances the floral theme with creamy white case goods, scalloped accessories, and graphic chevron prints for a harmonious blend of sweetness and sophistication.

The room is not just visually stunning but also smartly designed. Owens introduced “sleeves” in her fabric canopy to incorporate Visual Comfort & Co. wall sconces above the bed. Love that!

Society Social Wicker Chair

Also, she featured a peel-and-stick grasscloth from her own line for Society Social – a budget-friendly option for the ceiling. The whole space is the perfect retreat for relaxation and peace.

The entire Society Social team continues to dazzle us with their innovative and timeless products. Shop the entire space on their website.

ColorDrunk Designs’ Studio Apartment

Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs transformed a once charmless in-law apartment overlooking a garden into a vibrant, pink-themed space. It was easily one of my favorite spaces of the entire place. In fact, we spent 40% of our time in this space, lol. There were countless moments during our tour of the space where I turned to Bob and said, “oh my gosh, can we just transport all of this into our home?”

Colordrunk Designs House Beautiful

Gross utilized the apartment’s existing windows and arched doors to unleash the rooms’ full potential. In fact, she did!

Her approach involved using bold, floral-patterned draperies to frame the French doors leading to the gardens and pool. Plus, she introduced the most lively color palette. Another aspect we loved is that she created distinct zones in each room. To do so, she utilized custom rugs and orchid pink metal dividers, effectively separating private and utility areas.

Stef Ross Art

Stef Ross Art

Furthermore, she enhanced the studio apartment’s architectural features with bold pink, blue, and green hues, plush fabrics, and practical upgrades. For seating, swivel chairs and ottomans around the fireplace offer a cozy gathering space. Above all, we loved seeing Stef Ross‘s art in the space. She’s a Chicago-based artist – one of my all-time favorites. We have yet to invest in a piece, but I sincerely want to commission her to do something. She’s incredible (and I hope we’ll get to work with her soon). Fingers crossed!

The previously bland kitchen underwent a complete makeover with custom pink cabinetry from Trim Tech and yellow striped wallpaper by Fabricut. Metal dividers and lattice skylights from Architectural Grille added a sophisticated touch. In the laundry area, large-scale Stroheim wallpaper brings elegance to the functional space.

Colordrunk Designs

Innovative solutions like a ventless washer/dryer combo by GE Profile and a multi-purpose custom pedestal table by Aronson Woodworks exemplify smart space utilization. The sleeping area features a custom canopy over a four-poster Serena & Lily bed (love), with curtains showcasing Sasha Bikoff’s Favorite Things fabric by Vervain. The room is further enhanced with colorful Morris & Co. wallpaper, and bedding from Sullivan & Phenix provides a subtle contrast.

Overall, Gross’s design blends playful colors, smart space planning, and functional elegance, turning the in-law apartment into a cheerful and inviting retreat.

Stef Ross Art Close Up

Brands Involved in the House Beautiful Whole Home 2023

The House Beautiful Whole Home brought together a curated group of phenomenal brand partners to outfit the various spaces. These included brands like Architectural GrilleCalifornia ClosetsFabricutFarrow & BallFibreworksHunter DouglasKravetLee IndustriesMintedMonogramMorris & Co.O’Brien HarrisPhillip JeffriesSerena & LilyTraneVisual Comfort & Co., and Zephyr.

House Beautiful Whole Home Hindsdale Illinois

Whole Home 2023 – In Closing

Stay tuned for House Beautiful’s Renovation Issue in print and online. Also, be sure to visit Humble Design Chicago’s website to learn more about the non-profit.

One thing is certain: The House Beautiful Whole Home 2023 is a testament to the marriage of history and modernity. Above all, it’s a guide for those seeking to transform spaces into places that reflect who we are and how we want to live.

Shop items below inspired by (and exact items) from the House Beautiful Whole Home 2023.

Get the Look: House Beautiful Whole Home Kitchen

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