Sharing My Top Picks of J. Crew New Arrivals

The Must-Have Items to Shop Right Now
Jennifer Lake Lilac Blazer
Dress: J. Crew Stripe Margot Sweater Dress {c/o} | Shirt: Classic Fit Stripe Shirt {c/o} | Blazer: Parke Blazer in Stretch Linen {c/o} | Shoes: Heeled Lace Up Sandals {c/o} | Bag: J. Crew Reusable Everyday Tote {c/o} {just $10!} | Eyewear: Lilac Cape Sunglasses {c/o} | Earrings: Mini Hoop Earrings {c/o} | Bracelet: Gold Wave Cuff {c/o}

Today, I’m excited to share some of my top J Crew new arrivals! Like so many of you, J Crew’s a brand that’s followed me nearly every season of my life. It’s hard to remember a day when they weren’t ever present in my closet. In middle school, I remember taking my mom’s catalog and circling pieces in the catalog and tabbing pages of items I wanted. In high school, I’d visit the store and beg my mom for the newest sweater or swimsuit. Now, I continue to refresh their webpage and wait patiently for their newsletters for new arrivals and/or sale alerts.

Jennifer Lake Stripe Sweater Dress

Over the seasons, there are still a few items I never got my hands on for which I scour Poshmark each month. Plus, there are those items that continue to be some of my absolute favorites, including this blue striped ruffle midi skirt and sequin joggers.

Imagine how exciting it was when their team reached out to see if I’d be interested in partnering with them this year!

Stripe Canvas Tote

Since the start of summer, we’ve been embracing long days spent outdoors – especially the waterfront. When the new summer arrivals debuted at J. Crew, I immediately thought of a weekend afternoon at Montrose Harbor. Growing up sailing, spending a day amongst all the boats, fishermen, and park-goers is like an amazing slice of childhood. Plus, there’s something indescribably serene about Chicago’s lakefront. From beaches to marinas, restaurants with a view and endless walking trails on the water, we’re so fortunate to have it all!

Did you know the very first J. Crew retail store opened back in the 80’s in New York’s Seaport District? The brand’s historical tie to the waterfront makes perfect sense, right?

J Crew Stripe Clutch
White Navy Stripe Sweater Dress

J. Crew New Arrivals

Okay, so this season, J. Crew is bringing forward a lot of classic pieces into the mix. This past spring, they kept things super colorful and vibrant. Summer has a softer and more neutral palette, but it still packs a powerful punch of style. In fact, it reminds me a bunch of Nantucket. Nearly every piece will be perfect to pack for our upcoming trip.

Below, I’m sharing a few of my must-have styles and a few tips on how to layer the looks for the season ahead. Ultimately, I love the fact that each item is incredibly versatile and can be worn and styled in countless ways.

Style Charade J. Crew
J Crew Retro Logo Sweatshirt
J. Crew Stripe Sweater Dres

Margot Sweater Dress with Retro Crew Sweatshirt

J. Crew Purple Blazer
J Crew New Arrivals
Jennifer Lake Peonies

Layered Lilac Blazer and Button-Down

J Crew Foundry Chino Short Coveralls

Foundry Chino Short Coveralls

Leave it to J. Crew to convince me that coveralls should be a part of my life and closet. I LOOOVVVEEE LOOOOVEEE LOOOVEEE this piece. Furthermore, it’s available in three colors, and I’m wearing the faded chambray. Friends, the fabric is SO soft, and I found it to fit true to size. Also, I adore the length of the shorts. They aren’t too short and not too long. As you may know, I don’t wear a lot of shorts on an everyday basis. However, the length is SO comfortable that I don’t mind wearing it out and about. It’s easy to dress up and dress down. I’m a BIG fan.

J. Crew Pink Sunglasses
J. Crew Alfie Blazer

I also styled the J. Crew Foundry Coveralls with this beautiful pink blazer, blue ballet flats, rose gold sunnies and statement studs.

J. Crew Size Guide

Prior to purchasing pieces, I’d recommend checking out J. Crew’s size guide. Again, most of these pieces fit true to size, but I always enjoy reading about the fit tips and triple checking to size charts just to be safe.

In Closing: J Crew New Arrivals

What are some of your favorite J. Crew new arrivals?

J. Crew Logo Sweatshirt

Dress: J. Crew Stripe Margot Sweater Dress {c/o} | Shirt: J. Crew Classic Fit Stripe Shirt {c/o} | Blazer: J. Crew Parke Blazer in Stretch Linen {c/o} | Shoes: J. Crew Heeled Lace Up Sandals {c/o} | Bag: J. Crew Reusable Everyday Tote {c/o} {just $10!} | Eyewear: J. Crew Lilac Cape Sunglasses {c/o} | Earrings: J. Crew Mini Hoop Earrings {c/o} | Bracelet: J. Crew Gold Wave Cuff {c/o}

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